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  1. As above, nope. There are no PIs or OIs set for any of my players in either of the above screenshots.
  2. This happens a lot as well - this should be a 4-4-2 shape, but, presumably because the AI are playing defensive and play out from the back, our midfielders have no-one to mark, so they mark each other instead. Often I'll see LCM and RCM touch-tight to the LM/AML and RM/AMR respectively and it'll take a few passes around the back before the break away and do something different.
  3. Yeah, no problem - I did try yesterday too, but for some reason it kept failing, even though the shot of my tactics was ok :-/ This was during a time I'd switched to 4-2-4, but I see the same thing in 4-2-3-1 or 4-1-4-1 DM formations.
  4. Sorry, my mistake - I mean from defensive goal kicks (ie, the opposition has the ball). This post was originally in the general discussion forum as I don't think it's a tactical thing, but I'm not entirely sure.
  5. Hi all - apologies if this should be in the tactics forum, but just wanted to see if anyone else had experienced what looks a weird starting position from my wide midfielders at a goal kick - this seems to happen at nearly all goal kicks, especially against sides that only play a single player outride (in this case a player in WB strata in a defensive 5-1-2-2 formation). It looks like the AML and AMR (actually they were ML and MR in a 4-4-2 in this case) drop to essentially the DM strata, so if/when we then win the ball, they have a lot to do to get back to their actual positions in attac
  6. To be honest, I prefer an IW to the W on the right, but I fear this might leave the 3 AMs and AF fighting for the same space. I'd rather have an IW with the overlapping WBa providing width. I then tend to go with FBs on the left for balance, but I wouldn't be adverse to a more aggressive role in this area if it were effective.
  7. Very true - although the issue to this point hasn't been so much giving something a try, more that I have an idea of how I'd like to play then I get stuck watching the AI play 1,001 passes in their own penalty area!
  8. Thank you for this - I totally appreciate you taking time to look into a game situation that you have no actual connection to! There's some really great observations here - especially around the way the team presses and their attributes - looking a bit more closely, determination and work rate aren't issues but aggression is fairly average across the board, which I guess could impact their ability to chase the ball down. In terms of formations and roles, my ideal setup would be a 4-2-3-1 with Havertz as AM (ideally APs) and Camisa as AFa, but I've found in the past that this complete
  9. The team is usually quite threatening with the limited possession it has, so more often that not we do enough to win games - hence being top of the league at this stage and having won a few trophies along the way. The issue for me isn't the results, it's the disconnect between the tactics being set up and how games actually pan out. I have tried different formations - especially 4-2-3-1 and I'd prefer to play that way as I think it should put Havertz and Camavinga in their best/most effective positions - but I've been using 4-3-3 like this because of the lack of possession, thinking this
  10. OK, last post for me here because I'm getting a bit tired of banging my head against this particularly brick wall. I went back to basics and switched to the preset 'Control Possession' playing style. Tweaked it slightly with PIs for full-backs to cross less and for AM L/R to sit narrower. My scout report said that they would play a Gegenpressing style, so I switched off Play Out from the Back and GK distribute to CBs/FBs in the hope that this might bypass the press. I left the mentality on balanced to try and encourage them out, switched it briefly to cautious when they started their poss
  11. Just thought I'd leave these here to see if anyone can spot any obvious flaws in my tactics that either allow the AI to rack up 700+ passes (mainly in their own half) or make my own team incapable of keeping the ball. PIs: - front three close down more both full backs take fewer risks and cross less I'm fully expecting to be told that it's all down to my tactics, but I'm not sure a team that's ranked 14/18 for possession should really be top of the league by 8 points at halfway - something there isn't right.
  12. I didn't say that you did, so apologies for any misunderstanding. I made a couple of changes to make the play less direct, reduce the number of playmakers and try to complete more passes. Fortunately my seemingly long-ball, counter-attacking approach got me out of jail again with four goals in the first twenty minutes.
  13. I don't use plug'n'play tactics and I only try to make my tactics through sensible design, choices that feel logical to me and overall normal, but it still feels like trying to crack a code by making non-intuitive changes sometimes at random. So I respectfully disagree :-)
  14. Thanks - I've read through all the guides and threads on this and I typed out a long response as to why I don't really agree with the logic at play here, but don't want to turn this into a rant. Suffice to say, I think tactics are a bit like trying to crack a code and there's zero margin for error.
  15. I'm still really struggling this - I've read through all guides on possession with intent and numerous threads on ways to stop teams from dominating possession to kill games (even once they've gone behind). But I just can't solve it - see the images below for the latest examples. I guess it's just the way it is and we all just need to get one with it.
  16. I've been following this thread with interest for some ideas about how to combat the AI approach to nullifying games and partying like they're Spain 2009. Going into the final game of the season, we're second in the league and heavy favourites at home to Wolfsburg. I thought I'd experiment with some of the different options suggested here, so started on attacking mentality (to try and score early), standard LOE and higher DL, with PIs for the front three to close down more, OIs to mark their midfielders tightly (to close off the passing options) and close down three of their back four, hopeful
  17. Well, having just finished the sixth season it seems like a good time to refresh and go again - I think I've ended up trying to create a tactic that's neither one thing or the other, so it's a good time to freshen up the squad (I have some money in the bank and a few players who I could do without) and then see what would be best with what I have, like it was a new game. You're right - Hummels is not quick, especially at 35 years - 10 for pace and 7 for acceleration - so it's time for him to step back. My other CBs are all much quicker so a higher line is still option, IMO. There's defini
  18. I think this is my problem more than anything - I find it impossible to get all the different instruction options to work out the way I would like as they seem to counteract each other, so it ends up all being a bit nothing, which then makes it feel as though I could change anything and nothing would actually be different.
  19. Interestingly, these are all things that I've tried on different occasions - changing to a DLF saw my wide players dribble excessively to the byline and shoot from crazy tight angles into the side netting, presumably as they had no-one to pass to. Changing defensive distribution/play out of defence seemed to give my GK and defence a license to smash the ball up the field looking for Sancho to win a header. A standard width attack seems to make the AML and AMR play extremely wide and therefore out of range of short passing, and the split block seems to make my front players run round like headl
  20. So, I'm increasingly of the opinion that tactics don't actually make any difference - for the final game of the season, we were home to Hoffenheim needing a draw to win the league. They're in the lower half but safe from relegation so have nothing to play for. They pitched up play 5-4-1 with a defensive mentality and, of course, proceeded to neutralise the game by racking up 400 passes in the first alone. We shaped up playing our usual 4-3-3, but Havertz was unavailable meaning Gio Reyna was needed to play as a Mezzala in CM. I tried to a standard LOE with a higher defensive line, slightly wid
  21. I'm mainly trying to get the AML and AMR to play more narrow and be more of a goal threat - when I was playing wider it all felt too spread out and like they couldn't find each other so we were just lumping the ball up and giving teams the chance to kill the game with excessive possession. I'm finding that trying to fix one 'problem' creates another somewhere else that either doesn't seem connected - it's a frustrating process of trial and error.
  22. So, I made a couple of changes for my next league game - away to Stuttgart who were lying in 6th on decent form while we were top (mainly as a result of Bayern dropping points elsewhere, but anyway...). I reduced the tempo and dropped the LOE to try and encourage them to play into midfield where we could then press hard and either counter or then control possession: - (ignore the injuries etc, they were picked up in the game). It didn't go so well. Back to the drawing board, I guess...
  23. This is pretty much the conclusion I've come to - asking an APs to find space when there's already two other plays in the AM strata and two CMs, is just making everything too compressed. Add to the mix that I want to play narrow to encourage the AML and AMR to get in between the FB and CB, it all just becomes a mess. I had more joy in the first season when I had Reus playing AM as an SS, so I envisage this being a plan B, using either Brandt as an AMa or bring Patrick Schick off the bench to play SS and then either pushing Havertz wide as AP from AML or AMR, or, alternatively using him in
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