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  1. Great save as per usual mate, how do you get the ideas for your saves, I'm trying to think of something in a foreign country but I don't know where to go because I tend to bore quickly of certain saves.
  2. Forgot bout that lol yeah it has been removed this fm, blaming that one on the ole memory
  3. I have some bad news, the primary and secondary save files have been corrupted, I have a third one that would take me back to January but I'm not sure I want to do that as I was enjoying where I was, so with a heavy heart I announce that I will be ending the save file here. SI really need to fix this corruption issue as it's getting a bit of a joke now and yeah gonna miss the Moors, but I will start a new save and also next FM I'll give this save a go again. Thanks for reading, Joe
  4. Hi Ben, seen from your previous threads for both this fm and the previous one that you remove the role suitability circle on the tactic screen. How would I go about doing this, because the suitability circle really gets on my nerves.
  5. End of Season 1 Here we go. First off this save will only have two updates a season from now on, one mid season and one end of season. Results So as you can see what a season. Only one loss in the league (yes I did nearly break my monitor in that game lol) but largely fantastic, but was it enough? Why yes, yes it was, with Durham also coming up after a late season revival led by Zach Clough. Transfers Ok so last season I made more transfers than what you saw. After October/ November more deals occur
  6. Updates will be every three months now so I can do more.
  7. November Update What a weird month. Buxton 0-2 Langley Moor Williams, Winter-Hobbs1, Quinn, Francis*, Facey (Martínez), Medford-Smith, Craig, Kalu (Glimour), Dabo, Clarke (Lewis1), Donaldson First we beat Buxton with JWH scoring from a free kick from the left with him heading it in at the back post before Lewis hit a drilled shot into the bottom corner. Ed Francis got motm. Langley Moor 1-0 Southport Williams, Winter-Hobbs, Quinn (Tricker), Francis*1, Facey, Medford-Smith, Craig, Kalu (Glimour), Dabo, Clarke (Lewis), Donaldson Easy win over South
  8. October 2020 – Update of Transfers, Squad Before Our First Game Well Pinter has had a busy first window. The Albanian has gone on a spree. Our finances were slightly glitched but that was fine because I tried not to spend too much. Didn’t exactly go to plan but it’s fine. So I’m just going to quickly and briefly mention all players in the squad and introduce you to our team, tactics and friendlies before our game v Buxton. GKS First we have Simon Williams who is an incredible keeper, definitely our first choice. He’ll be key to us this season and
  9. Thanks very much mate, I'm a Darlo lad myself and live in the local area. Always loved Durham as a nearby city and disappointed to say that they've barely had any football league representation except The Quakers and dare I say the name Hartlepool. Gonna follow your save pal seems interesting, thanks for the feedback pal. Let's hope we get an Albanian legend
  10. Issue Numero Uno First of I’m not called Ryan Pinter, nor am I Albanian, he’s named after my FM18 Regen Striker. Secondly I have zero staff. I’ll go through the squad after the transfer window etc which is when the next update will be
  11. Langley Moor & Durham The city of Durham had a football league club in Durham City AFC who were in the football league for 7 years. Eventually they were relegated though in 1928 and since then it seems as though no team from Durham have touched the football league. Local sides such as Darlington (my hometown) and Hartlepool have been there for a fair few years recently but currently no County Durham team resides in the football league. So here comes this save then. Out of the ashes two clubs from Durham have appeared and taken spots in the Vanarama National League
  12. Absolutely fantastic save Ben, love the amount of detail and time you put in lad. Great new signings as well, look like definite improvements ahead of the Premier League season. How do you scout, and also how do you dedicate so much time to a save without getting bored of the save? Also I'm gonna teach myself excel inspired by your saves.
  13. Now I'm hella confused is Scotland bizzare with job offers, I just got offered Premiership side Livingston's job. Like wtf I just finished mid table two divisions below with the worst squad in Scotland.
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