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  1. Apologies if this has been raised before (and I just couldn't find!) It would be cool to see your head to head record against other managers - I know you can do Team vs Team, but it would be fun to see a direct record against another manager over time. Maybe this could be incorporated into the manager history tab?
  2. LOVE this thread!!! I’ve always found Serie A 80s-90s the most interesting period so will be amazing to see a few examples (Lippi's Juve with Zidane in the diamond also really cool) Will be watching closely as I’ve never been able to work out tactics in FM
  3. Echo this, and this version is even better! Had one question regarding endurance vs sprinters in midfield - I didn’t totally understand where you’d use one rather than the other. Is it the case that endurance tends to work better for possession (as in your example) or can sprinters work depending on your setup (I guess you’d need runners from deep...?) Basically, is it always preferable to have both, or do certain styles prefer one or the other? Hope that’s not too confusing a question (and thanks again!)
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