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  1. I think i uploaded files, those names - Zygimsntasautosave.cfg, Zygimsntasgame.cfg, Zygimsntashelp_data 2.dat, Zygimsntashelp_data.dat, Zygimsntashidden.dat, Zygimsntashidden2.dat
  2. Hi, the problem is that i try to sell this player in winter transfer window, but i chose a optional leave my club at the end of season, season 19/20 is end, and now starts new season 20/21, and sorry i dont have a save before i try to sell this player.
  3. I try to sell my team player - Felipe Anderson (West Ham), Real Madrid is try to buy my player, spain and england tranfer window is open, but Felipe Anderson is still in my team, this is bug or something else? Phone: Iphone 8
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