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  1. I’m playing as Monza in Italy and starting my 6th season. I’m in the Champions League for the 2nd season running but my stadium is the one I got when I was in Serie C with capacity of 9k. I’ve asked the board several times and they don’t believe we need a bigger stadium but I’m filling out it every single game. I’ve been using unlockables before - some that I bought and some I earned so saw that the Stadium unlockable is there so my questions are about that: * Will the stadium be a certain size like 100k or smaller like 70k? * Will it take as long as a normal stadium? Like 2 years
  2. So you aren’t winning every game with Real Madrid the game is crap? It sounds like your tactics that you used last year just don’t work this year. Try changing them! Gengenpress is the go to Tactic this year. I’ve won like 14 titles/cups with it. I’ve had to change it for each club I’ve used and sometimes each season.
  3. I have been playing FM20 Touch on my iPad Apple Watch Ajax for 11 seasons and after a lost the Dutch national job for getting knocked out early in the World Cup I fancied taking a break and doing one of the challenges the game has. Now I'm not sure if all Touch versions have these. The challenge are Injury Crisis (don't get sacked when half your team in injured); The Save from Relegation one (save your team from Relegation) and Can't Win anything with kids one (your club gets 5-6 wonder kids and you have to win something with them). Now the first two are easy to know how to win the
  4. I'm on iPad and there is no need to download anything from the servers. You update it and that's it. Is this an Android thing? Does it do this with other games?
  5. This has been posted in the Suggestions forum. Not going to happen as they say it's too difficult to put in Touch. It works on full FM.
  6. I'm playing as Ajax with Holland, England & Spain. I found lots of players to loan so it looks like a bug on your end.
  7. So I found 5 players manualy Caleta-Car (CB) Halilovic (RW) Pjaca (LW) Brekalo (LW) Coric (AM) They have more than 30 caps each and some nearly 75 but the search couldn't find them. However it's not just Croatia as I've taken over the French job and you can't find Mbappe on a search! Seriously he's one of the most well known players in the world and he doesn't come up in the National search!
  8. No worries. It’s an annoying thing to take out
  9. I'm playing Touch not full FM so don't think this info is on my version. But thanks for the reply. Played my first two games as manager and won them. But o have one LB and one RW. And the average age is like 31. One Wonderkid in the whole nation.
  10. Is anyone from FMdb going to bother answering this question or point me in the right direction?
  11. Do you have any affiliate teams? You can loan them to Spain for 2 years or Poland for 3 years for them to get a Work Permit and become an EU citizen.
  12. This is about a player gaining Croatian citizenship and becoming an EU citizen. I’ve read some posts saying it takes 2 years and others say 3. I have a Croatian feeder club and wanted to know how long they would need to play there. However it’s not to gain a Work Permit but as I’m Croatian National Manager I’m hoping to get them to play for me. The reason is I’ve got some quite decent young players who are doubtful to get called up by their own Nation before say 22/23 and I’m hoping I can call them up for Croatia once they gain citizenship. My current squad is old and the youngsters comi
  13. I’m playing Touch on my iPad Air 2 on 13.3.1 and only ever had one crash. My advice would be clear the switch then reboot device. Play the game and see if you have any crashes anymore.
  14. I just posted about not been able to find all Croatian players using the search in the National manager search. After manually looking I found around 10 that didn’t turn up in any search. Big ones who play for English clubs and German ones too. I was talking to someone a while back and they couldn’t find certain players using the search engine but could find them by putting their names in the search box where your name is. Big players like well known ones. Then suddenly in December they appeared.
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