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  1. In my case is the opposite. I tend to find that players that contribute more in attack have it easier to score higher. Striekrs tend to be on the highest average rating side, thoug still thats rarelly more than 7.3. Maybe is also easier for them to have an odd low score here or there if they dont get chances in a match. My defenders dont seem to ever even get close to an 8 unless they have scored from a header or something. I only saw one once getting above 7.5 on (mainly) defensive contribution alone. CBs do tend to easily get 7-7.2 when they do decent defensively. FBs tend to break into
  2. This is so true indeed from my brief experience. I tend to be demanding (as in "I expect you to win this one") in those kind of matches if Im doing good overall. Maybe Im coming from a streak, or I just served 3/4-0 someone in the previous match, maybe higher ranked. And I fear the complacency. Yet everytime if we reach the second half and are still tied, god forbid we are losing, I always have some players starting to become anxious, even with decent/good pressure. It made me consider toning down the demand in those matches but feels difficult to balance with the complacency. I feel like my p
  3. So, one day after the final match of the season (24 May) when I got the new transfer budget, club vision review and all the option appeared. I was able to ask for both and they were promptly accepted. I dont know if its tied to the fact that club vision changed a lot. Club culture and 5 year plan had things added and removed, and objectives were updated. Not all I liked but I didnt seem to be able to engotiate much. Like, I could only seemingly suggest to add championship objectives or to remove the other things in the vision they were adding. with this so. Thing is some of t
  4. As it has been said, you have a big lack of penetration. You do play in different zones strecthing the defence but nobody is attacking the are often enoguh. And your 3 playmakers in the middle mostly mean you aren't exploiting their capabilities because play isn't realy been focused through them (as they are sharing the magnet effect) and there is nobody exploiting space to receive the potential rgeat passes from them. Just because someone has good passing, vision, anticipation and decisions doesn't mean he has to be a playmaker. The last 2 stats are great in almost all roles and positio
  5. Umm, in one hand I agree with Experienced defender. If you look for cotnrol/possesion the formation seems like a very odd pick, even if it can work for a top team. True that given your roles and TI its likely that most of your team will end quite far forward on their half when you attack. Still, you have a notable space between midfield and attack with a slightly higher tempo, so, while I will need to watch your matches to know, it feels like your transitions may very well look like totally different from your overall design and intent. May be compensated a bit by the fact that you defend high
  6. I agree. Without been an expert myself (new this year) but after reading a lot here and there I created my own custom schedules aimed to be balanced thorugh the year and cover everything, and players develop great. I do have a like for complete players though, specially in some positions/tactics. I got to thank you, because your "Full" focus schedules have been an inspriation for me off lately. I recently started playing with a higher team which doesn't have many "free" weeks to train properly due to match congestion and that plays in a more specialzied system, so having training that max
  7. Umm, ok. I was a bit confused because I have seen no mention in game of such a thing and I was looking for it now to see the current one, but to no avail. Didnt remember any mails regarding the matter in my previous save. Will try to pay closer attention at the turn of the season this time. Thanks!
  8. Checked with editor. Coaching is at 15 and recruitment at 18. Given I was kicked out of the UEFA league Im likely ending the season soon this week as there is only 8 matches left. Lets see if it appears on the new season. The board has as part of club culture developing youth. Even if this wasn't the case though believe like this should affect the chance they accept requests though, not make them not appear in the first place. What do you mean about youth/training category? Like the "league" they play in?
  9. Certainly not. Mostly because before opening this I have been waiting to see if it appeared. Im about to hit April. I think I asked for the facilities upgrade in early winter (both were accepted), and by then its when I checked and noticed these other two were not visible. I dont think I ever requested this, but if I did (memory may fail) it had to be very early in the season.
  10. I basically alwyas hire the whole intake unless you are a very small club. Is very cheap and in a year or two you will be able to really sort out who is worth keeping and who isnt.
  11. The big leap can be not that big though. Like yeah on their own is more difficult, but as soon as one of the clubs drops an offer things might change. I received an offer from Arsenal for one of my strikers in my save the other day. Unlike for other players that there had been discussions about interests and such this one was a bit out of the blue. It was a good offer but I didnt wanted to sell because I didnt have a clear replacement, we were mid season and the player still had years of contract. Rejecting inmediatly made the player unhappy and its been like that for a few months. I
  12. While it is indeed a display and has no direct effect, doesn't fluidity potentially vary the default individual mentality of a given role/duty combination? I think I had read that somewhere but mabe it was in older FM.
  13. The benefit mainly comes from the first team having most likely better coaches, plus the squad influence. To be honest instead of doing that I would rather to move them into the first team proper, and them make them available for the lower teams, because that way you get the training benefits + can mentor them directly. The problem of either approach and having a player train with a different team that the one he plays is that if the lower team match schedule doesn't match the first team, it makes them lose some training days potentially. Also top team is likely to have more matches, so i
  14. It does happen in FM21 too. In theory if they play a match they dont train, but the glitch is there and who knows if it affects training.
  15. I think this has to do a lot with player quality and the tactic employed too. In my current game I play a top/good team do have a defensive tactic, with a relativelly deep defence, and I use get stuck in to balance the agressiveness and not be too standoffish. With an average 42% possesion only my squad gets fould against twice or more than they foul thesmelves. Similar for cards, in fact I have the least yellows of the league by a fair margin. However in another save with a "good" second league team which used a more attacking and agressive tactic I got many more fouls and ca
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