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  1. Check this out, using the same tactic presneted by Cleon my RB and AMR were able to finish 1 & 2 in average rating in Prem on Crystal Palace on a club that finished 10th. Trippier overlapping on Zivkovic was just a deadly combination all year, with both of them getting 7.5-8.5 ratings commonly every game. The AMR was the key passer, and RB the benficiary of tons of open space on the right wing to deliver great crosses. 12 assists in 28 games in the prem. PPM's played a huge part in their success I think. Zivkovic had cuts inside and tries killer balls often, and Tripper has runs with ball down right and gets forward often. It wouldn't be uncommon to Zivkovic get 10+ key passes in a game.
  2. Can't stop conceding!

    Limited defender and play out of defence are a contradiction. Limited defenders hoof the ball out at each chance, but from the looks of it you are trying to build up possession from the back.
  3. I have been having pretty good results with the philosophies from this thread, but the biggest issue I have very poor away form. At Crystal Palace I am 2-2-9 with a -15 GD away from home. I win possession ost of the time, but lose on the scoreboard away from home. I'm chalking it up to my defenders not being high enough quality to keep the ball out of my own net against the better opponents.
  4. Was given a transfer budget of 33 million at Crystal Palace after finishing 17th in the league. Yeah right.....
  5. Derby - Moneyball at it's finest

    I don't know why it happens, I'm not the developer. Just saying that a lot of people are reporting crazy finances and budgets in the first few years. My save at CP I spent 50 million on players in year 3 and my finances are still secure.
  6. Derby - Moneyball at it's finest

    Sorry to burst your bubble but a lot of people are reporting crazy finances and transfer budgets from year 2 on. Its a bug. It's too easy to make money.
  7. Can overachievment take away the fun?

    Yes, I've always found that when I acheive success of any kind the save becomes boring. To me all the fun is not doing well and trying to find a way to turn it around.
  8. Makes no sense to me. I got Zaha at CP, and he is now an icon. He's on my bench and in year 3 is one of the worst players at the club. His career stats are really nothing special. What determines when or how a players becomes an icon at a club?
  9. Yes!! Annoys the heck out of me too.
  10. Every thread I read about a team finishing far better than predicted have he same thing in common, they use either control or attacking strategy. I've yet to see any screenshots of big success using counter or defensive, non-possession based strategies. Has anyone done it?
  11. FM 16 Unlikely Champions

    In my save Leverkusen win the champions league in year 2. There is just way too many underdog winners being reported for it to be just a one a million type of thing. I get that sometimes there are upsets, but seems to be a common occurance in this version.
  12. Best "Bigish" team to manage?

    Liverpool, Napoli, or Dortmund would be my votes.
  13. I'm guessing you are giving up a ton of goals against wiht this setup? The formation and roles may be suitable for a world class team, but with newcastle you are going to lose the possesion battle against top clubs and when you lose the ball think of where you players will be on the pitch. You wing backs could be way up field, the playmaker is going to be out of position, and you forwards will be all up field. Teams are going to break on you with only 3 men back. I've tried an attacking setup like this with a mid to bottom table club as well, and gave up a ton of goals. You simply aren't going to out-score the top teams with this club. You'd be better off getting men behind the ball playing with a standard mentality. The maximum attack roles for that mentality should be 2. You've got 5, and another 2 players that have very attacking roles even though they are on support duty. I'd go back to the drawing board, and remember that you are Newcastle, and not going to boss the play around the field.
  14. Totally agree. I've been fired a couple times due to brutal starts with top teams, and I'm blaming it on this.
  15. Eastside is back

    This game is unbelievable. Easily the best hockey sim ever made!!