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  1. Daniil Gridnev 8060923 has ended his career as a player https://www.transfermarkt.ru/daniil-gridnev/profil/spieler/49467
  2. There must be a player Sergey Pinyaev in CHERTANOVO. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/sergey-pinyaev/profil/spieler/516751
  3. 2000023355 Sergey Dmitriev = free agent proof https://www.transfermarkt.ru/sergey-dmitriev/profil/spieler/707376
  4. Pavlo Sirenko 8061067 this year he became a physiotherapist at FC RIGA https://rigafc.lv/lv/members/6
  5. https://www.transfermarkt.ru/matvey-ivakhnov/profil/spieler/751084 Dinamo Wunderkind)
  6. 2000008723 Nikita Solodchenko free agent https://www.transfermarkt.ru/nikita-solodchenko/profil/spieler/741951
  7. Baqtiiar Zainutdinov 59112599 = Baktiyor Zaynutdinov
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