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  1. So, Im already well into December, and boy! I was not used to a top team schedule. Things are indeed tight ocne the continental competition starts and it did so early on! Im glad this tactic is not as exigent as others, though some positions suffer a bit more (looking at you midfield). The season so far is been a rollercoaster though. We started off by defeating AC Milan away by a remarkable 0-3 yet next week got served 0-3 at home vs la Fiorentina. I have got to admit that Milan didn't deserve such a heavy defeat even if we played better, but the defeat agaisnt Fiorentina hurt specially
  2. Its not the end of the world but I would avoid it specially been so close. The idea of playmaker roles is channeling the plays through them. So if you have one next to the other you kind of disturb that mechanic as they are both acting as opposing magnets while potentially slowing down your build up too much a the same time. As the other players players are too tempted to try to pass through them all the time been 2 of them attracting the ball. When I would consider 2 sometimes its in more distant positions in the pitch. Like if for example was one your DM and the other is in an AM positi
  3. Hello there! I had been meaning to ask, since in game feedback is scarce, what are the effects of press conferences outside of direct player morale and player/manager relationship shifts? I have read that they potentially effect next match performance by firing them up/challenging them or making them nervous. But is this visible anywhere? I only ever see the small reactions that show in the inbox and its usually morale changes. Also, what about the non player/manager related questions? Like when you are asked about why you use the style you do, your relationship with the
  4. Thats weird, specially at his age. Not even old players decrease so fast. I have seen relativelly often that players of all ages sometimes seem to suddenly lose stats globally. Like without injutires or anything weird happening but the are randomly hit with doward arrows in 60 to 80% of the stats. They dont actaully lose much though, only sometimes one or two stats actaully lower 1 point and they tend to recover in a few motnhs and be back to growing normally.
  5. Yeah. I mean it seems to be tough for first league teams too. Im playing for the first time a "top" team and my schedule during 2020 is been a nightmare so far. Several 3 match weeks and most of the others 2 match, and I haven'y started the national cup yet. There were 2 international breaks, but with 23+ players called on both ocassions its was not really a break for my team. In most cases its even worse condition/fatigue wise than my own congested weeks. I think I only had 2 weeks very early on where I could do decent training. After that the EL started and its been only rest/recov
  6. Basically play them together often in positions/roles that allow a link. I dont see a way of knowing that before that though except by prior experience. Also the time it takes a link to form seems to vary wildly. I dont know what influences it. In one save it took me a season and a half to start seeing the first weak link forming. In my last one I have 4-5 already forming in Novemeber of the first season. And these are mostly new players so it can't be prior experience together.
  7. I see. So basically it can have the situational upsides we could expect but its mostly still a negative as we were commenting. As you said is risky and not really something that can be built around. About the temperament part, the differentiation there was clear, was brought up more as if maybe the mentoring progress text for the two were been confused. Its related in that it can get players carded due to violent reactions. But sill a clear difference. My confusion between what stat does what would rather be with sportmantship. You explained quite extensively what dirtiness wo
  8. Yeah I think the system is quite cool in design and objective, but there is indeed several problems as have been commented here that could use some polish as they can lead to much frustration: - Promises are extremely vague, which a lot of the time leads to to feel like you fullfilled it to discover later than apparently not. Promises too rigid in their target. Giving something better in exchange still makes the players amd as it isnt what was promised. - Reactions are overall too extreme. Its either they are happy you fulfilled or they are super mad. There should be middle grou
  9. Umm. I dont think temperament though because those are pretty clear. At least when it improves. It says something on the lines of the player has improved his temper and now reacts more camly in tense/adverse situations. There really is little information about it in general compared with others, aside of how it appears in scout reports as competitive streak and that it makes the player get more cards.
  10. I didnt thought it was. But I had mentoring group reports from my first save mentioning some players had become more or less dirty. Maybe it was a sportsmanship change and the description is misleading? It was a while ago but if it come up will take a SS and bring it up to check and confirm. By the way, whats the difference between dirtiness and sportmanship? I never fully understood having two attribtues that seem to represent the same, or how they interact. It feels weird when a player has good sportmanship yet its dirty. Or the opposite.
  11. What I noticed, looking at specific comments on matches. is that it depends a lot on who the rival is and what happens during the match. I guess they just look at global statistics for the latter part, but maybe the game is more sophisticated in that regard. If they consider the match hard they are much much more lenient overall. In my last save Im playing a good team instead of coming with someone from the second elague like until now and I struggle to get top board opinions while is easy to get crappy one when you lose. A 2-2 tie against Inter got me the same evaluation as
  12. Doesn't it have any upside? Mind you, I consider it bad and avoid it. Even hope to improve it by mentoring as I notice it is affected by it. But doesn't the game imply it may allow the player to get an extra advantage in some situations?
  13. Can confirm. Specially on support and with good work rate an AMR/L will potentially follow an attacker and press as deep as the byline. Quite likely specially id the enemey overlaps/overloads. I assume still by default a MR/ML will defend more/more often due to sitting deeper, but don't assume a AMR/L won't. In fact if your defensive method relies on pressing up pitch they pitch they are probably better for your defence type. Just avoid low workrate so they track back when neccesary, specially of you use attack duty.
  14. So, a quick update with my progress with this tactic. Pre season is over and I have been observing and noting some tendencies through it. Due to the starting friendly arrangements I faced varying teams, 2 top quality, 2 middle teams and 2 clearly inferior ones. This would be important because some things changed notably. Tactics used agaisnt me were basically 3-5-2 and 4-2-3-1 variations. These are my notes in different aspects, starting by zones of the field: Midfield: Really enjoying the Regista. Despite my somewhat blind shot due totlack of the role knowledge I think I achiev
  15. Thanks a lot. You did indeed fill some of the blank. I still have some further doubts though about each paragraph. In the first, so then he meaning is pretty general. But given they said right midfield, even been generalistic what I would gather is then that it means any kind of wide midfielder in that side...but I dont use any kind of wide midfielder in my formation. Will this count CM's then even though they say "right"? About the second, yeah I know about the tracking promises display you mention. I have actually made the promise to see how it develops to test and lea
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