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  1. Sometimes, when you sell a player, you see this: And sometimes you only see this: This is either a bug or someone's intentional, convoluted set of rules (i.e. by design, but bad design). Shouldn't the fan reaction just always appear? It's available in the Club Vision screen, but I'd rather not have to go digging 90% of the time.
  2. I uploaded two save files, one before (you have to play through the CL final first) and one after, the filename is "games.7z"
  3. Yeah I thought there is probably a skin like that when I noticed the tag on the side. How is it called?
  4. This is fairly self-explanatory. Hands up whoever never missed an important message in the sea of random news? One time, I missed a message about my player leaving - another club just paid his release clause so it didn't require a reply and I just noticed a week later that he's gone. Had to reload back to the start of the transfer window and give him a new contract. I'm sure everyone can come up with a bunch of ideas on how to improve the inbox - after all, we all have email accounts - but here's a little mockup, with messages colour-coded: Hilariously enough, this feature is almost done already - messages are colour-coded and categorised, only display the tag in the opposite corner, once they're opened. It's so pointless it's almost funny. This tag icon could be reused along with its colour in the list view - as long as it's noticeable. Another nice feature would be to be able to select messages which always prevent me from continuing the game until I've read them and clicked "accept" - sort of like an immediate-response scenario, except without a choice. Good examples would include a board takeover notification, a player having their release clause paid, a player leaving on free transfer, and other dramatic developments you normally don't have an input on but might want to react immediately to.
  5. This is less of a concrete feature and more of a "can someone take a good look at this". Some information is better presented in the form of numbers, especially if you're supposed to compare them. It is a big issue both at the start at the game (harder to figure it out) and later on (repetitive text, mentally exhausting), because it makes information way harder to parse and for non-native English speakers (like myself) it can just be unclear what it means. This is the best example: Is "plenty of promise" worse or better than "caught the eye"? Is "not up to scratch" worse or better than "of poor quality"? I hope "top prospect" is a world-class player (speaking of which, is "world-class" better than "elite" or "leading Premier Division player"?) but maybe "caught the eye" is better? How is "do not look like great prospects" quantifiable? Actually, why do I need to know how bad are the bad ones in comparison to each other? Are these sorted by quality? If they are sorted by quality, why do I need to know about one random guy's hometown? Now, I still need to read ~10 lines of text to get some information out of it, and that information is unreliable (by design) anyway. Too much mental work and I would rather just wait for the intake day. It would be nicer to have some sort of UI layout for this. I think a formation screen with some 0-5 star ratings and additional info on quantity would be the easiest to look at. I understand that the game needs flavour text to feel "alive", but at the end of the day it's about effectively consuming information and making decisions. After 20 hours, stuff like this becomes noise and just tires the reader. I've seen this approach change in some screens, like club vision/expectation - that screen has less text and more bars, and that's great! Let's have more please. It would be nice to see a stronger readability effort in the coming releases.
  6. Ah, sorry - didn't have notifications turned on and my save rolled over since... should have kept a backup. Will do next time! Also this is the first time I've ever seen this advice bug in FM, so hopefully it's very low repro.
  7. I bought Bruno Fernandes for United in the first transfer window, so maybe "time at club" is counted from the career start? Still doesn't make much sense as Pogba was there from day 1.
  8. Just meant to post that - I think you mean that the level of knowledge is always displayed as 0 in the list view. See this list: The player selected cannot be scouted further because knowledge is at 100%, like the report proves:
  9. Interestingly, I now cannot select any physical additional focus in individual training, maybe it's related: This is for all players and they are not injured or away. edit: just realised physical attributes are also listed under "attributes", so that's double wrong
  10. This is best explained with screenshots. When you take a dockable widget and line it up to the top bound of the match screen, you see a preview of the docker panel: Note that one docker pin will give you a narrower docker like above (purple outline), while the other pin will preview a wide docker: However, regardless of which you pick, you are left with an overlapping full-width top docker: And when pinned, it expands at full-width as well: I feel like the intention here was to give players an option to have a narrower docker, yet it does not work. It would be a neat little feature since I have only a couple widgets on the top and I don't want them pinned.
  11. When you click an attribute in a player's profile, you expect to see a graph for that specific attribute. Now, if you click an attribute, you are taken to a graph with a player's key role attributes selected. This has worked well in previous versions until 2019 and, for some reason, the FM 2020 Steam demo. So, for example, when I click on the Determination attribute in a profile, I expect to see this: Instead, I see this:
  12. When you change position roles in the tactics screen, it impacts the team's fluidity. However when you switch personalised roles it has zero impact. This results in the overall tactical freedom not matching the roles you have selected for your current line-up, and therefore the tactical familiarity going down. I have seen this behaviour at least since FM 2017 now. Steps to reproduce: 1. Set up a new tactic, best from a template. 2. Fill all positions in the tactic. 3. Change roles for positions, NOT personalised and watch the fluidity change. Remember/write down which roles you set. 4. Set up a new identical tactic. 5. Fill all positions in the tactic. 6. Change roles for positions, this time personalised. Use the same roles as before, just personalised for each player. Expected: Fluidity should change. Observed: Fluidity remains the same as it was for the preset tactic. Screenshot comparison below, the entire team has personalised roles on the left, no personalised roles on the right (I made them all Support to maximise fluidity):
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