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  1. September 2020 Update So. This month went better than I expected it, to be completely honest. Starting with our Carabao Cup match away versus Walsall, we deserved the win according to the xG and the way we dominated the game. Some states for you: 1.03 xG for Wimbledon, 0.31 for Walsall 57% Possession for Wimbledon, 43% for Walsall 14 Shots, 7 On Target for Wimbledon, 6 Shots, 3 on Target for Walsall Get the picture? Alas, we fell late on to an 87th minute goal by midfielder Rory Holden, and we were knocked out of the Carabao Cup. New signing Josh Cla
  2. Preseason Recap Preseason has concluded, and I feel reasonably confident about our team this year. We didn't have a super difficult run of friendlies, but we did beat Watford in the FM Cup, which is big. I'm not sure how strong of a team they were playing, but beating a team certain to be challenging for promotion in the Championship as a lower-end League 1 team can't be anything but positive. We had several other lower-profile friendlies, the most notable of which was probably a match vs Manchester United's U-23s, which we drew 1-1. Again, not a bad result. We als
  3. I'll take a look, thanks! Thank you! Hopefully we'll have a good run with them. I have it set to American English rather than British English, so some of the terminology is a bit different (Head Coach v. Manager, General Manager v. Director of Football)
  4. Season/Squad Preview As of July 27, 2020, we are predicted to finish in 20th place, the exact same place as the past two years and one place above relegation. My goals are a bit loftier. Will we be promoted? Unlikely, but the plan right now is to improve the team this season and aim for midtable. Next season, we'll aim for playoffs, and I'd like automatic promotion to the Championship within the first 3 seasons, if not by the end of next season. Promotion this year would probably result in us coming back down, so I'd like to actually avoid that. As shown in th
  5. *Multiple Disclaimers* *This is my first thread ever so bear with me.* *I am American, so forgive my lack of familiarity with tactics, teams, history, etc.* Hi! My name is Emerion, and this is my first documented venture into an FM save. I've never attempted to document like this before for FM, though I have done it for other sports on different websites. As you may have guessed from the title, I will be managing AFC Wimbledon in this save. I have followed many threads on this forum, and I hope I can do them justice here. Why? Being American, I find it...romantic? That se
  6. Starting the challenge here on November 6th. Crystal Palace are currently 19th, with 5 points from 7 games, but a favorable first 4 matches in charge with Newcastle (A) (12th), West Ham (A) (20th), Southampton (H) (11th), and Leeds (A) (18th) up for the new manager. If we can somehow pull 6-9 points from these 4 matches we'll be in a great position after the first quarter or so of the season.
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