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  1. It's like this every year, but seems even harder this year. I have Julian Brant, now 29, worth £61m apparently. Can't give him away. Best I could do was get Stoke to offer £10m. How is value worked out if no one will even consider it. He's been transfer listed all summer window, tried offering everything from £0-£80m. Not one half decent bid. Only Stoke and (now mid-table) Arsenal interested. It seems the only time you can sell someone is if another club actually starts with an offer. If you want to sell someone, even those who would be the best player at many clubs, at a reasonable fee, no one is interested. I also have 3 21-year old wonderkids that I cant get anyone to loan, even for 0% of wages.
  2. I haven't tried windowed mode, will try that and see how I get on. Feel like I had exactly the same problem last year with FM17, but can't remember exactly.
  3. I can't recall doing anything specifically, but I do tab out of the game quite a bit.
  4. Actually, it was my idea (as the OP) and he was being helpful. It's not cheating. The sacking was clearly a bug. There are plenty of bugs I am happy to suck and see, but this one? I play with 1 team, every release, for the whole year for like 20-30 seasons. That's how I play FM. So to be sacked (by a bug after 147 hours of play time) is pretty damn crucial to the way I play the game. If I have to use the editor to iron out a bug then so be it, what is the difference between me doing that and SI doing it? Oh, and when you have been working hard for months, and have a long week off where you can play your favourite game over the holiday period in your pants any time of the day, that does ruin Christmas a bit for me. It's the only game I play, it's the best game of all time... and now my game is unplayable. Surely if you are here in the first place you must understand that? Anyway, what can be worse in FM than being unfairly sacked after winning the league? That is the ultimate bug - does it get any worse? I wouldn't mind but I can't play the game.
  5. Actually, after this season it would be fine, as 5 or 6 of my youth signings will be homegrown and I can clear out my first team a bit and play them. It's more the foreign first team players that are the issue, you won't do that well using your academy players if you want success, not at the start of the game. I have been caught in that 3-4 season period where you have to manage before I can start finding the youth gems. Even then, I have 3 19/20 year old top prospects playing in my first team regularly, is that not enough? And the way my Brexit works is that everyone gets a work permit no matter what but you can only have 17 foreign players. Once they are homegrown this isn't a problem. This years Brexit (FM18) was much worse than last years (FM17), how was I to know?
  6. Bit late now unfortunately. I only have about 2 weeks and nothing works even playing the young players I have at my disposal. Plus with Brexit I can't even play the youth players I have, it would have to be academy players. And then I would likely start doing badly and lost the progress I had made in the league. Double edged sword that one.
  7. Yea I use 2 rolling saves, but I feel like I would need to go back and do the whole season again in this case? Or if it is a bug then I might have no chance any way.
  8. Thanks. Might have to resort to this over Xmas, as this is my prime playing period.
  9. Does anyone think if I buy and use the in game editor this is something I can bypass? Is there any way to edit the Chairman or affect some part of the game to stop this happening?
  10. Exactly. If there was any mention of it, I can't recall, so might have been 1 thing in my inbox, but that isn't serious enough to warrant the sack. Had it been an agreed philosophy I can understand, but there is literally no reason for this at all, it makes no sense. Must be a bug.
  11. Of course I could have brought through some more youth players, but they aren't good enough for the level I have taken the team, or probably not good enough for average prem level had I not elevated them. West Ham don't have many great prospects these days, Reece Oxford is meant to be potentially top class IRL, but is only a 3 star centre back at best on the game. I only have a save from 2 weeks or so before I get sacked, nothing can change the event. I have got 2 regens who could be very good, but I'm only 3 seasons in, they are 18, and on loan. Not much I can do there. My board did not request I use youth, no philosophy was ever agreed, no warning, no statements, nothing. They have fired me on a demand that was not stated until after I was sacked - regardless of winning the league. That's a bug as far as I am concerned.
  12. After a few years, this is what I do too. The only thing I can think of is that I do have a few good young players in my u23s that I can't play yet until they are homegrown, due to the Brexit rule. I signed all these players based on the previous rules (u21s can play in the Prem and don't need to be registered) but the new stupid Brexit rule means I have to register 25 players and only homegrown u21s can play. So I have 10 or so young players who can't play until next season at the earliest for a few of them. So I am punished for the rules which obviously can't be taken into account by a computer programme.
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