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  1. I loaded all top division South American players in my save and it's just as uneven. Maybe it's better if you load the leagues.
  2. That's a shame, man. I was looking forward to reading about this tactic. No backups?
  3. That's a very interesting tactic. Are you using something else in away matches?
  4. 2034 season preview We have four competitions this year. This is what I want to accomplish. Campeonato Paranaense: Winning this thing would be great and it's possible this year. Paraná are still a top-tier side like us but they got 11 points from the last 24 matches last season. They're still managed by Lautaro Villares. I don't know if they're the unstoppable team they were in the first 6 months or the one that got 0.46 points per game. Athletico were relegated so they should be having a firesale but have not gotten rid of any of their best players yet. I don't quite know how good they'll be this year. I'll try to unsettle midfield linchpin Terra (who is a Coxa product and has me as favored personnel) but there's no way we can afford him. Copa do Brasil: 4th round is very attainable this year. We're playing Série C's Ferroviario (CE), possibly followed by Sao Jose (RS) and yet another derby with Athletico Parananese. These are all teams we should beat. Série A: Staying up is the only thing that matters. Copa Sudamericana: We got drawn with Chile's Audax Italiano in the first round. Can we beat them? Probably. Does it matter? Not really. Jurandir This is the second testimonial I've played in 15 seasons this save. The first one was for Paraguayan winger Angel Romero, who I let walk on a free after my first season at Corinthians. This one is for Jurandir, who I've actually played with and has been an important player for Coritiba so it was a match I took somewhat seriously. We won it thanks to Albanaz scoring from a corner early on. It was a boring match, but we played well. I've mentioned being in awe of Jurandir sticking around for 14 years. He didn't become a starter until I took over, and he might not even have been that if we didn't have to sell Vinicius Lele Rinaldi. However, this late career renassaince has inspired me to move towards a short passing possession based style, which might define this club for as long as I'm here. He has one or two seasons left in Coritiba before I have to make room for younger strikers but his combination of aerial prowess is rare to find or develop and will be sorely missed when he's gone. Outgoing transfers Saudi club Al-Taawoun must be huge Coxa fans since they just signed three players from us. Ataliba and Andrelino could help us, but I felt they were overpriced, so cashing in on them made perfect sense. Pedro Henrique isa hard-working attacking midfielder which I liked a lot in Série B but not good enough for Série A. 28-year-old striker Bismarck isn't that much better than Erielton or Cleomar at this point, so we had to cash in before his value declined. Him leaving to a side that doesn't play in either of our leagues is good. I am quite happy with the loans. GK José Carlos will be a starter in second tier side Jacobina. Vinicius Henrique and Ziquinha are loaned out to the same clubs as last year, where they featured heavily. And none of the other loans are to non-league sides. Other than José Carlos, I think Vinicius is the only one of the loanees who can make the first team next year. He's a weird case since he doesn't integrate into the core group, which might indicate poor professionalism. No incoming transfers this year! Squad This is my squad this year. I'm keeping to the 22-man squad, since we are allowed 12 subs every match. As always, I expect bigger clubs to unsettle some of our players but this is a starting point. If we sell, we can bring in more youth depending on the position. It's an average group personality-wise but it's also a very young squad. We had the youngest squad last year at 22.05 years old early in the season last year. We've actually gotten a year younger, with an average age of 21.15. These are the 5 players who have been promoted. Most of them are defensive players since we let Fabio, Ataliba and Andrelino go. Signed on a free from Londrina by my DoF in 2031. He made 13 appearances that year and spent the last two years on loan, he had one poor year at Jacobina before dropping to Série D's Brasiliense where he was one of their most important players. He contributed with 7 assists as they won the state league and almost got promoted to Série C, losing the quarter-finals in penalties. Leitao's main job will be as a DC or DM who can is a better passer than our starters. He can also be the BWM in the 5-3-2. Our staff doesn't think he can reach the CA of a Série A player but I quite like his attributes already. I poached Paulo André from Mirassol. He made noises about playing time last year, so he spent 6 months with Botafogo (SP). He was apparently incredible as he got 11 assists in 16 matches in Série D and Copa Paulista. He's probably best used as a full-back/wing-back with his speed. A massive striker and a Coritiba product through and through. Marcos Antonio doesn't have Jurandir's passing nous but he can fill in on that target man role because he's just a beast physically. Here's Mamute, who had a 2.5 PA on intake day for a Série C club. I've grown attached to him because of his incredible development, but he just doesn't have a clear position to me. He's not good enough to make up for his lack of height at centre-back and his technicals are very poor for a full-back. Not to mention that he can't be our only back-up for Pacheco because he can't play WBR yet in the 5-3-2. Perhaps the easiest path would be getting him to improve his passing and playing him as half-back? But then we aren't taking full advantage of his pace, his best attribute. For now, he'll just be a back-up option in all of these positions but I don't know if he can ever be a starter. Poached from Juventude last year, Luiz Fernando is another DM/CM option. He can play centre-back but he's much shorter than Mamute so I don't think he's really an option there. He's also a good set-piece taker, which can free up Vaggione (who has better set-piece attributes but is also 190 cm tall) to chase down a header in corners and indirect-free kicks. Great mental and physical attributes, with anticipation being the sole weakness of those. Passing, first touch, technique and marking could all be worked on, but the good thing is all of these can be improved with individual focuses. I will continue to poach cheap high determination players with high PA. I've made 6 such signings in the previous two years and 3 of them are already on the first team (Marcelo Gaúcho, Luiz Fernando and Paulo André). I also don't think any of our intake players has been "blocked" from being promoted by them, so this is working perfectly so far. We have four players from the '31 and '32 intakes in the first team. I'm searching through Uruguay with my filter for the first time this month, and will move on to Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná, Sao Paulo state and Mato Grosso do Sul afterwards. Since we don't have to make senior signings this year, I can just spend more money on scouting.
  5. To be fair, if Ronaldo was 20 years younger he probably would've spent some time in the loan army.
  6. Was it Joao Francisco pulling the strings in the final?
  7. I rejected this, but it's the first interview offer I've gotten in a while. I assume that with the Corinthians stint and the World Cup, the rep of my profile is too high for most clubs. I don't know if going to non-league clubs lowers your rep but you'd think more people would try to interview me. I would reject most if not all of them but I just want to be asked! This is from my 2nd Série A season at Caxias. I assumed we would get something like this but... This is a pittance. We spent R$14 M in facility upgrades and R$7M in transfers last year, I was assuming we could get a pile of TV money if we stayed up. We're now R$9M in the red. Our total income last year was 70 million, higher than Caxias that year mainly due to our larger stadium and following. The facilities page says we're planning on building a new stadium even though ours is in good condition and we have no money. Brazilian boards in this save love building new stadiums, which is very unrealistic. We have this TV deal listed as R$6M, I think that's the Brasileirao TV rights money we are getting. It was signed 3 years ago. That would mean it was signed after Coritiba's relegation to Série C, at the club's lowest point. Now, I think if we survive this year we could get a much bigger deal but I shouldn't plan like that's a certainty. We have this other TV deal which I suppose could be because of continental competition? R$12M is pretty good for us. The good thing is I think we can get by without incoming (senior) transfers. We have a lot of promising youth at the club, which I've mentioned before. Between graduates from the '30 and '31 intakes and a few youth players I've poached from elsewhere, we have a lot of people in the cusp of breaking into the first team. We might get stuck in a relegation battle this year without strengthening our backline but the board and media still expect us to go down. So no one will be upset when we finish 20th and we'll have a bunch of decently-valued youngsters to sell off when we get to Série B. It's a win-win-win (?).
  8. 2033 Série A We rescued two points from the first three matches where I alternated between our two tactics. After that we had the fantastic win over Inter which mathematically secured staying up. I played all our promising youngsters in the diamond formation at Bahia. It was a disaster as we lost 1-5, but that match did see a goal from Vaggione. I repeated a similar starting XI in the same tactic against Vitoria, and we got our biggest win of the Brasileirao season. It was some of our best football. After that, we secured Sudamericana football next year, so I was just looking forward to the derby. It was our first and only derby at Couto Pereira this year, and it went as well as it could have. Athletico were already relegated but winning this one was important to me. Vaggione opened the scoring thanks to a pass from Cleomar inside the box 7 minutes in. He doubled the lead with a free kick from the edge of the box in the 64th minute. While Vaggione struggled at times, he's scored 5 goals in the last 6 matches and I think it's safe to say that he's on the right path to lead this team. Late in the game, I brought in veteran right-back Fabio, listed as club icon after 7 years at the club and 230 league matches. This was his last match in the club since he's proven to be unplayable at this level. And sure enough Athletico pulled one back with a far post cross to their left winger, which Fabio failed to even contest. Nevertheless, we got to see two goals from the crown jewel of our recent intakes and we send off a club icon while beating Athletico as they are relegated to the second tier. Can't ask for a better derby! A second title in a row for Santos. Corinthians really threw this one away, with only 2 points from the last 4 matches. They even lost to Sao Jose. Great to see Caxias come so close. We qualified for Copa Sudamericana, which should help our finances. The last time that Coxa qualified for this competition was 2025, when they reached the semifinals. Our two tactics. It was the 5-3-2 that saved us, but the diamond is becoming really effective. A lot of players stood out, Cleomar and Vaggione really shone at the end. Our captain Neitzke scored 6 goals and was a real threat all year. Jurandir was probably our best striker all year, but Erielton was clinical early in the Série A season. Lucas Michel played his way into the side at centre-back. The full-backs Jeremías and Pacheco were also good all the way through. I think our best player was a centre-back once again. Albanaz came in to replace Wallace and he proved to be very good. We had two matches where we shipped over 5 goals but for the most part, our defense was very solid and Albanaz was the stand-out.
  9. This transfer is a gift. Doin had 3 months left on his contract, he didn't want to renew and I didn't want to resign him. He was solid last season, playing 25 matches but he only made 7 appearances this year. Someone who came in for 300K and was leaving on a free nets us a million reais, which we need right now as our numbers are in the red following the facility upgrades and the two transfers we made early in the season. However, we shouldn't have financial issues next year! After 33 matches, we have secured safety with a 2-1 win over Inter. It was a great match for us, as we came from behind by controlling possession and with goals from youngsters Vaggione and Cleomar. We're currently sitting in 12th, which would qualify us for Copa Sudamericana.
  10. 2033 Série A Fantastic haul of 17 points from the last 10 matches! We used the 5-3-2 for all of these after the Sao Jose game and it worked a treat. The Palmeiras match was particularly great, Balanta equalised in the 81st minute, Vaggione put us ahead in the 89th minute and Erielton added another goal in injury time. We should be safe now! 12 points clear from Vasco and already hit the target of 40. Gremio surged up the table with 25 points in 10 matches, but the clubs around us are roughly the same. It looks like 17th place belongs to Paraná or Vasco. Athletico and/or Paraná being relegated and the firesale that they would be forced into should be good for our state league chances. Now, we could really push for Copa Sudamericana (or Libertadores?) qualification but I think I'd rather play the youngsters and experiment with the 4-1-2-1-2 tactic against Série A opposition. We have 3 matches left against top 5 teams in Caxias, Flamengo and Corinthians. I'll use the 5-3-2 against them to avoid another embarrassing 7-1 result, but I still see the diamond (or something similar to it) as our long-term tactic. Stress-testing it against first division teams is more important than playing in continental competition next year.
  11. It is youth intake day, which also means it's time to check in on the progress of the past two intakes. 2031 intake This is the 2031 intake. I've raised the average attribute threshold to 8.50, but we have no cuts this year. Using increments of 0.5 like I've been doing, the 2034 threshold would be 9.0. Francis and Junior might miss the cut next year. Francis actually got worse, which makes think he might've maxed out his PA already. I'm planning to do these spreadsheets for five years for each intakes , so the players would "graduate" between the ages of 20 and 22, with an attribute average above 10.0 for one of the roles we use. This is the age where players like those I bought at Caxias or Coritiba (rejects from big 12 clubs) seem to be worth the most money. You might get Claudemir, a national team player, or Bruno who was really good for me but he was a career Série B player. Kurt remains the only first team player from this crop but Marcos Antonio has also debuted and a few players are out on loan. I've marked down the level they're playing at (NL means non-league, D means Série D). Ribas' performance has regressed while on loan, which is a shame but we had two positive personality changes. One of them in Taubaté who is also on loan. Good levels of growth across the board. Somewhat disappointing are Taubaté and Valentim, who are away from the club and are on the cusp of a promotion to the first team. On the other hand we have Mamute, who has now learned two "new" positions, and Marcos Antonio. These two could also be promoted to the first team next year and they got the biggest growth over the last 12 months, which is great to see. 2032 intake With an 8.0 threshold, we have two cuts, which leaves this generation with only 12 players. One of them is Jonatas Elias, who I signed last year despite not making the threshold by 0.04 points. This year he missed the cut by 0.2 points, so he grew a bit but not enough for me to think that he can break into the first team. Vaggione's personality has regressed on the first team. He dropped 2 points in determination, which speaks to the fact that Coritiba is not where I want it to be yet personality-wise. Reinaldo has to come in to our first team plans in the near-future but I think he's a year away from being promoted, he should be a first-team midfielder in 2035 or 2036. Solid numbers but few standouts, aside from Marcolino. Vaggione had decent but not exceptional growth in the first team. 2034 intake Very good intake! The highest PA rated player having a "professional" personality is very good. "Mercernary" from the 2nd best PA player is also good, paired with a determination of 11, which is a good starting point. We have four players who don't clear the 7.50 threshold in any role. However, I think I'm signing everyone as they all have positives whether it's a high PA rating from my assistant manager, or good personalities. And they're all 15 or 16, which I've noticed plays in a part in having worse starting attributes than older players in the same intake. I'm seeing the thresholds as an opportunity to make judgement calls on which youth players aren't worth developing further, but if these four don't make clear the 8.0 hurdle next year I might use it as a more rigid rule. These are the standouts. I promoted Kurt and Vaggione straight away, but no one from this intake will make the first team next year. They all look good though, I'm thinking Emerson could be a wide player or a striker next to Vaggione. I'm probably developing Bernardon as a creative central midfielder, just because we have so many AM/ST prospects, but I think he could grow into the mezzala role like Neitzke. Tuti is an exciting youngster as he's already very developed in most important defensive attributes and he has height. I could focus on developing his technique/passing and deploy him as a BPD or a defensive midfielder who is comfortable with the ball.
  12. 2033 Série A After the embarrassing return to Arena Corinthians, Drawritiba is back. If we start scoring more than one goal per match, other teams are in trouble! We threw away points against Caxias, who equalised in the 85th minute. I started with the diamond formation, which makes the draw coming after I reverted to the 5-3-2 more disappointing. Nevertheless, I embraced the 5-3-2 as our main formation starting with the Inter match and it's paid off with two wins we had no business getting and 8 unbeaten matches. After the 5 years at Caxias, the 5-3-2 a tried and tested tactic for overmatched teams and 2033 Coritiba is exactly that. The last two draws are disappointing since these are two teams that are performing very poorly and 6 points would've been huge for us. I played the 5-3-2 against Tombense and switched back to the diamond against Athletico after a poor offensive performance. We ended up with a draw at the derby. In my defense, Athletico's new coach Alejandro Orfila debuted against us and he's much better than their last one. A Caxias title would make me very happy. We're 13th! But I don't think we're anywhere close to safety yet. The bottom 5 just changed coaches, so at least some of them will improve over the second half of the season. I think the bottom three can't come back. Sao Jose and Tombense aren't good enough. Athletico will improve with their new coach, but they're 12 points behind 16th place. It's too much of a gap. This leaves one relegation spot, currently occupied by Inter. Paraná are falling apart and join us, Inter, Grêmio, Vasco and Naútico in this pack of clubs trying to escape relegation. There's two things that worry me, we have the worst squad out of this group and 40 points might not be enough to stay up this year.
  13. I'm relying on the 5-3-2 more heavily after the embarrassing loss at Corinthians. The problem is we don't have many strong ball-winning midfielders which is a very important role in this tactic, Alexsandro can play in the middle for us but I wouldn't trust Balanta there. Graciano is a Cruzeiro product. He broke through to first team football in Série D Ypiranga (RS) after being released. He's become a career Série B player, but he played for Tombense in Série A for a season. I think Alexsandro will be our first option, but Graciano is roughly as good for that role.
  14. Copa do Brasil Well, this was a miserable pair of matches. The money will help us a lot but it was embarrassing. We didn't even get carved open despite playing a high defensive line, they just kept beating us with crosses. 2033 Série A We suck. But we're doing well! We bossed Sao Jose at their building, Vaggione missed a sitter so we should've won by two. However, Sao Jose are one of two or three teams that might be worse than us. Our first match at Couto Pereira was a stark reminder that we are weaker physically and mentally than most teams in Série A. Like Santos, Grêmio just beat us with crosses. Technically, we were defending well but we just can't rely on our defenders to beat forwards to a cross. After that and a disappointing loss at Paraná (we only scored thanks to a fluke own goal), I've tightened up the defense. We're still playing high up but with a narrow defense and allowing the backline to try riskier passes. They aren't good passers, but we aren't good enough to push the ball through our opponents with short passes. We're keeping the ball better now. We lead the league in possession, which mainly serves defensive purposes at this point. The obvious problem is scoring, we have scored two goals from legitimately good passing (Sao Jose and Nautico), the fluke own goal (Paraná), a goal from set pieces (Sao Paulo) and one long shot prayer (Botafogo). I'm relying on the 5-3-2 a lot but both tactics have been about as bad offensively, the problem is our personnel. The 5-3-2 worked against Santos and Sao Paulo but we threw away our lead against Nautico with it. Paraná is mounting the unlikeliest title challenge so far, while we're all the way down at 15th. The target is 40 points, so with 11 from 10 matches we're doing well. We suck but we're doing well. I love seeing Athletico struggling more than us. I think Athletico and Sao Jose are destined to go down. We've played them both away this year and were better than them in their buildings. That makes me think they have no place in the top tier. Above them there's a pack of teams which I would expect to improve (Gremio, Bahia, Inter, Santos). So it's Tombense, Ponte Preta and Chapecoense that we have to focus on beating. It's gonna be difficult but there's a chance that we stay up. Here are the team salaries. Corinthians at the top, like you would expect. I have no idea how Athletico can be so bad while spending over 100 million reais in wages. Caxias is now filthy rich and a title contender. They've had no takeovers, this is all TV and transfer money. I can't even take credit for this, they were relegated the year after I left them. We're 20th! I stayed up with the lowest wage bill with Caxias, but I wasn't trying to play possession football with them.
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