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  1. Hello, not sure if this has been said before but whenever i sell one of my best players to a bigger team. they never actually use them. e.g i sold my best winger to AEK and they didnt play him once for 3 years and just released him. seems to happen a lot too.
  2. Benziniho

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    This could just be me... However, if i start unemployed and take over a new team mid season, If i take over and the team has a game on the same day. it would be great if the chairman or someone gave you the option to either take charge of the team or for you to attend and watch your new team play so you have time before your 1st game in charge.
  3. Agree, game is so broke this year. worst release for many years. this winter update has to be huge or else people will keep uninstalling it
  4. Is it just me who seems to concede goals either just before HT or just after HT, its happened 8 games in a row now. losing interest in the save with this.
  5. Has anyone got any decent links to the unplayable south American leagues the only one I have is one by Qwert and its quite poorly made don't want to start a new save without it. please link any if you know thanks
  6. https://gyazo.com/54bd80824e5ad6d8739e37efc28331c0 ^ not sure why my keeper is lying down before the shot comes in to then magically float up after the ball is in hahaha
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