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  1. I've not had a DoF in my Enfield save but the 'Ask DoF' button is still there - in place of the DoF, suggestions come from your AssMan instead, which makes sense to me. His recommendations are often cack though - and I would say that roughly 50% of the time when asked, he has no suggestion at all, so I'm happy that this is realistic enough, given that he himself is pretty ropey.
  2. So... I've managed to get in a good load of games today and we're now halfway through the season. I've had to install a revolving door at the training ground to accommodate all the players we've brought in - 25 in total - and we now need to shift some of the deadwood. All the changes probably had an effect on the cohesion of the side and we struggled early on, winning just twice in our first twelve games while I continued to tweak the side, experiment with different playing styles and work out how to get the best out of the team. However, having sunk as low as 20th (21-24 go down) an
  3. Fingers crossed and good luck! Hopefully the game world remains stable and you can make it all way to the top. Ideally denying Başakşehir in the progress. Keep us updated! ***desperately trying to avoid the obvious 'Tuirkish Delight' pun***
  4. Flipping this idea on its head, my current target man is a hefty 175cm. I think a shortest target man competition could be a giggle.
  5. Ta - I'm not wedded to it, so might be best off going for a new save, I reckon.
  6. Indeed - I assume that a new save will definitely be needed to take advantage of all the hotfix updates?
  7. I got sacked 13 games into my first job, with IK Oddevald in the Swedish fourth division. I don't think it's too easy.
  8. Same here - I suspect that the rules regarding signing non-EU players will probably never actually affect me in this save game, but you never know. I'll keep plugging away until any update is confirmed and if/when that happens, it'll be back to square one...
  9. So, I played my first match in the VNLS - it was a scrappy affair, away to Slough Town. We went ahead early, then we were behind just after the break. We equalised and then grabbed a winner deep in stoppage time. I punched the air as the team celebrated a valuable win away at a relegation rival. One thing I did notice - there were very few efforts at goal; maybe six or seven shots each, which I thought seemed a bit low so I searched for statistics to see if this was an accurate reflection of real life. I couldn't find any actual stats, but I did find highlights online for VNLS/N - wh
  10. You can't keep a good man down for long. Let's hope it goes better than my Swedish experience. It can't be (much) worse...
  11. Check me out - a true 'pioneer'! 4 job interviews straight away though - and all in the English National League north/south with clubs just promoted, just before pre-season starts.
  12. Cheers, me too! If nothing else, I'm happy to do my bit for disproving the 'the game is far too easy' theory. Either that or I am terrible.
  13. It was all going so well... Actually, to be fair, it really wasn't. We went seven games without a win (six of which were defeats), which is a problem in a 26-game season. That said, we did win the last two, so getting the boot at this moment in time was a bit of a surprise. Onwards and upwards...
  14. Without doubt, this guy is both the most patriotic and scariest region I've ever seen.
  15. £30k! I dream of that kind of income - last season we paid a total of £12k in player wages It looks like we have decent potential in the squad, but I'm a bit reluctant to trust these reports at this stage...
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