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  1. This was in FMT with only England leagues loaded.
  2. LOL! I had a hard brexit, but I've still noticed over the years that there is a major imbalance in quality. The top teams can keep up, but any of the 2nd tier teams (Sevilla, Inter, Valencia, etc...) are just horrible at squad building, when compared to a human player. In the case of Bayern above, they were loaded with 36 year olds such as Lewandovski, Muller, etc... and they all had like 6 for pace. I think they are the anomaly in my save, as they appear to have been asleep at the wheel for the past 10 years. No idea how they made it to the Euro Cup final.
  3. Here are the results form my 2nd season. You mention that you are having issues with the strikers, not me! They are banging them in at a ridiculous rate. Predicted to finish 7th, and finished 6th. Almost made the champions league through league qual, was 1 goal short of getting there in the final game. Check out my goals for! This has happened both years I used this tactic. Just smoked everyone! I won the Euro Cup. And check out the score in the final, LOL! I'm gonna give her a go for a 3rd year, this team in the Champions League!
  4. Here is how my 23/24 Swansea season went using your tactic. I was predicted to finish 8th, finished 6th. No matter what tactic I have, I will always struggle to get top 4 as I can't ever beat the real big clubs consistently. I scored a crazy amount of goals. 15 more than any other team and didn't give up an outrageous amount. I did have on spell where it was tough to stick with the tactic. Check this game out: It was very tough to sit back and watch Man U hit me for 15 goals in 2 games and not change to more defensive tactic. My forwards and wingers had cr
  5. I am going to give your tactic a go with my Swansea side in my 2023 season. I am a mid table team predicted to finish 8th in the PL. I really like the quick attack your setup provides. It is quite similar to what I've played and it suits my players well, as I have a couple great strikers and great wingers. I've just started, but so far so good!
  6. Warning, this is a rant! I've been playing this game religiously since FM 07. Never in my life have I seen a worse run of form that I couldn't get out of. As Swansea, I was predicted for 7th in PL, and was cruising along in 8th place in the January transfer window, and BAM, I didn't win another game after Feb 16th. 16 straight games without a win including losses to the 19th and 20th placed teams in the final 2 games. No significant player movement or tactical changes. So frustrating!!!!
  7. Agree with the OP. There is WAY too much interaction stuff in the full version of FM. Touch is far better game, IMO.
  8. I thought I was done too. I didn't buy '17. Didn't play really at all in the past year. Then I bought '18 Touch, and found out it is totally awesome, and my life outside FM is now ruined again.
  9. Check this out, using the same tactic presneted by Cleon my RB and AMR were able to finish 1 & 2 in average rating in Prem on Crystal Palace on a club that finished 10th. Trippier overlapping on Zivkovic was just a deadly combination all year, with both of them getting 7.5-8.5 ratings commonly every game. The AMR was the key passer, and RB the benficiary of tons of open space on the right wing to deliver great crosses. 12 assists in 28 games in the prem. PPM's played a huge part in their success I think. Zivkovic had cuts inside and tries killer balls often, and Tripper has runs with ball
  10. I have been having pretty good results with the philosophies from this thread, but the biggest issue I have very poor away form. At Crystal Palace I am 2-2-9 with a -15 GD away from home. I win possession ost of the time, but lose on the scoreboard away from home. I'm chalking it up to my defenders not being high enough quality to keep the ball out of my own net against the better opponents.
  11. I've never been good at selling players and raising tons of cash for a club, but in my current save with HSV I am doing very well with an over-achieving team and I want to sell my stars to become see how rich I can become. The problem I have is that non of them ever get approached by other clubs with serious offers. What's the best strategy to sell players and get the max cash value for them? IE what time of year? Transfer list? offer to clubs? etc...
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