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  1. Judging by the stories I've heard from Q-School and drinking, it's even more bull!
  2. Alan's a good friend of mine. Tremendously talented player - been the Scotland national captain for a number of years now. Works as a firefighter up in Scotland, so darts was very much a local thing for him. He only went to events when he fancied a holiday or a drink with his mates. Now he's being backed by two other mates of mine at the Big 5 Sports Management group, he's going to give it a full time shot and he's showing what he's capable of. Very pleased for him.
  3. Didn't quite get all the way through but pretty sure he can't be overtaken on the OOM table, so should be through to the final stage. He's playing very well, which is a good sign. Longer the day goes I worry about his stamina but the OOM is likely to be his friend there as well.
  4. Pretty sure 4 wins over the three days will be enough on the OOM, so Barney looks in good shape.
  5. Got sent a picture of Kyle over the weekend by a mate down in Oz, poor bloke not looking the best. Think the virus really did hit him hard.
  6. Gawlas is a quality operator. Still young but got the game to go far and will be a threat when he comes back at the weekend for the final stage.
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