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  1. I Found Ajax, Sampdoria(again), Aves(again), Liege tycoon if someone interested in I can upload all start from 2020.jun.27
  2. "yes there is, if the click on the club name, go to the History tab and click Landmarks. If the club has had a takeover you'll see it listed here and the type of takeover is in brackets. Let us know if you end up finding any in your search."
  3. mine organic, didnt used editor, you just have to simulate a lot. I did. but I stopped
  4. Yes its good but when its comes to simulation to find tycoon you want reduce as many as you can.
  5. 5 major leagues with atleast second division Dutch+portugal 1-2 Poland,Bulgaria and Czech the others, but I think because of the starting date (june 27 where every save started, I think its very close to the date where you can change it.
  6. Tycoon pack3 Teams: Italy:Recenatese (C) England: Preston 2nd league Stoke 2nd league Bulgaria: Dunav Ruse 1st league got relegation France: Paris F.C Ligue 2 2023 Guingamp Ligue 1 2023 download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/zz4vm3d8yb3oyri/tycoonpack3.rar/file
  7. Tycoon Pack2 is here! Lot of Italian teams again. Italy: Crotone (B) Livorno Südtirol (C) Spezia Poland:Chojniczanka Chojnice (2nd league) Spain:Almeria (2nd league) download link:https://www.mediafire.com/file/hyhkypduh5fz2jx/Tycoon_pack2.rar/file
  8. I will upload 5+1 tycoon packs. Sadly I started a save with Zwolle and Pardubice and I overwrited the original file without backup save, but it wont happen again. The first tycoon pack will contain 2french,3italian and 1portugese team. Some save need further league update which included in the pack (lower leagues) Teams: Rennes: Ligue1 Us.Avranches:National (3rd league) Sassaulo:Serie A Udinese:Serie A Sampdoria:Serie A Aves:Portugese premier legue I'm only searching in these countries: Bulgaria,Czech,France,Germany,Italy,Netherland,Poland,Portugal,Spain download link:https://www.mediafire.com/file/x6yzleuppxf17s1/Tycoon_pack1.rar/file
  9. Wont keep this one because Milan included in the fmscout tycoon pack
  10. Another one btw I dont use Ingersoll method I just simply start as unemployer simulate 2 year sometimes +1 and check the owners. Maybe I'm very lucky but I got 3 and with 7 try which pretty good probably I'm still looking for Polish,German,France,Bulgarian tycoon
  11. Got another one, Pardubice Czech First Division if someone interested in I can upload the file.
  12. Just found an Aves Portugese Premier League Tycoon. 17mil transfer budget Start from 2021 Jun 27. I use latest fmpro transfer update. Nothing edited. http://www.mediafire.com/file/39y8z64zvph19ir/R%C3%B3zsai_G%C3%A1sp%C3%A1r_-_Unemployed.fm/file
  13. I try this Murcia save thank you. I looking for Portugese/Dutch/Polish takeover. Also I would like to ask leagues where chairman changed by elections could happen tycoon takeover?
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