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  1. This may sound stupid but for the - Loading top 5 nations and top 2 in South America playable and top 20 as view only with players loaded from the top 20 nations with the advanced-db option: " Does this mean I load in the Top 5 europeans league, Argentina and Brazil as playable and then the 20 countriesas view-only using the Add/Remove leagues? and then adding additonal players using the advanced setup?
  2. This Beowulf 442 knap just posted is better than the Beowulf 442 P106 All Cups version imo, more goals and more stable at the back when I tried it in my Nottingham Forest save, even beat Bayern in the Champions league first leg R16
  3. Ok, what formation do you recommend for Wolves that is a 2 striker formation? Our media prediction for the league is 2nd.
  4. I'm confused... So I just choose the tactic with the highest points total from MrL tests and use it?
  5. @knap what are the best plug and play tactics for FM20? thanks in advance
  6. Hey knap sorry if you've been asked this question a bunch of times but what are the best tactics for 20.4 ME?
  7. Anyone know a good 2 striker formation that works for any team as of 20.4.1 patch? Thx in advance!
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