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  1. Hi @Icondacarver, which Echoes 4411? There are 2 Echoes 4411 tactics on Google docs. ECHOES 4411 P100 EC CC or ECHOES VOL 2 4411 P105 FA :)
  2. @knap I hope you are doing well. There are only three 41212 formation tactics tested in around 100 tactics in google docs. Is there any possibility to test HOLY GHOST FIRE 41212 EC CC TREQ P102 EC CC SALAH 75 (ID: 214039) and TIME 41212 P103 EC (ID:214098)? I really wonder the test results. Thanks
  3. @knap Have a good day. What do you think about the tactic with 1 attacking midfielder and 2 strikers? Is this tactic style risky in your opinion? When I check the google docs I could find only HOLY GHOST FIRE 4312 DW P106 FA in first 20 tactics. It is 10 th tactic on your google docs in total results column. Which of your tactics with 1 AMC and ST s do you recommend ? Actually I am asking this because I have a good player who is playing very well on AMC position and I want to use 2 strikers. Thanks for your answering.
  4. Hi @knap What is the characteristic of TeaForOne tactics? It is not included in the tactic name list in your Google Docs.
  5. @knap Is there Warrior 442 p104 for FM21.4 ME? Google docs leads to FM21 version. Maybe there is a wrong on the link. Thanks
  6. @knapHappy new year , thank you for all amazing works and tactics. You inspire many of us. I've been playing FM for 18 years, I wish I'd know you and your tactics before :)) Also Happy new year to all FM lovers
  7. Hi all, I am playing FM last 15 years and I have never seen a league table as below. These are the results of @knap 's tactics. These 2 tactics are very succesful. I used FM20.4.1FIREWATERKnapVOL24312P103FA for 2023-2024 season. No defeat and draw in Serie A ,only 2 defeats and 2 draws in Europaen matches. Then I started to use FM20.4.1FireandWater23212P104EC for 2024-2005 and 2025-2026 season. I strongly recommend these 2 tactics. Thanks @knap again 997963911_!!!!!!!!!!FM20.4.1FIREWATERKnapVOL24312P103FA.fmf 1979257039_!!!!FM20.4.1FireandWater23212P104EC.fmf
  8. Hi @knap Firstly I want to thank you for your great job about FM tactics and your helpfulness and patience for our questions. I always get inspired from you and from all of people who is sharing their ideas here. And also I should thank to @RDF Tactics @Rober82 @Cadoni I know you and your team is doing great job to test your tactics. You are testing a tactic for 90 games with different teams. I have seen your name and your job firstly on https://fm-base.co.uk/tactic-testing/ You are sharing your tactics with results screenshots here. These sharings show us a lot of t
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