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  1. so Boys.. we WON but I must say before everuthing else there is this BORING ANNOYING BUG that if someone here is readin please FIX IT, when I go to modify the team general training (for example from attack to defense) A LOT of time the training just disappear and becomes "unavailable". WTF??? tier 6 with part-time contract adn everything there are already few slots for training the team, WHAT if they keep disappearing? In 3 weeks I literally could train the team ONE TIME. FIX IT COME ON. Now, few screens to summarise the season: MISTER HYDE SLOUGH (first part of season): DR.Jekyll SLOUGH Basically from 12th position (and playing terrible, almost got fired) we climbed till first and mantained first place till the end. It wasn't easy mantain the position because the welling who ended up second place literally was on 17 matches positive streak (14 win, 3 draw), one draw..against me. So basically I was always under pressure till the end. I relaxed only last match. Then, I lost semi-final of the trophy against carlisle, (1° in tier5), I lost because my GK was drunk all time, I lost at penalties : ( if Only my GK wouldn't do such terrible mistakes in the first game I guess We could really have big chance to get to the final and win the trophy.. anyway... we Lost just before the match against the Welling (2°) and it was a draw, after that the team literally was broken, I struggled so match every single match I felt I was really going to lose the first place. every victory after that Was difficult, even the 3-0 means nothing, all goal scored last minutes. It was really tense and hard, the team-confidence literally disappeared after we lost in the semi final Trophy. What a pain the last 6 matches.. even with 5 victory.. WHAT a pain. this is the team composition (dont pay attention to the green dudes) , Swan won as best scorer of the League, Asonganyi did pretty well too. At some time we was even able to get back Klass , midfielder from previous season which was on Loan, I got him from the free market, he really helped A LOT. The team was STRONG by the way, I m not putting here screen about the confrontation with the other team of the league but we were ahead pretty much everywhere. What about the statistic of the league? We won goal scored (90), less goal conceded (31), ball possession, passing completed (if this is the proper translation) and really a lot of other stuff (cross, dribling,etcc...). The salary of the whole team was 170k (way below the salary cap the society decided) , so we were 23th out of 24 team.. most of the team had 400k, 500k, some team had 750k, so our Result was pretty much huge, even more if considering the disastrous first part of season. I'm pretty much happy, getting out of tier6 in two seasons and with a solid first place is good. Plus the Trophy semi-final granted us a good financial solidity since We are sitting on 193k Dunno what else to say about this season, think I told almost everything let's say then.. END OF SEASON 2
  2. ah okay, sounds better then, since I saw you were the only one who played less game in premier league I thought of something like that.
  3. besides, did you play friendly game instead of premier league game which were then rescheduled? this is another thing I never thought it was possible to do. I mean it's kinda like an exploit
  4. I think you are doing pretty much good, about playing friendly game, I never did that. I prefer talk to every player one by one all the time, to keep the mood up.
  5. Just played against the weymouth, the team I lost to 2:3 and risked to be fired.. so 23 matches ago and we achieved 21 victory, 1 draw , 1 defeat , pretty much Solid, but I still am 1° only because Dorking has played one match less (and it is 2 points less than us). promotion as 1° is Tough but totally doable if we keep up to play as we can. And we must do it, because playoff are a roulette, we don't want to take part in it. Anyway I will post few screens only at the end of the season.
  6. ehm... 32/46 match played we are actually 1° but couple team have to play one match and can still overcome me, Anyway , what to say about this match? xD xD xD we defintely SLOUGHtered the Dartford xD
  7. Well, since when I almost got fire by losing another match from 2-1 to 2-3 , the Boss even told me not to use one of my player.. (Arlott) well after that the team reaction was Huge. It ended just now a super huge Win streak (it started yesterday, when I posted I was 7°, the win streak was already going on) We are now 3° not so far from the first place. The team doesn't even seem the same team of the first 15 games of the season. It's really everything about mood and happiness over this league.. anyway we'll se how the season ends up.
  8. Yeah I like it, I might give it a try next FM, as well as trying playing with a database like the one you used. I am maybe scared about How much huge is the database you play with? Like there are probably hundreds of team at tier 10
  9. Okay, thak you, so probably This is what makes this game possible (otherwise.. I can't really imagine a way to do that) Could be interesting to modify the database and setting up the maximum lvl facilites for both youth and main squad (I don't remember if there is a "maintenance cost") to a tier 10 team and then play youth only, without the possibility to buy back or getting back on loan players who came through your academy. But I guess the game would be quite boring, while the way you play keeps the gamestyle very interesting and various. great job : )
  10. I get it, it's the only thing financially doable, plus if you play youth only it's obviously a must be done. Still I never thought this was possible, did you abuse about getting back your players buying them or on loan (trained by someone else) ?
  11. I never thought this could be possible, receiving bad player and with zero chance to train them because of terrible training faicilites (so basically, they don't improve and keep beeing bad players..), I don't know how you got out from low tiers league since it is usually a pain to get out even Buying players. great job
  12. Hello, did you never buy players from the market? did you only train players you got randomly from the youth squad? if that's it, congrats, really huge effort
  13. 23 / 46 match played , half season i'm actually 7°, the team is doing his best not getting me fired. Guess I will check better next time what the society wants before signing the contract..maybe I can slow down a little bit the ambition. my best striker, Swan, I call him Black Swan is actually on 19 played and 16 goals. He is a beast. I need so much a good midfielder , If I can find one I think I have some (minimum) chance not getting fired and be promoted or at least I might try. Plus I am trying to having back my best player of past season : Rudoni / Mccann / Klass klass is actually on the free market but he doesn't want to play for the team : ( . Rudoni no way I can get him, McCann.. I can have it on Loan but they ask me a lot of money.. I'm thinking about .. I could have him BUT my problem ..is not the attack. My problem is the midfield so I need to invest my money where I am weaker. I am off now, if someone come here to read: Cheers xD
  14. Im more or less in the middle of the league (12°) but the society for some reason asked me to Win the league. I could even be fired. We'll see. quick comment: It never happened on previous football manager that a society asked me to Win the league after (more or less) one season and beeing one of the worst team of the league. I don't really like this changing.
  15. BEGINNING OF SEASON 2 So.. I changed almost the whole team, 14 new players (6 loans+others) I feel like the team is worse than the previous season. As a consequence of the big changing I made 4 points out of 7 matches (4 draw, 3 defeat) Then the team began to learn how to play together and got confidence with the tactic and we won few matches. I don't know, we might be able to get the playoff again, Maybe. Still it is damn hard to get out of this division if I have to change the whole team every time. I sold kennedy too, my coaching was telling me he was know worse than other players.. pity..he really scored a LOT last season, Farewell KENNEDY, we will find again. BUT I got from the free market Matt LENCH, literally my best midfielder when I received the team..that I lost at the end of the season for free (went to cambridge) because I could not renew his contract (salary too high). He was in the free market.. My coach tell me he is only 2 star now, I don't know.. I decided to get him back and see if he can help me a little bit. this is the whole team right now:
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