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  1. 2036 Brasileirao Really good! As always the key is competent offense and a really solid defense backed by a great keeper. Highlights include a comfortable win over Athletico, a dominant win over Santos and a draw at Arena Corinthians which we almost turned into a win. We were worse from mid-June to July as we faced a minor injury crisis and various call-ups to our starting defenders. Xavi started many games during this stretch and it's clear he's not ready for a starting spot yet. We concede 0.98 goals per 90 with him, compared to 0.65 for Mogollón and Khopotse, our two starting CBs
  2. That's a very cool set-up with the 3 at the back formation. I've considered doing something like it, but didn't think it would be stable enough. Looking forward to see what you do in season 2.
  3. Pacheco and Mogollón are national team players now. Mogollón got a call-up for Copa América as well. Our U-20 defensive midfielder Reinaldo is also now a national team player. I don't think he'll ever make our first team, but there aren't many Japanese players in my database so a lot of Brazilian-Japanese players make it to their senior team. If anything, it could raise his value? I'm also doing this again. Brazil were eliminated from the Copa América quarter-final which led to them sacking André Lima (formerly of Bahia). They haven't won this tournament since 2020. I want
  4. 2036 Campeonato Paranaense My first 4-3-3 experiment ended with a disastrous derby defeat. Athletico destroyed us by countering fast, we did nothing well in their stadium. A draw away against Paraná isn't a bad result for an experimental formation, but I have to go back to the drawing board as it wasn't working well. I went back to last season's 4-2-3-1 against Paranavaí and the difference is clear. We have to face Athletico again in the stage semifinal. A far better performance with a tried and tested tactic. We're still vulnerable to their counterattacks but we
  5. This happened last year. It's a vindication of the youth players (my reserve team is basically empty, so the players in these games are mostly from the U-20 team) we have and the tactics that I'm using. Transfers Once again, we turned a healthy profit from outgoing transfers, getting R$17.5M in fees after R$25M last year. The key departure is starting centre-back Albanaz, who was very solid for the past three years but was as far from a ball-playing centreback as you can get. Getting reasonable fees for Erielton and Leitao is a huge coup, as they are Série B caliber players at b
  6. 2035 Brasileirao We never let up! We accumulated 35 points in the second half of the season, exactly the same as the first half. October was a special run for us, as we ended up drawing to Santos in a thriller where we went ahead 3 times but couldn't hold on to the lead. Santos is a fantastic team. They have a golden generation of sorts that they've managed to hold on to, led by AMC Caio Roberto and centre-back Amaral (part of the WC winning squad). And their extremely talented forwards are just really hard to shut down. That game had 4 clear cut chances for each team, so the result
  7. I've sold our back-up right back halfway through the season. He's off to Novo Hamburgo, where he joins one of my midfield playmakers back at Caxias, Antoninho. Antoninho never made it in Série A but he's become a club legend at Novo Hamburgo. I've kept track of Antoninho with the aim of signing him some day. He didn't want to come to CENE or Naútico (RR) when I managed them, and Novo Hamburgo didn't want to sell him when I arrived at Coritiba and we were in Série C. He's obviously not good enough for us at this point in time. I don't think I'll ever manage him again but he's one of m
  8. I've been playing a lot, so I'm just gonna cramp the first half of the season into an update. 2035 Brasileirao We're amazing! Isidoro leads the league in scoring and we're keeping things tight at the back. Beating the defending champions Grêmio (who dominated us last year) while playing well was great to see but the obvious highlights are winning both of our local derbies, with a goal and assist from Vaggione in the Atle-Tiba derby. He's very much a big game player. However, he hasn't been as much of a prolific scorer as I hoped. Right now, he's playing in an AP(s) role. This l
  9. 2035 Campeonato Paranaense It was quite a good start, but we were lucky against Paraná, where we conceded a whooping 7 chances and somehow won the game with our back-up keeper. We were also lucky to score 8 from only 3 clear cut and half chances against Uniao. Our offense and defense have improved since, but it was great to have luck on our side while working through a new tactic. Vaggione only came back against Londrina, as he was with the U-20 national team. Top of the group means an easier path to the stage final. Great game from Isidoro and Vaggione, we carved
  10. I've played a lot without having the time to update this thread. One of the things I did was reassigning numbers. #1 through #30 are for players who've been promoted to the first team. #31 through #40 are for reserves players (usually on loan or transfer listed), and #41 onwards is for U-20 players. We have currently assigned 50 numbers between 1 and 57. Overall, I like this more than the previous chaotic numbering system. The 3-3-3-1 ended up turning into this. Vaggione isn't one of our primary goal threats here but having two defensive midfielders allows him to be the dif
  11. 2035 season preview We ended up having to sell to make enough money to afford my 3 targets. It wasn't pretty but we got everyone I wanted. The fact that none of the outgoing transfer ended up in a team in our state league or Série A is also good. On paper, we've lost quality and depth but aside from left-back, we are not worse at any position in the diamond tactic. Not making a profit on Balanta is disappointing, but not losing money is a relief. He was a bit disappointing in his two years here, and I think we rushed into signing him when he wasn't the player we needed. I didn't plan
  12. Something else This is little more than the germ of an idea but I think something like this would work for us. The influences from Bielsa and Cruyff should be obvious, but the focus is all on young Vaggione. With the diamond tactic, Vaggione is moving the ball out wide and then getting in the box to be a target for crosses. The main problem with this way of attacking is the full-backs' poor starting position. With this shape, the wingers will provide that wide threat and we don't empty out the midfield, as the IWBs will be coming inside. The problem is obviously that gap in midfield
  13. 2034 Brasileirao The last two games are very depressing. I played the kids against Paraná, giving Xavi his debut and featuring other teenagers. It was a mistake as this is a derby after all. In all fairness, we created 4 clear cut chances but they created 5. The difference was the finishing. The win against Bahia was quite dramatic, but it's all soured by that horrible loss. We improve our finish by one spot but have 6 points less and a much worse goal difference. We played more ambitious, attacking football this year. It wouldn't be wrong to say we got worse but this is ne
  14. Have you considered hiding attributes entirely and just going with stats/performance? I assume it might be more palatable with all the information you can get in this edition.
  15. 2034 Brasileirao Well, we're keeping our form. We can't beat any good teams this year, hence our losses to Caxias, Palmeiras and Santos. The 5-3-2 seems done for. I'm tweaking it but nothing really seems to work, we just aren't creating counterattacks as we lack speed in midfield and we struggle to play from the back, so we clearly lack the personnel for it. I seem to remember my centre-backs at Caxias being better passers, but that seems very unlikely. However, we play really well in certain games like the one against Vitoria and Chapecoense. Getting enough of thse wins against
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