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  1. A NEW-ELL'S ADVENTURE Game Date: 1 February 2025 Summary Superliga: A great start to the season for us. We are right up there sitting in second position after 21 games. Despite our four defeats, we have managed to win the majority of our other games, only drawing one. It's a shame as three of the defeats were in the last five minutes but I won't complain. We also got our first win over Boca Juniors triumphing 1-0 away thanks to Jorge Gonzalez's goal - it only took us 14 attempts to beat them! We are in a great position in the league so really hope we can stay up there and
  2. A NEW-ELL'S ADVENTURE Game Date: 10 August 2024 Transfers It was a fairly quiet window in terms of incomings with only the one transfer fee paid out by the club. We signed Lucas Tocalli from Atl. Rafaela for £1.3m. He is a highly rated right winger who had a rather promising scout report. As part of the contract offer I agreed to loan him out so he has headed straight to Argentinos Juniors for the season. I also brought in two young Argentine's on free transfers Agustin Diez and Enzo Bustos - the latter of which is a rather amusing one. Last summer I was looking for a striker an
  3. A NEW-ELL'S ADVENTURE Game Date: 31 May 2024 SEASON 2023/24 SUMMARY Summary Superliga: It was another good final league position for us as we finished in the Top 5 for the second consecutive season. It was not as comfortable as last season although it really should have been as we had 14 draws which was extremely disappointing. We only lost 6 games, which was only bettered by the Top 2. Again, I don't really have a clear idea of the qualification having looked at last season's table and seen who participated in Continental competition this year I can't really see a c
  4. A NEW-ELL'S ADVENTURE Game Date: 1 February 2020 Summary Superliga: A mixed start to the season - very happy with aspects, very disappointed with others. We currently sit 5th in the league but our league record has been quite impressive with only two defeats - one of which was a 3-0 demolition away at Boca. That said, we went on a twelve game unbeaten run which was great but then contained EIGHT draws which really frustrated me. That's ultimately been the problem so far, too many draws. We've had 10 of them in our 21 games! I am hopefully we can push on and convert some of t
  5. A NEW-ELL'S ADVENTURE Game Date: 10 August 2023 League Structure We have finally made it to the Argentinean FA's dream and now have a straightforward domestic league structure with a Premier League style approach - 20 teams, 38 games playing each of the other teams both home and away. Finally! Transfers It was quite a busy transfer window given the funds that we managed to raise in the winter window from the sales of Callegari, Gonzalez and Ferroni. Firstly, I'll start with our biggest deal as we completed the signing of Paulo Unate from Banfield for £3.5m which is a club
  6. Thanks! Well, the board want to play attacking football which was very, very hard to do at the start as the players were not good enough to do so and it left us far too open but now the likes of Moreno and Cacciabue have developed I have been able to do so - that and Caffaro, the young CB, who came through first season's youth recruitment has been an absolute monster. I am in huge trouble when the three of them eventually want to move to Europe! It's nothing exciting really tactically, just a 4-2-3-1 which allows my three best players to play in their preferred positions so I have M
  7. A NEW-ELL'S ADVENTURE Game Date: 31 May 2023 Results and Table Summary I couldn't be happier with this season and how it turned out. We were exceptional and it has lead to our best finish under my management. We were never going to be able to challenge for the title but to finish 4th in Superliga behind the "Big 3" is some going. We were not far behind River in the end - although that was mainly due to our strong finish to the season. It was a record season in terms of both points (80) and wins (24) which was extremely pleasing. I am not quite sure how we are going to brid
  8. A NEW-ELL'S ADVENTURE Game Date: 22 January 2023 Summary Superliga: It's been a very impressive start to the season. We sit in fourth place tied with River Plate, we should be higher but the two draws in our last two games have seen us slip back to fourth. It has been a great start for us with only three defeats who have been against the three sides above us. It's extremely hard to compete with the likes of Boca but we will certainly try and see how high we can finish this season. Copa Libertadores: We were unable to get past Corinthians in the Quarter Final. We won the fi
  9. A NEW-ELL'S ADVENTURE Game Date: 8 AUGUST 2022 League Structure This will be fun because the honest answer is I do not have a clue. We appear to have an actual league structure with a now 21 team league and we play each team twice for a total of 40 games - however it is labelled 'First Stage' but runs all the way through to May 2023 so I am really unsure what the second phase is or when it even takes place. We do have a massive gap in our fixtures with none scheduled for October, November or December which I assume is for the 2022 World Cup - again no clear sign of how continental qu
  10. A NEW-ELL'S ADVENTURE Game Date: 31 MAY 2022 Final Table Summary I was going to include all of the fixtures played - but we played so many I couldn't get a big enough screenshot! We had a very good finish to the season. It was a bit ropey through January and February but from February onwards we only lost two matches which were away at Boca (0-2) and away at Velez (1-2) and only drew our final game - every other league match played we won. It was quite a run winning 7 in a row at one point. It helps us to cement a 6th place finish in the league which is the highest under m
  11. Thank you! Really appreciate it! I must say, I am definitely finding that the case so far from the couple of seasons I have managed Newell's. The league is so hard especially with River and Boca. We are certainly able to compete in the continent so hopefully I can use the success we are having there to generate some income and form to compete with the Top 5/6 in the league.
  12. A NEW-ELL'S ADVENTURE Game Date: 22 January 2020 Summary It's been a fairly positive start to the league season and we sit 8th at the halfway stage. We started off poorly with two defeats in our opening two games but the 5-0 against Huracan really sparked us and sent us on a good little run of results including credible draws against Racing Clb and River Plate. We suffered a little blip midway through but I'll put that down to the Copa Sudamericana as I started to rest our better players for the latter stages which as we know, thankfully paid off. That was the case for our
  13. Great read this! I'll be following your progress closely - one hell of a challenge you've set yourself but looking forward to seeing how you progress! The sheer amount of games in the Brazilian league amazes me with all the state championships, continental competitions and the main domestic league and cup. It's such a tough place to manage from my experience. Great to see you progressing well! Best of luck with Brazil!
  14. A NEW-ELL'S ADVENTURE Game Date: 7 NOVEMBER 2021 Well, I wasn't planning to give an update here I was planning to give a midseason update - however, I have huge, huge news! Results 21/27 July 2021 | Copa Sudamericana | Third Round First Leg | Liga de Quito 0 - 1 Newell's Old Boys Second Leg | Newell's Old Boys (3) 2 - 1 (1) Liga de Quito There isn't too much to say here as we were extremely comfortable across both legs. Luciano Cingolani's first half goal was enough to give us a lead to take back to Argentina. We did slip behind in the second leg but Sforza equalised jus
  15. Great! Thanks for that. I'm keen to look around South America, it's just the finances at the moment which are a struggle and I can only really afford national scouting. I'm hopeful that will change soon as hopefully we can start to generate a bit more money from the expanded league structure.
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