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  1. This seems to have become more prominent after recent updates. I was also getting constant updates about my players who were out on loan been played outside a certain role.
  2. Is the fix to the duplicate home away fixtures beta save compatible?
  3. Nothing new but I’m getting a bit annoyed by the runs of form that seem to go from one extreme to the other, I’ve played about 5 seasons now on 2 different saves and they always seem to go on winning/unbeaten runs for 7/8 games then go 7/or 8 without winning.
  4. I have this bug now in my 5th season. Gutted, managed to keep my Wednesday team up by a point. I’ve quit to see if it sorts itself out when I reload the game.
  5. I’m largely enjoying this edition but was wondering if there’s a way to limit the number of scouting reports that’s delivered to my inbox? Had a slight annoyance last night, I got promoted with Wednesday in my third season and got off to a decent start in the EPL, was 4th after 6 or so games. Then had a real tough run of fixtures; Spurs, Chelsea, Man U and Liverpool. Beat Spurs away 1-0, lost 2-0 against Chelsea and 1-0 against United and battered 3-0 at Liverpool. Was getting a bit of stick about this run in the press and even recommended to hold a team meeting to boost morale. This
  6. Just been promoted in season 3 to the EPL and looked at my season 4 pl fixtures and thankfully they look good. It’s a save from Beta too.
  7. I removed central play from my team last night and saw a slight improvement.
  8. One thing I’ve noticed tonight after I noticed that my under 23’s lose every week is that they play a goalkeeper outfield in every game and sub him off at half time.
  9. Cool, I’ll start my Wednesday save today then. Didn’t want to start my main save if it stayed in beta mode. thanks
  10. Good morning, can anyone answer me a question about beta please? Will my save be transferred to the full release or will it stay with that beta database?
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