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  1. Hi Lucas and SI How can you understand the frustration from hundreds of loyal FM players , that have paid hard earned money to play the game and get the early Beta . We have not been able to load up the game almost a week on and the full game is almost out We do not even know if we can play the new game on release . What is going to be the gesture from SI ?? That we just check daily and wait for you guys to say try now .. then play the game later that others and act like we didn’t all just get left in the lurch . For a company of leading developers
  2. I’m sure some users including me would happily donate a device for you to work a fix ? Is this something that is possible ?
  3. There are plenty of online retailers offering 2011 machines between £400-£500 I know because I purchased a second music laptop from IT trade a few weeks ago . can you not get one of these ?
  4. As you can see I have been playing fm for 12 years . I am having the same issue as everyone else . I can run FM20 with 5 star rating so it cant be a spec issue . Is this going to be resolved or can I claim a refund ? I have been waiting so long to play , looks like I will have to keep playing 20
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