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  1. Game: FM21 PC Type of Game: Career Age: 29 Timezone: GMT When can you play: most evenings 6-10ish and weekends Steam Username: conor4669
  2. This. 100x this. We all know for example that Sergio Ramos is 15 for Spain. Let me make him 15!!! It’s such a minor thing but I’m glad I’m not the only squad number nerd!
  3. For some reason you can only do numbers in tournaments. Very frustrating considering they do it in real life. It’s really minor but it really ruins my game experience
  4. Game: FM21 PC Type of Game: Career Age: 29 Timezone: GMT When can you play: most evenings and weekends Steam Username: conor4669
  5. Yeah man the squad is absolutely stacked! I’m excited to sink a whole day into it tomorrow!
  6. I started with Salzburg yesterday. Trying to get them European trophies in, and obviously trying to keep hold of Dominik Szoboszlai. I’m basing my whole tactic and philosophy on Hasenhuttls 4-2-2-2. Trying to take the world by storm
  7. Update... already sacked by sassuolo (insert crying gif here) maybe more practice with a bigger team first haha
  8. Man that sucks! I was lucky on mine, no one bid & he came to me and said he wanted a new contract!! I bit his hand off haha! I’m really struggling at the moment though I’m 14th after 8 games
  9. Something needs to be tweaked about penalties! Good god every game I concede or get one or two. The last game I played I got four and the other team got two.
  10. Papetti definitely is a go to and rovella at Genoa
  11. People keep asking the same question over and over!! Can’t you read? He said no notes so why does everyone keep saying “duhhhh where are the notes”
  12. I’m starting a sassuolo save tomorrow! Due to this video 😍 I can’t wait to build my team around Locatelli
  13. Miles tweeted that he’s not in the game this year
  14. I’m looking forward to using Dennis Man & Coman! bring them back to glory!
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