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  1. I have seen this covered on a few other posts for older FM's over the years but, to me there doesn't seem to have been a concrete answer on how to do this and I'm hoping someone can help I'm currently using the Base skin with background support, but I'm more than willing to switch to the base skin if it means I can do this. Basically does anyone know how to switch the club sidebar colour to be the same default color that is seen when browsing through other teams. It doesn't seem like a massive tweak but searching through the skin files, I really don't know what I can amend to make this ch
  2. I love this skin. The only thing that I'd like is to have a static sidebar colour rather than my team's colour on news/squad views etc. Is there anywhere within this skin that I can tweak this? What I'd like is this sidebar colour. Rather than this team colour showing on my squad and news screen etc Is this an straight forward tweak? Any help appreciated
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