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  1. I have the latest version of the game (winter signings included) and I only had that game saved, so no other saves. I just had an autosave each 15 days (in game calendar) in a single game file.
  2. Hello there I had the same problem as adrian had. Is it for real unrecoverable?
  3. Good morning everyone I have been playing for Marbella (2ºB spanish division, group 4) for a whole season and, by the time I officially reached the 1st place, it did not continue the game. I explain. 2ºB division of Spain is quite weird. If you want to promote to 2ºA division, you must go through a playoff period. If you reach the 1st place, you can go to those playoffs by matching against one of the 3 remain group leaders. If not, then you have to go through standard playoffs of 3 rounds each one. So, by the time I officially won the group 4 (mid april), the option to continue the game after the regular season had disappeared. So my last game was on 10th may, when I was supposed to continue in order to promote to 2ºA division, but no playoffs appeared. Neither in calendar, neither in news. Then, I realized that since I was officially group leader (12th april), the dates of the playoffs disappeared, when it was programmed by 17th may. I just wanted to know if it has already happened to any of the players among Football Manager network and, if it has already happened, how I can try to fix it. I also have the game saved before this period disappears, so I can try before it happens. Thank you a lot *EDIT* Have just seen that, on 9th december and 17th december there were launched some patches to fix this problem. But it is still Maybe those patches have not been installed, but as far as I know it is automatically installed. Does anyone has the same problem by april 2020?
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