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  1. bassam just signed on a new contract and ilay was on the roster for the cup match
  2. ilay hagag, bassam zaroora yonatan cohen, ariel bardugo, ( 4th goalkeeper)
  3. you want me to make a players data list for you? or its not possible right now
  4. hi , i noticed that even in the new winter update you didnt filled all of maccabi haifa squad, there is a players who are in the squad every game and they are not even there, i notcied just 2 players who are added but they are on loans
  5. thank you sir!, you can tell me how much time you think its gonna take?
  6. and its happens to alot of pepole who plays israeli league
  7. its not working, i doing that and right after i need to assign numbers every game
  8. thank you sir, if you need more info about the problem let me know
  9. thats suppose to be the name i will tell you when its done
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