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  1. Agree, game is so broke this year. worst release for many years. this winter update has to be huge or else people will keep uninstalling it
  2. Is it just me who seems to concede goals either just before HT or just after HT, its happened 8 games in a row now. losing interest in the save with this.
  3. Fixed it guys!! just deleted all fm files uninstalled and reinstalled and its fine, Thanks all for your help <3
  4. Not touched the files at all mate, thanks for the suggestion though
  5. Every time I go to load it up this happends... ive never had this before ever, not sure what to do :/
  6. Has anyone got any decent links to the unplayable south American leagues the only one I have is one by Qwert and its quite poorly made don't want to start a new save without it. please link any if you know thanks
  7. https://gyazo.com/54bd80824e5ad6d8739e37efc28331c0 ^ not sure why my keeper is lying down before the shot comes in to then magically float up after the ball is in hahaha
  8. Earlier on i was on the FM12 Editor. went to play what i had created but missed something so i tried to get back on the editor and this message keeps popping up...... Ive tried unintalling everything both game and editor... not sure what to do???
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