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  1. The screenshot should explain everything - I want to promote the guy without a new contract and he's upset. I've uploaded a savegame named united-decreasing-upset.fm and the player in question is Lucas Weatherby. Note that he's played a fair number of games this season, so that might be affecting his perception (even though "actual playing time" is recognised as "backup").
  2. I beat Liverpool to take the lead in the 35th match of the season, but the news somehow picks the first match of the league season against Brighton, who finished 11th or something. I have a save immediately after the title win, but not before, should I upload it anyway?
  3. In every version I've played, when you go to "Stats - player overview" of a league, you see this: The top goalscorers category is highlighted by default, but the panel that's supposed to display it is set to Appearances instead. The panel behaves normally when you cycle through another category and come back to top goalscorers. No similar bug is present in team stats.
  4. Currently in FM2020, when you go to the Schedule screen, it starts at the top. It would make more sense to it to focus on the next or last game played.
  5. New features take longer than 6 months to make, you know. Try making a FM 2022 wishlist instead.
  6. Thanks, and sorry if I missed an existing topic! This isn't limited to this particular dialog, I've noticed a bunch of them closing abruptly like that, this one for example:
  7. In this "recent matches analysis" here: When I click on "Weak influence", it will tell me that Hannibal Mejbri participated in only 1 goal attempt out of 134. But he has played a whopping 53 minutes + ET over those last five games, so I'm guessing the total number of stats is taken regardless of whether he was actually on the pitch during that time. I have uploaded a save named united-weak-influence-from-sub.fm where it should reproduce.
  8. For example, here we have a typical contract negotiation screen, I used a staff member cause it was more accessible: First of all - why is the current/previous/existing switch on a dropdown now? It used to be three immediately accessible buttons, it's still like that in transfer offers, someone put effort in to make me click twice as many times in FM2020. Please revert, 90% of my screen is unused there, we don't need to squeeze. Ideally though, I want to see my previous offer and the existing contract at the same time while I'm negotiating the next offer. There is more t
  9. I think this screen could use the same template as the Loan Report, which displays data right in the inbox.
  10. @Rob Heckman I'm just into my summer break, so probably, though not sure if I can get both cases - do you want a before any transfer confirmation, or an after? If I were to risk a guess I'd say it the fan reaction might show only for transfers agreed before a window opens, and that would also include pre-contract signings of players with expiring contracts (like McTominay above). I don't have any outgoing transfers like that on my save currently. What I do have is a bunch of immediate sales (i.e. netogiated during the window) and none of them show fan reaction in the confirmation email.
  11. I took the first screenshot after manually changing stuff around on that screen. I want it to immediately display progress for a specific attribute after I click it in the profile. On top of that, since I posted this, now clicking on an attribute in the profile screen takes you to the "Progress" tab (top left of both screenshots). So not even any attribute progress, just general ability. This was working as intended in the demo, and now it's been broken in two separate ways.
  12. I've got a new repro! Uploaded a pair of savegames, in file united-captain-bug.7z The "after" save should, in the Squad screen, display a suggestion to make Ruben Dias captain instead of Pogba due to longer time spent at club. The "before" is a few days earlier but hopefully should trigger the same advice eventually.
  13. You know, these tips? The reality is that if you have time to read them, your machine is probably too slow for the game. Instead, there could be a "tip of the day" box that opens every time you load the save, or a "tip of the week" (in-game week) for those people who never even turn their machine off. It's annoying that there is a lot of useful knowledge that someone put time into writing down and we can't really access it.
  14. Best to just look at the video. First, I hover over the name link so that I get both the hand cursor and the underline. Then I hover a bit higher, getting only the hand cursor, and no underline - and a left click closes the news window. This is a 100% repro. clickbug.mp4
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