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  1. Thanks! good to see that you have stuck with the save, its really rewarding when you achieve something after years of struggling. That stadium sounds amazing.
  2. Thankfully they are only expecting me to fight bravely against relegation.
  3. Quick update, managed to get promotion with Bolton! Been given an £80k wage budget and £0 transfer budget. Looks like a long hard season. In terms of finances the chairman took out another loan to get us back to 0 balance so we arent 7-8 Million in the red, but unless we do something miraculous in the Championship we are just going to fall back into debt again, my only hope is that I can reach 2026 still in the job because in 2026 the main loan that takes 500k a month from the club is paid up.
  4. Sold the Holding clause in my first season and Murphy left at the end of season 1. i'm now half way through season 3 so that money has long gone.
  5. Tried that, every time I ask my useless board keep saying they cant find any suitable clubs.
  6. Hi guys, i'm looking for some help with my Bolton save. I'm currently in my 3rd season and we are still in League 1. The club is losing an insane amount of money due to debts re-payments to the new chairman it's around £700,000 a month and the balance is deep in the red at around 6.5million, despite this the board expected us to gain promotion to the Championship even after slashing the wage budget massively in pre-season and me having to sell my 2 best players to get within budget. The problem is that they have slashed the wage budget AGAIN from £65k a week down to £45k a week at the start of January, and we are now 10k over the wage budget. We currently sit 3rd in the League but its incredibly tight so one result either way sees us jump to 1st or drop down to 7th. My first question is - If we dont get promoted and I manage to stay in the job will the board still demand promotion even though the financial state of the club is getting worse and worse or is the game smart enough to realise the issues and they wont be so demanding? (I'm sure I read you can negotiate the demands but I've never been able to) Also is it normal for Premier League teams to no longer let young players go on loan for 0 wages like in previous FM's? Almost all clubs now demand wages to be paid and we simply cant afford it.
  7. Sorry I understand that, what I meant what is there any roles that are optimal for a lone striker? I was thinking of trying an Advanced Forward but I'm worried he will be isolated. The 2 strikers are all rounders in terms of stats so I could try most roles to be honest exept Target man and False 9. I'm kind of hoping to have the tactic nailed down and have the best roles ready to hit the ground running, the board want promotion and with the squad and 0 budget I can't get off to a bad start, I would be gutted if I got sacked.
  8. So thanks to the advice in here I managed to sneak into the play offs! We lost against MK dons in the semi finals but getting to the play offs with the squad I have was a massive over achievement, however the board have drastically cut my wage budget and are wanting promotion this season I'm trying to play the save as realistic as possible so I don't want to just go out and get 5 premier League youngsters on loan and walk the league. Could anyone recommend the best striker role for my formation? I've bounced between Complete Forward (S), Pressing forward (A) and Deep lying forward (S). I feel that the Deep lying forward has probably worked the best but my strikers are still struggling for goals, is there a go to role any of you guys use when playing 1 up top? Someone mentioned using a trequiesta but I don't have the players for that.
  9. Just a quick update, made some changes based on advice in this thread and just won my first game in 7! We beat Peterborough 3-1 away
  10. Thanks man, I'll take a look at if this would fit with the players I have @permanentquandary
  11. Thanks @Experienced Defender really appreciate the guidance so far, if you wouldn't mind sharing some tips regarding penetration of the opposition that would be great. I will drop the high tempo and go standard for now.
  12. Apologies, I didnt mention mentality in my opening post @Experienced Defender, I play Positive at home and balanced away. I did try putting the RM on attack and the left back on wingback support for 4 games last night per @sidslayer advice (thanks for that) I didnt notice an immediate difference but I understand 4 games isnt long enough.
  13. Awesome thanks for that, would you put the LM and RM on attack maybe or would that be a bit too much? I was looking at putting the complete forward on attack but feel he will be too isolated.
  14. Morning chaps, I have created a very solid 4-1-4-1 tactic with my Bolton team but I am really struggling with creating clear-cut chances and therefore scoring goals. I am doing okay in the league because the defence is solid, we keep many clean sheets and we do end up with the majority of possession but end up doing not very much with it. I am unsure if the reason we do not score many is due to the tactic itself or the quality of my players. I have several young players in my starting 11 they have an average of 3 star current ability and some decent signings, but my best player is probably Ali Crawford at CM (A) and he's 4 star rated, I suspect it’s a bit of both but would love some advice if you guys can help. I set up with the following; GK - Defend - RB - Full back on - Automatic CB - Central Defender on - D CB - Central Defender on - D LB - Full back on - Automatic - DM - Defensive Midfielder on - Defend - RM - Winger on - Support CM - Box to Box - Support CM - Centre Midfielder - Attack LM - Winger - Support - ST - Complete Forward - Support - In terms of instructions I have kept it very simple and have only a few, apologies I’m not at home to check but I’m sure I have the following; In Possession (Play out of defence, high tempo) In Transition (Regroup, Counter and distribute to full backs) Out of possession, (Narrow defence and urgent press) Is there anything that immediately jumps out at anyone as to why we might be creating hardly any chances in most games? We regularly go 3-4 games without scoring. Or could it just be due to the quality of my team? Thanks in advance for any advice/help you can provide.
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