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  1. Knapp just downloaded discord please could I get a invite too cheers mate
  2. can i ask which one i cant seem to find the man utd one was it a 433?
  3. only played him a few times keeping him cotton wool only because i have these two ahead of him heres another one he has 7 for finishing btw !!
  4. just followed the guide sacked off some coaches got in fitness ones, im trying even more fitness ones now just going to see if it has a negative affect in other areas hope not left assistant to run training but i click every young player leave them in the natural roles, but change to double intensity (no work if they there are under fitness of 70 ? iirc) get them to foucs on a new thing like shooting or arieal ability depending on the player of course and leave them be im not sure if this is right best ask @RDF Tactics as im set as doing individual but it makes sense to me 4 this is a wonder kid but more excited by the average youth players this system is turning my germans into internationals hope that helps (so get loads of fitness coaches, get your players doing double, and give them something extra to work on not position
  5. thais type of training 6 months in turning all my average german defenders (starts are going from 2 starts potential now 4 to 5 ) into 40 mill assests i was getting bored of my long save but now i have a new goal have a full youth first 11 and bin transfers off even the really average 0nes im getting bids from other german clubs of 20-40 mill (must be something to do with home grown) its like a cash cow training base cheers @RDF Tactics mate!!
  6. Need this haha got a mezzala going to waste from another formation I had cost me a bomb
  7. i think in most tactics for me anyway floated crosses are the best this game seems to like the big physical players
  8. sorry mate my bad i was on about the tactic you tweaked the fire and water 1 where you went two up front
  9. have you moved away from your tweaked version or is this another save mate
  10. Is everyone clicking waiting for knapp latest creation 😂😊
  11. seems to working great work mate instead of the arrows up how do you get the numbers on attribute growth?
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