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  1. hi mate which tactic have you been using?
  2. yes given man marking a try, had a few screenshots on last page and struggled to win a game!
  3. @knap hi mate only me again, still struggling to get consistency on my queens park save - which tactic would you say is most defensively solid but still able to get good results?
  4. yeah suppose it'll come in time, hard when doing youth only as all your best players get bought! i'm going to give a new tactic a try anyways to become a bit more consistent defensively; is there any you would recommend? need a change from fire 4321 p103
  5. i use purdue (hes a model citizen) and marshall is my ball player - not sure whether a tactic change is needed?
  6. @knap @Rober82 hi guys these are my results and the tactic - started the MM at Kilmarnock away and the rest is history. Do you reckon I should look at using a different tactic? this would be relegation form if i hadn't done so well at the start of the season
  7. been using fire 4321 p103 with queens park in scottish prem, marking lowest cm/cdm with my AM with decent work rate
  8. @knap @Rober82 hi guys, been using the MM guide and seem to be getting beat left right and centre - not really sure its working any ideas?
  9. @knap @Rober82 hi guys have you got the link to the MM guide? and is the fire 4312 the high scoring one ID 1426?
  10. @knap hope you are well mate. in the scottish prem with queens park now and still been using fire 4321 p103 - was just wondering if you would recommend any other tactic (especially as im youth only save and massive underdog is most games). look forward to hearing from you
  11. no worries mate, from the guide you still want good fitness coaches if possible and then fill up your other coaches with model citizens etc
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