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  1. 11 minutes ago, thisIStheway424diablo said:

    Used this one:



    Forgot to mention but it also had the best record in UCL. 3 losses only all season, just use Cautious vs good clubs AWAY and it should be fine.

    Thank you! I'm now testing PREACHIN BLUES 23221 (451) IF P106 with Benfica!

  2. 46 minutes ago, thisIStheway424diablo said:

    After 3 seasons at Sporting CP, I decided to see what Knap's tactics could achieve. Mostly Portuguese players + Esposito and Arezo.

    Pilgrimage 4132 - Almost perfect league record: IMGUR Album

    Madashatter4132p102 - Esposito gets 75 goals: IMGUR Album
    (be careful got 7-1'd by Lyon when playing away)

    424 IF version: IMGUR Album
    (Bragança went ham with 27 assists, Esposito got 66 goals)

    424 RMD version: IMGUR Album
    I think that I just don't have good enough players for the RMD players.

    DarksideofthemoonP106Salah75 goals: IMGUR Album



    Wich version of Pilgrimage 4132?

  3. 4 hours ago, knap said:

    FM 21.4 ME

    FIRE & WATER 41320 P102 ALL CUPS

    FM21.4Fire and Water41320P102ALLCUPS.fmf 45.61 kB · 26 downloads





    @knap in your opinion, wich strikeless tactic is the best version? I've been doing great with HGF 4330 107 playing with Benfica from Portugal, but would like to know your opinion about the best tactic for underdoog and sub-top teams is this new FM version. Thank you in advance :)

  4. 44 minutes ago, knap said:


    It is a rip off 99% of original tactic remains. There is a copt tactic on steam and he is asking for donations. There are a few more like that so I would not give them the time of day.

    All the tactics should be good on 21.3 but an update is expected.

    Actually I do not agree. The tactics stop working. For underdog teams the results are not stable anymore.

  5. 6 minutes ago, daniel.camponovo said:

    Also curious to hear how these updated defensive instructions work out! I started using Knap Tribute today and saw some good success early on, but have had to manipulate the match mentality more than I normally would based on home/away or strength of opponent due to having no true strikers, so I'm intrigued so far but would love it if these adjustments made it more reliable!

    Unforunately the same irregular results. At the begining I won like 9 games in a row but then... just terrible, even with this tips :(

  6. Hi Guys!

    I need to tell you that during this weekend I tried a lot of this tactics... and none of them consistent on the 20.4 version of the game.

    In FM18, I was champion of portuguese second division with Real Massama (Media prediction 19th) and in FM20 with 20.4 version I can not find some consistent tactic that give that kind of achievements.

    Do you have any input about this version of the game? Do you strongly recommend any tactic for underdog team?


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