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  1. can anyone show me what i have to do for wider bar? so the away Teamname fit in the bar? i try to make it in the .xml but i didn´t get it
  2. same problem here and many other users in my discord. Maybe problem with german second teams? If i want to move players from second team to first team the players always get back to second team after click "continue". When i move the players from second team to my u19 then click continue and then move them from u19 to first team it works. This Bug is since the last update a few days
  3. yes same problems here - the camera settings will be resettet after every game
  4. Dominik Schön isn´t in the Database https://www.transfermarkt.de/dominik-schon/profil/spieler/276996 he is a with his 31 Years an leading Player of the Second Team - there are all Player of TSV 1860 München II in the game, only Dominik Schön not, so the Team is complete
  5. yes you´re right. there are only 7 player on the replacement bank in 3.liga. And the 3 substitutions i say allready before, too.
  6. I talk about Erik Tallig before, additionally i think he should get better stats in corner and freekick. He often shoot Freekicks and Corner this season. In pre-season he scored with an freekick. 8-10 would be good stats for him.
  7. In German 3.Liga are only 3 Substitutions allowed, in the game are actually 5 substitutions allowed. this is wrong 1. Bundesliga, 2. Bundesliga and DFB Pokal are 5 Substitutions but 3. Liga are only 3 allowed
  8. Hi @Lekan Odushola i have this issue too. Every Time you go with mouse (not klicking only mousover) on the ! at a player (in taktik or in individuell training or wherever) the popup with stats only dissapear when you click on screen and not when you go with your mouse on an other place
  9. I hope you seey post from yesterday because there was no reaction about it. i think there are a few important things like the wrong rivals thank you very much
  10. Hello, Im a big Fan of TSV 1860 München and watch every Game and has a Seasonticket over 20 Years. In the Beta of FM21 i check my Team and have some things that is wrong or could be better. My Game is in German but on the Screen you see the Rival Clubs. VfL Bochum 1848, FC Carl Zeiss Jena and FC St. Pauli are not Rival Clubs of TSV 1860 München. The biggest Rival Clubs are FC Bayern München, FC Bayern München II. Teams like SpVgg Unterhaching, FC Augsburg and Türkgücü München are "other Rival Clubs" too, but not that much as FC Bayern München is. SV Waldhof Mannheim isn´t a Rival Club too! Favores Personal: -Daniel Bierfoka was Player and Coach from 1860. In the Game there is only as Player. Staff: - Jürgen Wittmann is in the Game loan coordinator oft the First Team. But he definitely didnßt do this job. He was a few years a go Goalkeeper Coach of the first and second team. Now he works in the youtch academy of the club but there is not the right job there in the game. The Best job should be an assistant coach or goalkeeper coach in the U19. Player: - Quirin Moll played all 9 Matches this Season 90 Minutes as Central Defender. I think this has to be 100% his best position besides the central midfield (his old position the last years). This Season he scores one time with penalty and one time with free-kick and he shoots the corner from the left side. I think his stats in Penalty should be 5 -> 10, Freekick 7 -> 10 and Corner 6 -> 10. - Ahanna Agbowo is a young player from the U19 and now he train in the first team. His Mainposition ist Right Defender and i think his stat in Flanking should be better than a 3 maybe minimum a 7 is okay - Dennis Dressel is Central Midfielder an is on first position in goal scoring in 3. Liga in Germany now. Last Game he shoot 4 Goals. His Long Shots with his Left Foot is his signature move in the Team. I think Long Shots should be better than 9.. i think a 12 to 14 will be okay. - Johann Ngounou Djayo plays a few times this season. He played as Left Winger as well and i think he can play this position more. Now his Positions in the game are Striker, Right Winger and a bit Central Offensiv Midfield. - Erik Tallig is a new player in the team and the wishplayer of Coach Michael Köllner. He plays in the central offensiv midfield as well. In the game he cant play this position. And i dont see the full potential of Erik Tallig but at the start of the game he has Two Stars Potential. Maybe he can get a little bit more potential. He is 20 Years Old and plays every Game this Season, the most from start. - Fabian Greilinger plays this Season a few matches from the central offensiv midfield or as pressing striker with an second striker as partner. Maybe he should get this positions as 50% too. - Martin Pusic was a last minute Transfer and he is Back-Up Striker. In the Beta he is now the Player with the highest salary in the team. TSV 1860 München is always poor so i thin they never give a Back-Up Player that much money - György Székely Number is 12 not 15 - Matthew Durrans Number is 26 noch 23 - Milos Cocic Number is 30 - Maxime Gresler Number is 32 György Szekely, Tom Kretschmar, Niklas Lang, Ahanna Agbowo , Matthew Durrans, Johann Ngounou Djayo, Erig Tallig are all in the Second Team in FM 21 Beta but they trains and play in the first Team. David Hundertmark is in the FM 21 Beta in the first team but he trains and play only in the second team. Sorry for my English. I do my best. Pleas ask if you have Questions
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