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  1. As the title says really! For example, I have Haland up front, he’s averaged 25-30 a season over the last 3 years and his training rating is 8.9. his potential rating was 5 stars but he’s stuck on 3 now. Any Ideas why? thanks james
  2. Fair enough. I just think a small element of team talks would allow you to impact a match outcome. just lost a game I’d expect to win. Was losing at half time and couldn’t just say the performance was disappointing. Seems like such a fundamental feature to me.
  3. @Spikey, completely agree. On the full version, team talks and press conferences take up too much time. I just think a small element should be included so you can affect a match outcome outside of tactics. Could always have the option to auto-assign to assistant/switch off too? Think the following would be a good compromise? team talks: pre game and half time (with less options than full version) no post match or in-play shouts no player specific convos Press conferences: before and after big games only - limited to 2/3 questions? no transfer questions/random interview requests
  4. @KUBI, you have completely missed the point mate. My original post mentioned how I understand certain features are missing. Happy to sacrifice all other features dropped (speaking to media about transfer targets and upcoming games, holding team meetings, small data size, only being able to select three leagues etc) but team talks should be a must over some features included such as transfer deadline day and club vision...
  5. Hello all, first time playing FMT and it’s ace. However, the lack of team talks has really killed the buzz for me. How can you completely disregard the motivational aspects of football management? Really, team talks and press conferences should be an absolute must! appreciate some features need to be removed due to it being a mobile first game (number of leagues, data size, tactical and training depth etc.) but these are key aspects of football management not add ons. Much rather see these than ‘club vision’ and ‘transfer deadline day’. Could you not just add in pre, mid and post game team talks and reactions? Feels like you’re not able to affect a game at all. Cheers, James
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