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  1. Currently in FM2020, when you go to the Schedule screen, it starts at the top. It would make more sense to it to focus on the next or last game played.
  2. New features take longer than 6 months to make, you know. Try making a FM 2022 wishlist instead.
  3. For example, here we have a typical contract negotiation screen, I used a staff member cause it was more accessible: First of all - why is the current/previous/existing switch on a dropdown now? It used to be three immediately accessible buttons, it's still like that in transfer offers, someone put effort in to make me click twice as many times in FM2020. Please revert, 90% of my screen is unused there, we don't need to squeeze. Ideally though, I want to see my previous offer and the existing contract at the same time while I'm negotiating the next offer. There is more t
  4. I think this screen could use the same template as the Loan Report, which displays data right in the inbox.
  5. You know, these tips? The reality is that if you have time to read them, your machine is probably too slow for the game. Instead, there could be a "tip of the day" box that opens every time you load the save, or a "tip of the week" (in-game week) for those people who never even turn their machine off. It's annoying that there is a lot of useful knowledge that someone put time into writing down and we can't really access it.
  6. I think the BWM does that, at least while defending.
  7. I think it would be too hard - it would have to handle all possible names of all newgens in the database, in all languages. So a huge database plus a massive testing effort for the studio. I mean, half of the UK can't even pronounce "jalapeno" correctly.
  8. Sorry, I haven't explained that well enough, edited the original post now. And sure, there has to be some mathematical ceiling to how good a player can be, but now it's separate from their personality and IMO unrealistic. You have youngsters with perfect personalities capping off at 140 at the age of 21 (Trent Alexander-Arnold in earlier versions, for example) because RNG says so, nothing you can do about it. Similarly you will have people with 190 PA capping off at 110 and there is nothing you can do about that either, because you can't coach their personality. On the other hand youngste
  9. Head Physio, seven Physios, Head of Sports Science, four Sports Scientists and they have to be told to put a guy on rehab after 3 months off? This isn't fun, interesting, or realistic, only artificial busywork, especially since I can set training intensity to change automatically depending on their condition. The game should just automatically suspend all individual training until the player fully recovers.
  10. The current development system, if I understand it correctly, goes generally like this: A player is spawned with a Current Ability, Potential Ability, and a bunch of mental attributes that affect their development speed At set intervals the change to the Current Ability is calculated. It depends on their playing time, league level, presumably happiness, training, training quality, mental attributes and age. Points are added to Current Ability and distributed proportionally in some form across their specific attributes, presumably depending on their natural position, or just s
  11. Yeah I thought there is probably a skin like that when I noticed the tag on the side. How is it called?
  12. This is fairly self-explanatory. Hands up whoever never missed an important message in the sea of random news? One time, I missed a message about my player leaving - another club just paid his release clause so it didn't require a reply and I just noticed a week later that he's gone. Had to reload back to the start of the transfer window and give him a new contract. I'm sure everyone can come up with a bunch of ideas on how to improve the inbox - after all, we all have email accounts - but here's a little mockup, with messages colour-coded: Hilariously enough, this feature is a
  13. This is less of a concrete feature and more of a "can someone take a good look at this". Some information is better presented in the form of numbers, especially if you're supposed to compare them. It is a big issue both at the start at the game (harder to figure it out) and later on (repetitive text, mentally exhausting), because it makes information way harder to parse and for non-native English speakers (like myself) it can just be unclear what it means. This is the best example: Is "plenty of promise" worse or better than "caught the eye"? Is "not up to scratch" worse
  14. When you change position roles in the tactics screen, it impacts the team's fluidity. However when you switch personalised roles it has zero impact. This results in the overall tactical freedom not matching the roles you have selected for your current line-up, and therefore the tactical familiarity going down. I have seen this behaviour at least since FM 2017 now. Steps to reproduce: 1. Set up a new tactic, best from a template. 2. Fill all positions in the tactic. 3. Change roles for positions, NOT personalised and watch the fluidity change. Remember/write
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