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  1. I have the latest version of the game (winter signings included) and I only had that game saved, so no other saves. I just had an autosave each 15 days (in game calendar) in a single game file.
  2. Hello there I had the same problem as adrian had. Is it for real unrecoverable?
  3. Good morning everyone I have been playing for Marbella (2ºB spanish division, group 4) for a whole season and, by the time I officially reached the 1st place, it did not continue the game. I explain. 2ºB division of Spain is quite weird. If you want to promote to 2ºA division, you must go through a playoff period. If you reach the 1st place, you can go to those playoffs by matching against one of the 3 remain group leaders. If not, then you have to go through standard playoffs of 3 rounds each one. So, by the time I officially won the group 4 (mid april), the option to continue the g
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