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  1. I'm in my 5th season and Mignolet has said he wants a new challenge, so I need a new "backup" keeper. I have a regen in goal at the moment who is very good, even at the age of 19. Any suggestions to a decent backup?
  2. I did, he complained like hell, so I sacked him :-) Wasn't a very good player hopefully he will now know the error of his ways
  3. Not seen this before, I have seen absent from training but not because a player has been out on the ****
  4. Rowdy West, my regen goalkeeper, is now keeping Mign out of the team and has just gotten his first international cap
  5. Just starting my 5th season. Had quite a successful career so far, going for the Euro super cup and World Club Cup this season. Transfers so far this season With possibly two more players a regen and Afonso Sousa another Portuguese player. He will be my 5th.
  6. I have to say, I'm not sure I understand why this player is complaining. He's saying that there is a lack of depth in attack, but if I were to buy other players that could potentially take his place, then he'd be complaining about not playing, talk about wanting your cake and eating it! I could understand if there was too much competition for places.
  7. So just finished 4th season and won the league and Champions League, expecting a nice transfer kitty for the coming season. I get £60m! That doesn't even buy you one world class player now.
  8. In this instance no, its due to having played a couple of international games
  9. What do you guys do when a player wants an improved contract just one year after signing a new contract? I've had it happen a few times quite recently, normally I just say no as they have 3/4 years to run on the current contract.
  10. Coming to the end of my 4th season and you could say that LFC and Spurs are dominating. We played each other in the League Cup final, LFC won. We have each other in the FA Cup Final, LFC are 1st and Spurs are 2nd in league, and we are both in the SF of Champions League, and could potentially play each other in the Final of that too :-)
  11. One of the things that is quite frustrating is the number of goals from crosses. Where the ball is floated into the near post and the attacker gets in front of the defender, now I have this happen for and against me, but it just seems to happen far too often that the defender is just casually walking back and the attacker nips in front and 9 times out of 10 scores a goal. Has anyone else noticed this?
  12. In my game PSG have just bought Riechedly Bazoer for £101m from Man City!
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