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  1. @Oakland StomperI'm currently using this one, sometimes I play with a Much Higher DL and SKa cause of Sven Ulreich who's capable of dealing with One-on-ones and I removed the time waste instruction, I usually lower the tempo and switch to shorter passing when matches are close in the 70s and further imo defensive wingers are key, having Jatta left and Narey right, both very hardworking players going up and down their flanks
  2. in some scenarios the attacking mentality leads to risky pressing maneuvers of the central midfielders, that's why I'd decrease the mentality a bit, but I like the high risk direct passing a lot and i think that faster CB are needed, better opponents tend to play one-twos and simply knock out my defense, but to even get into the space where one-twos become a problem, a misplay by one of the CM is needed. So I think I could also fix that by decreasing the mentality
  3. This tactic single-handedly destroyed medium possession based teams I'm currently using it at Hamburg in Bundesliga 2, we are by far the best team in the league, but I wanted to try a different style and tried this 442 Match Stats Osnabrück isn't any good atm but they try to play a vertical tiki taka style, while beating any possession record of German football in recent history they didn't even shoot once Bryan Henning (in Osnabrück he is called Xavi) managed to complete 252 passes in this game which led to a clean 10.0 rating this tactic is doing well atm
  4. nagelsmann is versatile, sometimes playing 2 pure strikers up front but sometimes just playing attacking mids there, I assume tuchel is also doing some kind of tactical tricks atalanta is very straight forward would be interesting to see insights on when to make which tactical switch
  5. In build-up he lines up between both CB without stay wider, if you put a DLPs next to him, he would be a little more advanced, gives you a nice shape to combine your way out of an opponent's high press
  6. I always started with higher DL and much lower LOE, but made some changes during matches were the opposition was very defensive, i pushed the LOE higher and removed Regroup to disrupt their build-up play. But once I've scored the first goal I resetted much lower LOE and Regroup. I see that the players are man marking opposition Fullbacks but this could result in a not-so-compact midfield in some games where the FBs were too passive and the IFs would push up too far too mark them. Shaping up in a 424 formation. This space could then be easily exploited by better opponents. I've thou
  7. I played a full season with a 4222 low LOE tactic Expected 15th, we finished 4th (mainly because of the results in the first half of the season). If you are interested in some of those games, I can show some analytics. Especially in the first campaign the teams we faced had trouble to score against us and had to take more shots outside the box. I've missed the point to adapt the tactics to successfully stay first place in the second half. Some Stats A little proud of the fact we got 4th despite having worst possession stats. Scoring 50 goals
  8. Make East Germany proud! Season 2021/22 Review To sum it up: We got promoted to second division in the first try! 3. Liga Review Key Players Key Youth Prospects Youth Intake
  9. Make East Germany proud! January Review 22 league games into the season I wanted to share my first results. Well, we're beating the expectations quite a lot, sitting in 2nd place 12 above the prediction. Big Part of the Success Youth Intake Preview Under 19s League Youth Prospects (feat. Braveheart)
  10. Make East Germany proud! Intro This is my first ever post in SI Games Forum, so please tell me if I there are any problems with my posts. After ending FM20 with an inofficial Youth Academy Challenge at Sint Truiden (Belgium), i decided to start this years FM with the set rules of this thread. As I'm living in former East Germany I decided to pick the promoted team from the Regionalliga Nordost (4th tier with mostly East German teams). I was hoping for any other team than FC Carl-Zeiss Jena, because I support their main rivals FC Rot-Weiss Erfurt. But why not trying to succe
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