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  1. Background Maurizio Sarri did not play professional football; instead, he worked as a banker while playing and coaching amateur football. Sarri coached many teams in the lower leagues of Italian football, and it wasn't until 2005 he manged in the Seria B for the first time with Pescara. Sarri then bounced around clubs again until he took the Empoli job in 2012, this was his breakthrough job In his three seasons Empoli finished 4th losing in the playoffs before achieving promotion with a 2nd place finish. In his final season, Empoli finished 15h after six years away from the top flight en
  2. Stay wider on the centre backs and roam from position on the wingers.
  3. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2363517072 Overview This tactic takes inspiration from some of the most revolutionary mangers of the modern game. I have taken aspects of their philosophies and principles and moulded them into an image of how I like teams to play, It’s no surprise that these great coaches and managers have also influenced one another when creating their own philosophies and principles of play. One can trace this lineage back to Rinus Michels who on paper people might discount as a great manager even though he won 13 trophies but this is dwarf
  4. Overview One thing that separates Brendon Rodgers from many other British managers is his tactical flexibility. Unafraid to use different systems of play from the 4-2-3-1 at Swansea which drew comparisons to Barcelona, to the diamond that had his Liverpool team running over teams in attack akin to Klopp’s Dortmund. However, his principles of play are clear and have a been put to the test across various leagues like the championship, premier league and the SPL with Celtic. It’s all about the ball. Dominating it, looking to win it back quickly, owning it, this is especially true of his S
  5. Stay wider on centre backs and roam and move into channels for the strikers. No OI’s
  6. Antonio Conte is often referred to as the 'Godfather' during his managerial career. Conte is highly demanding of his players with his teams being highly efficient and built on unity and hard work. His teams are usually greater than the sum of their parts and any player who doesn't buy into this approach is shown the door. As a player, Conte spent the bulk of his career playing for Juventus, he was a key part to the success of the club winning 5 Scudettos, a Coppa Italia and the Champions League. He also represented the national team on 20 occasions in a period which saw Italy finish runner
  7. Thanks mate. Yess I made the tactic during the beta then played through to the initial release.
  8. Background Prior to Gattuso's arrival, Napoli were in disarray which led to the previous manager Carlo Ancelotti being sacked. Under Ancelotti Napoli were far to open as he used a 442 formation. Under Gattuso Napoli reverted back to a formation more familiar to them the 433 used under previous manager Sari with his famous Sarriball philosophy. Results continued to slump initially with the side only recording one victory in five league games before the Juventus game, During that time Napoli also advanced to the semi-finals of the Coppa Italia, Under Gattuso Napoli have placed more empha
  9. Sounds promising mate. You could probably change the cf role to an af as you would still get the counter movements. Also try adding more chance conversion and creation to your training.
  10. Thanks for the kind words mate. Ohh what season are you in? Do you already have a player for the role?
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