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  1. This is our squad. As I said, we have too many players. Most of them are young and could be sold for big bucks, but it's still too many players. I'll try to fix this the way I try to fix every problem, with a spreadsheet. Here are some words on our players, with screenshots of the new ones. Goalkeepers Our #1 is Wuilker Fariñez. He's an incredible shot-stopper, we don't concede many shots but a number of them are high percentage shots, due to our high d-line. Fariñez excels in the area we need him to. There may be better-rounded keepers with better attributes/ratings we could get, but few match him in that aspect and we would need to pay a lot to get them. His back-up is Diego Eli, a decent keeper. He won us the CWC against Real Madrid so he's gonna have a place as back-up as long as I'm here. Full-backs On the right we have our captain, Ribeiro. Spoken enough about him, I think. He's only 26 which means we have no concerns here. His back-up is Tevez (no relation), a 19-year-old academy product who's entering his third year as a first team member. Tevez's development stagnated a bit in the past year but he's always been quite good going forward. The Ayrton Lucas sales leaves Panda as our definitive left-back starter. He's great defensively, which with the right-back often going on forward runs is of key importance. We needed a new left-back for depth (we've been playing 80 games per year). Luckily, one of the brightest prospects from the 2025 intake is a left-back. Cléber has already appeared in 13 first team games between '25 and '26. The glaring weakness is his workrate, which with our defensive line makes me a bit uneasy to play him. Another side of his game that I would like him to improve upon is crossing. Even though our left-back is more defensively minded than Ribeiro, Ayrton and Panda have picked up many assists with timely deep crosses or beating one man quickly and squaring the ball. Cléber is much more limited going forward. But he's only 17, getting 20 starts this year would be good enough. Centre-backs The lion's share of starts here should be split between Marquinhos, Paulo Marcelo and Lauro Kunrath. All of them are national team calibre players. All of them have different strengths, which is an advantage in important games. Marquinhos/Kunrath is the better pairing for sides where we expect high possession and not much of a counter-attacking threat, because of their passing, Marcelo/Kunrath is best for sides like Santos who counter very quickly, etc. The wrench in this is Eduardo, a 23-year-old from Embu das Artes who was listed when I got here and I decided to keep on as our 4th option. The "problem" is that through the last 2 years, he's been our best DC performer by average rating. He's another one who just outperforms his attributes through some magic combination of numbers or sheer luck. Part of it is he plays fewer games, and is thus less fatigued. But he rarely makes mistakes, and his percentage of won tackles is an outlier compared to others. The problem is his passing, since he hoofs the ball up the field a lot, which doesn't impact his rating but is something that makes us a bit worse. Obviously, it's still great to get this from a back-up but he might ask to leave soon for more playing time. The 5th option is Belao, a 20-year-old who started last season in the first team but was sent out on loan after Marquinhos arrived. He went to Inter, where he wasn't good but he played a lot. He still needs to develop so he should go out on loan again, but with him here I can keep a closer eye on his training and I already have an Excel sheet to track playing time, after all. Central midfielders Nicolás Arrieta is entering his third year here. He's been the linchpin of our midfield, and he can now play as a right-back and centre-back too. Casemiro's physical attributes are completely gone, but I resigned him for a year because he was quite good last year. We are paying him half of his peak salary of R$30M, and he'll be gone after this season. 19-year-old Terra was surprisingly good last year and may be our nominal starter at this point. Hopefully he develops into a more offensively adept version of Marcos Vinicius. Mohlala was overrated by our scouts, but he still looks like a fantastic defensive midfielder and we paid less than R$5M. He comes from South Africa's Sundowns, who were very succesful continentally. He has great physicals, work rate and teamwork so he should be good covering a lot of space in front of our defense. Maybe our second best midfielder going only off his visible attributes, behind Arrieta. I needed to give a Thiago a shot in the first-team. I quite like his mental attributes, and he's already a Série A player. He was loaned to Fluminense, where he won Série B and contributed with 7 league assists. The problem lies in his low PA rating according to our staff, but he may already be good enough to play for us. Marcos Vinicius was only a bit better than him. Ferreira is much more defensive minded than the rest of our midfielders. I don't know how playing him with our current roles will work, but he's also not the calibre of player that I would spend in-game weeks tweaking the tactic for. He also may be more suited to being a central defender. He was a rotation player at Cruzeiro on loan last year, which is a bit of an accomplishment for a player as young as him. Like with Thiago, in the worst case scenario we raise his value by giving him 20-25 starts and sell him at the end of the season. Forwards Osni and Nogueira were the offensive stars for us last season, they aren't clinical goalscorers since the goals are very spread out in our side. What they have is great technical attributes, and they link up with everyone on attack very well. Rodríguez is a classic inside forward, starting from the left and having great pace and dribbling. Roberto Carlos was another good option, playing in the AMC spot, formerly Austregésilo's. I never figured out a way to get him more assists, and he lacks Austregésilo's overwhelming physicality, but he was good and scored the winning CWC goal. Our last option remaining from last year is César, he's become a reliable player and will soon be play any position in the front four. He's labeled as a wonderkid but he's rarely performed to the level of other "wonderkids" that have gone through our ranks (Rodríguez, Osni, Lineker, etc.) This is Hurtado, like the rest of our strikers, he's rarely been an out-and-out goalscorer. But he scored 15 goals in 21 games in his last 6 months with Boca, just because he's amazing. Rounding the keeper may help score one-on-ones which is a real problem in this game, but I don't think we're lacking in the goalscoring department. Instead, with the high dribbling and physicals, I feel inclined to play him in the AMC spot to see if he can perform at a level closer to Austregésilo. There are no weaknesses, it would be good if he could shoot penalties (like my Caxias squad, we suck at this) but it doesn't really matter. I couldn't pass up on signing Tutalchá for under R$4M. He was the runner up for Best Player in South America, while playing in Ecuador. His high determination means he will still improve if he hasn't maxed out his potential. And he's already fantastic as well. Martinovic is another unnecessary signing, but the Serbian wonderkid from Radnicki was a bargain for R$7M. Hurtado is a natural striker who I'll try to play as an attacking-midfielder, and Martinovic seems like someone who to me should be retrained as a striker. Either way, he's already made a great impact in 4 state league games. He's capable of scoring aerially, from direct free kicks or from open play. Few players have hit the ground running like Martinovic since I got here. 23-year-old José Elenilton came to Corinthians from Fortaleza at the age of 16, and he has been out on loan for 3 and a half years. He spent half a year on loan at América (RN), where he did fine but it wasn't until he spent his next season at Paraná where he started standing out, with 7 goals and 8 assists. He then went to Goiás for 2025, where he scored 14 goals. He made his Série A breakthrough last year with Vitória, netting 16 goals and 14 assists in all competitions. His attributes aren't great for a side like Corinthians, but someone who keeps improving every year like that deserves a chance. If he steps us, we get a solid rotation player for nothing. He's also ambidextrous, which makes him a more natural performer at AMR than... everyone else have, since all other forwards are right-footed.
  2. These are my outgoing transfers for next season. Highlighted are former first team members. Al-Hilal overpaid for Ayrton Lucas, he was very good as our starting left-back but he's 30 and we have 21-year-old Panda who is already a proven player, and was only slightly worse than Ayrton. Everton Felipe had one of the higher reputations when I got here, as he was one of Reinaldo Rueda's marquee signings in 2024. He suffered a major injury during last seasons and I just decided to sell him. Al-Hilal came in paying his full value. 22-year-old Marcos Vinicius was very solid for us, and his high passing and creativty in a midfield destroyer mold made him fairly unique. Our staff didn't think he would improve further and we have two midfielders who are a couple years younger and already as good as him (Vinicius' transfer value was 20x higher), as well as a new signing who is much better. Gabigol is the one player I would've liked to keep for another year, but we have too many forwards as is. Saint-Etienne is a great landing spot, and the game has him scoring a goal per game after six appearances in the greyed out Ligue 1. As customary, we've loaned out a lot of players. Argentinian forward Godoy is the highest rated by potential. 21-year-old Godoy was a free transfer brought in by the DoF from Second Division side All Boys last July. He started some league games during our injury crisis, but he was fairly poor despite his attributes indicating he should be good. He has ridiculous pace, but the impossibility of scoring one-on-ones makes that less valuable for a striker. Maybe he's just a bad fit for us. Either way, I won't sell him so he's an option for Corinthians' next manager. I finalised this year's incoming transfers months ago, but here they are. Quite happy with what we've paid for Tutalchá, Martinovic and Mohlala. All of them are starting calibre players, and they've costed us a tenth (maybe less) of what they could be sold for. Hurtado was obviously more expensive, but he's a world class player. The problem is, these are all transfers I made based on their relative value, not on how much we needed them. We've promoted 4 players who were previously on loan or part of our youth teams. We could've made no signings and still had a full squad this year. At Caxias, I worked with squads as small as 17 players, and used youth players to fill out the 12-man bench. I had between 21-23 players in my past two seasons in Corinthians. Now, I have 26 + a handful of U-20 players who I'd like to keep playing. It's a good problem to have, but I'll have to figure out a way to spread out playing time. I'll do a squad overview soon, focusing on the new arrivals/promoted players.
  3. The plan is going to a state with no clubs in the top three national leagues. Although, trying to beat this Corinthians team would be a great challenge.
  4. 2026 season Série A Absolute dominance. Eat your heart out, Santasticos. Naútico, Figueirense, Coritiba and Ponte Preta have been relegated. Série B Fluminense, Atlético Paranaense and Caxias (now led by Mano Menezes) are coming straight back to the top league. América Mineiro is also back after two years. América (RN), CRB, Ferroviario and Paysandu will play in Série C next year. Série C Juventude won this league for the second time. Fortaleza, Desportiva, and Criciúma will be joining them in the second tier. All relegated teams come from either Paraiba or Sao Paulo, with Botafogo (PB), Campinense, Sao Bento and Sao Caetano going down. Série D Portuguesa (RJ) are 2026 champions. Sao Jose (RS), ASA and URT are also going up. Copa do Brasil This might be the most thrilling tournament in this save. Few blowouts and lots of ties going down to the wire. In the end, Corinthias pulled through. State leagues Campeonato Acriano: Atlético Acreano (15th title) Campeonato Alagoano: CRB (33rd title) Campeonato Amapaense: Ypiranga (AP) (14th title) Campeonato Amazonense: São Raimundo (AM) (10th title) Campeonato Bahiano: Bahia (53rd title) Campeonato Cearense: Fortaleza (44th title) Campeonato Brasiliense: Brasiliense (18th title) Campeonato Capixaba: Doze (3rd title) Campeonato Goiano: Goiás (34th title) Campeonato Maranhense: Moto Club (27th title) Campeonato Mato-Grossense: Luverdense (5th title) Campeonato Sul-Mato-Grossense: Operário (MS) (17th title) Campeonato Mineiro: Cruzeiro (44th title) Campeonato Paraense: Paysandu (54th title) Campeonato Paraibano: Botafogo (PB) (36th title) Campeonato Paranaense: Atlético Paranaense (29th title) Campeonato Pernambucano: Naútico (25th title) Campeonato Piauiense: Altos (PI) (10th title) Campeonato Carioca: Fluminense (34th title) Campeonato Potiguar: América (RN) (35th title) Campeonato Gaucho: Grêmio (41st title) Campeonato Rondoniense: Rondoniense (8th title) Campeonato Roraimense: Baré (14th title) Campeonato Catarinense: Avaí (18th title) Campeonato Paulista: Corinthians (31st title) Campeonato Sergipano: Sergipe (39th title) Campeonato Tocantinense: Tocantins de Miracema (7th title) Copa Libertadores Racing and Corinthians had dream runs to the final, but Corinthians is just too strong. Copa Sudamericana Another trophy for Estudiantes, one of the most succesful teams at a continental level. They beat Botafogo on pens. World Cup The first 48 team WC had a very dull group stage so I'll just briefly recap the knockout stages. Cameroon and Nigeria shocked Belgium and Colombia respectively to make it to the third round. Meanwhile Ecuador beat Uruguay thanks to an extra time pen from Independiente del Valle's Michel Estrada. Croatia gave the world another shock, as the 2018 finalists eliminated Spain. Nigeria-Ecuador was a thrilling game, where the Eagles eventually pulled through. England got some measure of revenge against Argentina in the quarter-final. Croatia gave Germany a very tough game but the Mannschaft advanced and went on to crush Nigeria and England to reach the final. In the other side of the tournament, Jamaica and Denmark made it to the quarter-final. Jamaica has to be the biggest surprise of the tournament. They even eliminated one of the hosts, the United States. Brazil had another heart-breaking failure this time. They went out to a very good Italy team, but only in the second round. France needed penalties to get past Portugal and a miraculous extra-time goal from Odsonne Edouard to beat Italy, but they reached the final for the third time. A thrilling final between two great teams. It seemed like Germany would reclaim the Cup with 10 minutes left but Dembelé equalised with two goals as the game wound down. He then missed his penalty but France was more clinical through the rest of the shootout, and they've crowned themselves champions for the third time in a row.
  5. Great job at Kladno. What are the chances that you qualify for Europe?
  6. 2026 Série A We closed out the season strongly. Even the loss to Vitória has a silver lining, as their player of the match was Jose Elenilton, a 23-year-old loanee from us who will have a spot in our team next year no matter what after two great seasons at Goiás and Vitória. A 5-0 win with a rotated team at Beira Rio was the perfect way to close things out, against the team that was my bogeyman with Caxias. Other teams may give us really tough games, but no one is as consistent as us. Teams 2 through 6 would all be rightful champions most years but this team is just an anomaly. Need to do this two more times before leaving. Copa Libertadores Racing was a team almost exclusively composed of home-grown players. I've never seen an AI team with so many one-club men, some of whom have been with Racing since they won the Copa Sudamericana in 2019. While we have an important share of academy graduates, most of our important players got their start elsewhere. It was strange to manage the evil empire against the young upstarts, but we were ruthless and dominated from beginning to end, even after Ayrton got a double booking. The win gets us our fourth consecutive Libertadores trophy, tying Pastoriza and Bochini's Independiente. Getting a win next year would be massive. Coincidentally, next year's final will be played in Monumental, the place this run started at when Rueda's Corinthians humiliated River in 2023. Club World Cup Fariñez was injured during the league home-stretch, which meant we had to play this with Diego Eli, a keeper with only 30 first-team games under his belt. Out of all the teams in the CWC, I didn't want to face Montreal, because they're the locals. We had one early at the back but ended up winning comfortably. Roberto Carlos was magnificent, the 22nd minute shot he sent into the top corner from the edge of the area kept this from being a nervy game like last year's semifinal against Guangzhou. Europe's champions Real Madrid predictably had no trouble with Shanggang. A win to be proud of! Like last year against PSG, we were the better team for most of the game. Real had a weakened team without Austregésilo and Joao Pedro (and they certainly cared less than us, if such a thing is possible in FM), but I was surprised by how little resistance they offered. We controlled possession with accurate passing and won the ball back easily. We didn't shoot 30 times like we do in our best matches, we outshot them 15 to 7 with most of their attempts being from long distance. While it was a great performance, it was a comical defensive mistake from Real's newly signed left-back Aaron Martín that gave us the win. He attempted a weak backpass to his keeper, which left the ball in limbo in the middle of their box. Roberto Carlos recognized this, and ran what felt like 30 meters to cooly slot it in past Courtois. I went to the 4-1-2-3-0 formation for the first time in months after 70 minutes. It led to our worst 5 minutes in this match and Real's clearest chance, a Felix Arp shot which Eli bravely kept out. Lowering our mentality and tweaking the most attacking central midfielder's instructions to make him more cautious sorted everything out. The last 10 minutes had no drama, and SCCP are world champions again! This is Corinthians' fourth Mundial, which equals Real Madrid's tally as the teams that have won it the most. I've tweaked PI a lot to keep the team from becoming stagnant like my Caxias side did. But the way we play is pretty much set, and I won't change the formation unless I figure out a way to field another forward. Galacticos ****. We had to rotate a lot, due to injuries and playing 85 games in 12 months. Only four players broke 25 Série A starts. The players depicted are the ones who started the most. 18-year-old playmaker Terra was surprisngly great, scoring 10 times and starting both Libertadores and CWC finals, after being promoted basically due to an emergency when Orbelín Pineda left for China in February. This was also the season when Osni and Edwin Rodríguez established themselves as elite forwards, leading the scoring charts with 23 and 17 goals, despite missing a lot of time. The other player I want to briefly highlight is Gabigol. He was transfer-listed when I got here and I think I'll have to sell him since we have so many young forwards who'll be back from loan and a couple incoming transfers. He's been a magical player for us in both seasons, scoring often at times when we really needed a goal. Our best player was our fearless captain, Joao Pedro Ribeiro. A classic case of overperforming my expectations based on his attributes. He just goes on great forward runs, with our set-up leading to him often arriving unmarked in the final third and getting a lot of freedom to cut inside and look for a pass, or hugging the touchline and squaring the ball. He's obviously reminiscent of Dani Alves in that role. He is also one of our best FK takers. He got six goals and 21 assists, a great season capped off by a player of the match performance against Madrid. Not much else to say, it was a fantastic season.
  7. Only three, one at Caxias and two at Corinthians. So we're 2/27 in terms of states conquered after 7 seasons. Progress has been slow but I think the pace could pick up once I leave the rainforest. The problem is I get attached to most FM teams and even leaving Caxias was something I had to mull over. I reckon if I stick with it for a couple real-life years (and the save is never corrupted and whatnot), I could do it. Most seasons I've played in a FM save is something like 25-30, but I've been playing at a very fast pace with this save.
  8. Neyveson looks really good, and I think next time you sign a Barca product they'll send you one for free!
  9. Brazil offered me a job. I though about it long and hard, but decided to turn it down. A job would've allowed me to keep playing elite football even after I leave for the rainforest, which I'll have to do eventually but I just wasn't that interested in managing a national team right now. Maybe in a few seasons. In turn, I've extended my stay at Corinthians. The aim of this save is "Winning Every State League", and the name of my avatar even comes from that phrase (wesl -> Wes L -> Weston Lopes). I've already accomplished this in Corinthians twice. But the truth is, it's been fun but it hasn't been that big of a challenge. I thought about what would be a major challenge for a club that is expected to win the Libertadores year in year out, and the only answer was being this dominant force for years on end. So, because I'm not entirely fulfilled by what we've accomplished so far, but I also don't want to be here for decades (I do want to go to the rainforest at some point)... I'm staying until Corinthians has the most Série A titles in Brazil. We're currently at nine and, unless tragedy strikes, we'll reach ten this year. Santos has eleven national championships, so if we keep our streak going we will top them in 2028. If we fail to win once, I'll stay for another year but I'm leaving in 2029 no matter what happens. The rainforest beckons. I was signing cheap foreign players (a Serbian forward, a South African midfielder, etc.) in future transfers for the next Corinthians manager, but roughly a month after signing my new contract a huge opportunity came along. Hurtado is likely the best player in South America since Austregésilo left. I briefly posted about him when he was in Grêmio. He was part of Grêmio's cadre of amazing regens which included Kunrath, Tshabalala (now at Porto), Joao Pedro (now Austregésilo's team-mate in Madrid), etc. He signed for Boca in 2023, and has since become a club legend there, bagging 71 goals and winning three leagues. I'll talk more about him at the end of this season, as I try to figure out the mess of a roster that I've created. Boca has signed Peruvian Inter forward Jordan Herrera as his replacement. Herrera is a tasmanian devil, one of the speediest players in Brazil and a good goalscorer. He's tailor-made to play against our defensive line. Nevertheless, he's worse than Hurtado. Inter hasn't threatened us in the league but they can be a real pain in the ass to play against. In summary, we get stronger by signing a player we didn't really need but is better than anyone on our team, while two of our competitive rivals gets weaker. This game is so easy with money!
  10. 2026 Série A We're rolling now, any offensive woes have disappeared thanks to Rodríguez and Osni. But, they both got injured during October so we need to figure something out to keep things going smoothly. The league is basically in the bag for us. We only need five more wins, and that's if SPFC don't drop any points. Copa do Brasil These were one of the few matches where fatigue and rotation really affected us. The less said about this tie the better, but we came through in the end. As always in the cup, it had to be a hard-fought tie. We were better but only won by a single goal. This is one of the trophies I'm most proud of with Corinthians. Even though we faced worse opposition than in the Libertadores, we had to overcome a lot of adverse situations. Copa Libertadores An incredible win in a Libertadores derby. The own goal that opened up the scoring in Allianz was fortuitous, but we played a fantastic second half, led by our new offensive force Casemiro. As it turns out, activating "shoots more" instruction for him leads to a bunch of goals. To add insult to injury, I played the youngsters in the second leg. I knew we werent' going to lose the lead, but I didn't expect to win. Our carioca magician poached from Fluminense in January, Ademar, blasted in a free kick to make things more humiliating for Palmeiras. He's only 16 and already had quite a few good performances in continental competition. Another Libertadores derby, another win. We got a narrow lead from a tough game in Santos' new stadium. Once again, goals from a midfielder secured the win for us, with Arrieta getting a brace at home. The final will be us facing Racing in Santiago. If we win, we'll tie Independiente's record for four consecutive Libertadores won. It's been a great run, beating two fierce rivals and not conceding since the group stage, but if we don't win it won't matter.
  11. 2026 Série A Since Austregésilo left we've been generating fewer chances and scoring less, but we had an almost perfect run in the league. Ribeiro has been fantastic, some adjustments to the AMR and AMC roles have given him more room to play in, and he looks like a pure winger at times. Nogueira and Bernardo have been more clinical than usual and our defense is humming along nicely. Everton Felipe suffered a major injury and he'll be out until November, César and Nogueira also missed a few weeks, but the youngsters have performed fairly well when they stepped up. With a game in hand and a solid lead, we're back in a comfortable spot to win this thing. Cruzeiro and Chapecoense are back to normal after their great start, and it looks like our main competitors will be the other two teams from this city. Copa do Brasil We couldn't create anything in Salvador and suffered a loss. Rato, a 25-year-old Bahia youth academy product and former supporter, was ruthless and scored twice when our defenders left him unmarked. Roberto Carlos was the hero in the second leg, as he scored two goals to send us to penalties (the latter a major fluke off a corner). He missed his penalty, and just when it looked like it was over, Bahia missed their last two penalties to send us through. We'll be facing Série B's leader Fluminense, who surprisingly beat Santos, in the semifinals. Copa Libertadores We limited Colo Colo, one of Chile's best teams, to a single shot during both legs. The gap between countries in this save is just unfair. Palmeiras beat Boca on away goals, thanks to a last minute goal from Robert Piris in La Bombonera. We'll have a derby in the Libertadores quarter-finals.
  12. Dundee will need a major win to live down that cup final loss..
  13. Austregésilo has finally left for a team at his level. We only got R$80M, but we have a 50% clause on next transfer (he has a R$1B release clause, which is 210M euro, half of that would be 5x our profit per year). Of course, his value immediately quadrupled. Over the seven seasons in this save, no one has been sold for Neymar/Rodrygo money. Austregésilo is actually the most expensive transfer from Série A so far, at only 16M euro. It just seems impossible for player's transfer value to rise beyond that point in Brazil, and most elite players are adamant about getting release clauses in their contract. This all makes it hard to get fair value from European transfers. Oh well, it was really fun playing with Austregésilo, he became one of my favorite FM players in just a season and a half. He scored 42 goals and 25 assists in that time and became a club icon and a national team starter. 2026 Série A A good run, but our form has been uneven compared to last year. The Santos game was just... terrible. It felt like karma for our win in the state league semifinal. They had one shot in 90 minutes, which they scored, and naturally they equalised on injury time thanks to a long shot from Caxias academy graduate Gérson. It's good that he's now a starter for a big team but I'd prefer if he wouldn't score against me! We followed that with a season highlight, a hue win over Cruzeiro where Austregésilo shone with 2 goals and 3 assists against his former team. This was one of his last games for us, and a fine way to say goodbye. Our World Cup players left after the Bahia game but we got two solid wins (thanks to five goals from Lineker!) and a loss which isn't terrible against Sao Paulo. We have a month off after the Sao Paulo game while the WC takes place. Despite their humiliating loss against us, Cruzeiro have been very good and are top of the table. We would be first if we won our games in hand, but I don't think we are winning the league if Cruzeiro keeps up this pace. Copa Libertadores The group was a cakewalk. Talleres were the toughest team to face but they folded at Arena Corinthians. If I could change a thing about this save, it would be getitng editor files for every South American league and activating them. The gap between Argentinian and Brazilian teams and the rest is too wide. Despite their poor performance in Série A, Grêmio were the only team to win all games in the group stage. We will be playing Chile's Colo Colo in the second round, we should win that. If we do, we'll be facing the winner of Palmeiras/Boca. Quite a tough draw, which may have the best three teams in the continent in the same quadrant. Copa do Brasil A good second half away was enough to beat Vitória. We played a heavily rotated team at home and failed to score, but we didn't need to. We're facing the other major team from Salvador in the quarter-finals. We beat Bahia in this same instance last year, and with Palmeiras and Cruzeiro already out of the cup this could be the year we win it.
  14. The 2026 World Cup is currently taking place in my save. We got a few players in it. We got four players in the Brazilian squad. We are trailed by City (Gabriel Jesus, Arthur, and Ederson) and Liverpool (Firmino, Fabinho and Eder Militao) as the teams with most players in the verde-amarelha. The only other player in Brazil's squad who doesn't play in Europe is Jean, formerly of SPFC and Flamengo, and now Inter's goalkeeper. From our players, Austregésilo is the only one who has become a constant starter for Brazil, he's also the youngest member of the squad. Casemiro starts some games. Kunrath and Nogueira seem to be strictly back-up options for now. Arrieta has made it into the Argentinian squad! Considering some of the Argentinian regens I've seen, this is quite the achievement. He's already made his national team debut coming on as a late sub in a friendly. He also seems to be only a back-up for now. Brazil and Argentina are among the contenders to win the North American World Cup, but it'll be hard to dethrone France. Ecuador qualified through the intercontinental playoffs and our inside forward Rodríguez is one of their best players. There's no expectations for them but with a group of Denmark and Ivory Coast they could progress to the knockout rounds. Now is as good a time as any to talk about our 2026 transfers, which I have neglected to do. Me and my DoF were quite busy poaching youngsters from all over South America. Only Roberto Carlos is a first team signing. This is Roberto Carlos, he is quite the player. Although he's quite different to Austregésilo (worse on most attributes, particularly physicals, but slightly better passing), he's been signed as a "replacement" for him. He wanted out of Fluminense after they got relegated. He got listed for a meagre R$7.25M in January. I started monitoring him back then and was planning to move for him after we finally got a bid for Austregésilo, but Grêmio and Cruzeiro forced my hand by making bids for Roberto Carlos in April. So far he's been playing in the same role as Austregésilo, but I will have to tailor this to take better advantage of his incredible passing. We sold off three first team members in Jailson, Léo Pereira and Pineda. Ángel Romero also left on a free to Mexico's América. This weakens our squad a bit, but none of them are going to a team we play against and it makes room for youngsters who have a higher ceiling. The only player I didn't want to lose was Pineda, but Guangzhou made a great bid for him and he wanted to leave. They made an even better bid for Lauro Kunrath, but he chose to stay! Just for show, these are all the players we've loaned out. José Elenilton is the best of them right now, he's spent three years on loan in Série B and done great (24 goals scored). This is his first year playing for a Série A team, Vitória. I will have to give him a chance in the first team if I decide to stay for another year. GK Rúbio, DM Dimitri Ferreira, CM Thiago and AM Ricardo Cascardo are also close to breaking into the first team. We've had four players break into the first team this year. The first is Lineker (no relation, as far as I can tell), recently labeled as a wonderkid. He's been amazing as our starting left forward. Just scored 5 goals in two games. Off-the ball, teamwork and decisions make him a great fit anywhere, he's getting carded a lot because of our high pressure but I think we can improve that with some focus on defensive attributes. César is another wonderkid. He was technically in the reserves last year, but he was my main substitute for Austregésilo and played a whooping 37 games for us. I finally promoted him this year, and his performance and attributes haven't improved much, unlike Lineker's. He also has passing as his best attribute, so the AMC role will definitely need to be reworked after Austregésilo leaves. Belao is our new option at centre-back. His average rating is over 7.5, which is too high since he's costed us a few goals. An interesting prospect, since his mentals and physicals are great, but his technicals lag way behind. He's already getting to a point with his passing where he can fulfill the BPD role, but needs to improve defensive fundamentals a lot to become an option as a starter. Finally, we have Terra. He got promoted after Pineda got sold, which was a bit of an emergency. He's been great though, he has six goals in 19 appearances and has surprisingly been as good as Pineda. He has all the right attributes and might become an undisputed starter as a teenager if he keeps this up! We have one more signing in the pipeline, and it's a big one. Like with Casemiro, we are paying really high wages for Marquinhos, but it's worth it. Just a great fit any way you look at it, and another signing which raises the bar for us!
  15. Villasanti will need to fill in some gaps in his game but he looks he will develop into a great fit, with his great determination and all. Seems like Guadalajara is safe so maybe it's time to play the youngsters?
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