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  1. Appreciate the update. Mine is just screwed now. When I go to start my new season every team I play at home twice or away twice where in previous seasons it was the odd game. It’s just completely unplayable. i have no motivation to start a new save as I was so Invested in this one . So sadly looks like I won’t be playing FM again which sucks considering it only came out last month!
  2. It’s ridiculous. I can’t believe they’ve not fixed it. I’ve spent over 4 days worth of time on my game and now I’m expected to just give it up and start a new one cause they released a half done game. That’s me done for FM20, have no motivation to start a new save
  3. Any update on this Tony and how long this is likely to take? Frustrating that can’t play the game at the moment cause of this issue. Want to continue my current save and people in this thread saying it’s an issue with new saves.
  4. This is a huge concern if true. What’s the point of starting new saves if this is still an issue!
  5. Appreciate you responding on this one. I note that this is not an issue on new games however I have no motivation to start a new game given the time invested on this one. It would be really disappointing to find I can't continue with my current save. When I go to start my new season the fixtures generated are EVERY team I play twice at home or twice away, this is just not realistic and is ruining the fun. Frustrating as well because I havent been able to play the game for over a week now, have seen people picking up on this for weeks now and what is already annoying that this issue
  6. Thank you. I have uploaded the file to the link under the name of Nottm Forest 2.fm , can you please confirm that this has been received?
  7. What file do I select from the docs folder to upload? I'm desperate for this to be sorted. I've spent over 4 days worth of game time on my current Forrest save and i've had this issue for 2 seasons running now. Only just noticed and refuse to start a new season until this issue is sorted. It is making the game unplayable!
  8. Yep I’ve had the same problem. Was this in a beta save or a new save?
  9. The fixture problem for me though didn’t occur till my 4th season in total and third season in the prem.
  10. Ah really? What’s the point in starting a new save then if this is going to continue to be a problem. Such a basic error that makes such a big difference to the game
  11. They do go onto say they’re trying to fix it but it’s just a complete shambles tbh.
  12. Looks like we’re gonna have to start a new save. Unbelievable, just seen a tweet about it.
  13. I’ve seen a few people post now that are experiencing the same frustrating problem as me. I’m 5 seasons in and only just noticed the past 2 seasons I’ve been playing the same fixture twice at home and twice away! I don’t wanna play Liverpool and city twice away from home. This is making the game unplayable, but is this a beta save problem or are people experiencing the same issues with new saves?
  14. Tell me about it. I’ve now done 5 seasons so I don’t want to be starting a new save as a result of this. Would lose interest in the game, not to mention in already annoyed this has happened the last 2 seasons without me noticing.
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