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  1. Agree 100% - I would love to have a full-back that stretches the play by getting high and wide, but doesn't always cross the ball every time they get it. I think CWB is the current nearest to this (theoretically) but the 'roam more' instruction leads to them appearing all over the place IMHO.
  2. I'm interested to see what else gets announced in the coming weeks and I'm sure there'll be some interesting additions as well as some that aren't so. Overall, I'm sure it'll be a decent investment given how many hours we all sink into it and I'm fairly certain I'll be happy to buy FM22 (although I might wait a couple of months after launch this year). That said, the addition of a Data Hub does absolutely nothing for me personally.
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't WBsu only hard coded to 'get further forward' and 'run wide with the ball'? I think the mindless crossing instructions only come into play with attack duties... Definitely agree that less roles should have 'cross more' hard coded - perhaps only Wat, but even that's stretching it IMO.
  4. This is a really interesting thread - I've been looking for a while for a way to play that would neutralise games against 'bigger' teams and effectively play for a draw but without any success - normally matches remain wide open and it's just a matter of time before Hector Bellerin or Alex Telles cuts me open.
  5. Morning all - more great ideas, thank you! I’ve never used a raumdeuter before in my limited time playing FM as I feared it might make the player involved a bit of a passenger - does that matter? I’ll try that out at some point for a couple of games as well as a CMa - we do have a ton of other CM’s so if I could avoid blocking their game time, everyone wins!
  6. That’s really good to know - I think he’s rated as ‘accomplished’ at CM so definitely worth a go. I originally bought him to be a combined creative and goal scoring threat from AM but he never really took off in the role and I picked up other CMs in the interim so gravitated towards playing 4-3-3. Do you think he might be potentially effective as my right-side CM, playing as a CMa alongside an APs?
  7. That’s interesting - I wasn’t aware of acceleration being that important (I’m not all that experienced at modern FM), so looking at his attributes across the board, he appears better than anyone else I could potentially buy to replace him.
  8. Yeah, it's frustrating because his attributes mark him out as being an excellent IFs or IFa, but he's been totally ineffective - I was hoping to encourage that particular trait and see him trying shots from around the edge or using his 'makes late runs into the box' trait to get on the end of crosses, but he's never really done either much or consistently. It's a strange one (and probably down to my tactics), but he just hasn't ever really turned up as I'd hoped.
  9. Yeah, unfortunately he's been pretty cack all season (10 or 11 games in with less than 6.5 avg). He's been fairly anonymous since signing 3-4 seasons ago, so it's probably time to cut losses and move him on.
  10. It's strange though, because he has all the attributes for the role and his traits look like they should compliment it too. Can some players just be not good sometimes??? The next game I benched Zaniolo and replaced him with Bowen (who has always accumulated higher average ratings, but mainly through taking set pieces and getting huge numbers of key passes). Only a 1-0 win this time, but a goal from Bowen and at least three good chances in the first half. Some really great movement by the two wide players to get into the space left behind by the DLF (even though he himself played average at best). Early days, but encouraging signs.
  11. So, my next game was a Champions League fixture at Besiktas. Having won the first three games it was an opportunity to rest a few players and try some new stuff, including an RPM-CAR combo in midfield, both wide attackers on attack duties and a F9 (Amine Gouiri is less physical than Portela, so this was a fairly logical choice. It worked well - but see if you can spot the odd one out in terms if performance... (NB: Gouiri scored four and made one assist, so he's now our top scorer).
  12. That's cool - I'm definitely more comfortable with a DLPd at DM than HB as I don't like gap the HB leaves when it drops in - or the way it forces the defence wider. I think I'd love to play both wide forwards on attack duty with the DLF on support - is this a bit one-dimensional, or should I have an attacking full back on side going beyond a support duty AM?
  13. That’s interesting; I don’t think I’ve ever used an RPM before, so it’s worth a try at least. So it looks like it’ll be FBs on both sides at full back - is that aggressive enough? Or is this something that could be adjusted if needed in game?
  14. Thanks all, really good stuff, loads to think about. So, I’m currently thinking something like this:- DLFs IWs IFa APs CMs DLPd WBa CDd CDd FBs I’ve gone for a WBa on the left to try and get to the byline and get crosses in for Portslade and Zaniolo who should both be a threat. We should also have three players lurking for cat backs, in theory. A couple of questions: - can you use two playmakers in such close proximity or would it be better to use an HB at DM? - is there enough of a goal threat or should I use an extra attack duty somewhere? Note that Ibañez at AP has the ‘drops deep’ trait so might struggle as APa. thanks again!
  15. Thanks for that, there's some really interesting stuff there. I can totally see your point re: using attacking full back roles when the player has the gets forward trait - my aim here was that a) the full back would be more aggressive in getting forward to accentuate the overload and b) he'd be more willing to cross in search of our physical centre forward. Speaking of which, I've avoided using F9 for him because a) his attributes are better suited to DLF (a or s) and b) I want him in the box more to make use of his physical attributes as target from crosses. I've also found that we've been a lot more successful when we play with a forward on attack duty, so I've gravitated that way. Would he be as creative theoretically as a DLFs? If so, what roles around him might create enough forward runners into the box to capitalise - would something like this be potentially effective: - DLFs IFs IFa CMs BBM DLPd WBs CDd BPDd WBs I'd like to avoid possession for the sake of it, so I'd happily encourage my players to play the ball forward earlier if it's on.
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