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  1. In my fourth season with Man City in the Premier League, my thoughts on the game so far. Absolutely loving the Cub Vision feature, which keeps me focused and stops me losing my way or going off on a tangent...it is a great addition. Another thing I'm absolutely loving is the playing time pathway - without realising it I am now wheedling out players that are not good enough and giving opportunities to promising talent, who are actually getting the desired playing time to make them improve. Plus I have to adhere to my contract promises because if I don't give them the time I've said then cue the
  2. Funnily enough I was about to post something about the player cooperation lines - or lack of them - but at the end of my second season I'm starting to see them develop between players more and more. Very realistic in my opinion. And I agree with many of your points
  3. So I've clocked up 54 hours in the Beta this year. My thoughts as follows: My playing time over the years has dropped considerably (I'm a veteran that has played since Champ Man) and last year I managed only 59 hours (pathetic I know). However, this year I think we have turned a corner; the ME (after the public Beta update) is superb (please don't change it) and for the first time in years I feel like the game can hold my attention for months. The focus on long term play actually feels great and although I'm only two seasons into my save on the Beta it feels like there's a lot of miles to
  4. First impressions - I'm up to October and here's what I think: Very smooth interface, even on my three year old laptop I have no problems with speed Unnaturally large amount of 50 - 60 yard crossfield balls to wingers / wing backs - too accurate in my opinion but not a game changer...sure it will be toned down in future patches. One on ones are ridiculous - I've noticed only two of these clear cut chances have been converted in four months (on average about three or four every game). Again, not a game changer - this is Beta after all. Trying to assign scouts is a bit of
  5. Not been on for a while but looking forward to the new release. One question: will VAR feature in the new version and if so any ideas how it will work in the game?
  6. New to Touch; I'm playing it on my laptop - can I import my player facepacks etc...? And if so is it the same as the full version?
  7. Yes that's what I thought but I wasn't sure. Hope so, it adds an authenticity to the game for me
  8. Will we be able to use our own facepacks and logos etc in this new version? I have not heard anything to the contrary
  9. Is it possible to put my own photo as my manager picture? Or do I have to stick with the new generated one?
  10. If I could run fm2015 last year will I be able to run fm2016? Oldish laptop but had no problems last year
  11. I agree with this point - last year I pretty much stuck to the same tactic but this year I am far more defensive minded away from home, with counter attacking and a good DM in front of the back four my preferred option. There is a noticeable difference this year (which is a good thing) - even playing Man City I can get destroyed away if I'm not careful.
  12. Regarding the corners issue, I read a few pages back that if you switch to zonal marking in the six yard box it helps. So I went to the set piece creator and gave it a try. Now I'm defending corners much better, although this is only after a handful of games so hardly definitive, but I wonder if there is a similar tactical approach to stopping the deadly crossing and lethal finishing? Other than that a big thumbs up for the game from me. We're not even a week after general release and the game is already pretty good (I know there are issues but I'm enjoying it anyway). Last year I waited unti
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