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  1. While managing Liverpool in the Community Shield, the match goes to penalties. The game is played at Wembley and the pre penalties team talk gives me the below option.....
  2. Yep, it's a brand new save. Downloaded the beta, started with Liverpool and it was under the "introductory advice summary" from my assistant manager
  3. Am I reading this wrong or is it telling me that Virgil Van Dijk is at the club longer than Milner??
  4. Hi Guys, I'm selling one of my players and rejected the offer made. In FM18, i'd be given a list of options such as "offer is too low" but this time round i'm just give the likes of: !: reject all offers. 2: reject all offers of a lower value. 3: reject all offers of a lower value but accept offers of a higher value i'm just curious if this is just down to it being the beta or whether its a bug? Cheers.
  5. Back in the CM days, there was a Saudi Arabian left back, Sualamaini (I think that's the spelling) he was amazing in the game
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