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  1. Agreed, but I wanted something that actually works. Passive defending in FM21 is suicide. I like the WM (a) role for Forsberg, because it easy to customize and it worked very well.
  2. To make fullbacks cross more you can always tell them to take more risk. If you want more goals it might help to put the SS to the left and the TM to the right, enable Counter in transition, and change mentality to positive.
  3. Steam Link. Only tested the tactic in euros, so not much to judge from.
  4. I made a tactic based on Swedens previous matches, and they are playing against Ukraine tonight. 4 goals 4 assists from Forsberg in 7 matches, 6 goals 1 assist from Isak. Tactic PIs: Both Fullbacks: Cross from byline MR: Take more risk, cross more often, dribble less, pass shorter MCL: Dribble less, hold position, mark tighter, ML: Cross less often, sit narrower, roam, pass shorter STCL: Move into channels, shoot less often. STCR: PAss shorter, Mark DM position OIs
  5. Any interest in sharing tactics inspired by/based on tactics from the ongoing Euro 2020? I remember reading threads about EC/WC tactics on this forum before, but couldnt find a thread from this tournament.
  6. Used as attacking Winger in the AML position mostly. Sometimes IW on the opposite flank. So maybe +3 crossing, technique, off the ball? That leaves 6 points.
  7. The concept is that subscribers get a player on the squad (starting in Vanarama). Every player got to pick seven attributes with a value of 12, the remaining attributes was set to 7. I currently have 15 attribute points to spend on my player, left footed AML. How would you spend them to make my player effective in terms of getting goals and assists?
  8. Having a attacking mentality makes players take more risk on and off the ball, press higher etc. Your players generally just go for it. My experience is that making tactics with a attacking/positive mentality is much easier than with defensive/cautious. This is regardless of my players and league. That's just the experience of a casual player.
  9. It feels like parking the buss is much more viable this FM than in previous versions. The 22/23 season started with me playing Man Utd, Arsenal and Spurs. I expected three losses as I haven't done so well against big clubs. I decided to go with Much Lower LOE and Low DL. It's just been block after block after block. 0-0D, 4-1W, 1-2L was the results, and in the 1-2 loss I was in the lead until 84min.
  10. Marking is situational except on AMC. Most important thing is just to keep players in the center to press, block and mark. Always force wide players wide yes. My logic is that I have to be able to defend against crosses with my big defenders, so forcing them wide and letting them cross is ok. They still manage to dribble inside, or assist from low crosses ofc, good players awlays find a way. I also give away a fair amount of set pieces, which is also unavoidable I think.
  11. I use the High LOE when I think I can actually win the ball higher up. I just tried to do it vs Man Utd after conceding an early pen, which resulted in them winning 3-0 because their players easily passed themself out of our press. I naturally use low LOE more, since I'm almost always the weaker team in PL matches.
  12. I've read this thread and the previous hoofball thread. Thanks to everyone that contribute, it's great reading material! I've had a lot of success with my Stoke team. Finishing 1st in the championship, currently 7th in the PL after 24 matches. The idea is pretty simple, long balls to the AF who runs at goal, or to a more stationary TM who can protect the ball until support arrives. We play narrow so that forwards have close support after the long ball from defense or GK, this also means that we have lots of players in and around the box during attacks. OIs are set up to mark and press dangerous central players, while wide players are forced wide so they have to cross. I have very few PIs, the MR get further forward, and the fullbacks stay wide in possession and cross towards the TM. I stop telling them to cross it to the TM if he is marked by a CB with better aerial ability. I'm not sure if you would consider this a counter tactic or hoofball, the game atleast recognises me as playing route one.
  13. I think it's best if I just sell him. I rarely find model citizens so I kinda wanted to keep him, but it just doesn't work tactically it seems. Unless I change everything else about my team.
  14. I'm managing Burnley and staying strictly to 442. My scouts stumbled upon this guy 2-3 seasons ago, Predicted to be the next Gianni Rivera (whoever that is), and a model citizen. All good stuff, but he is a CM with low marking, tackling, positioning and bravery. what should I do with this guy, can he become a wide player? He dictates tempo and plays one-twos. Deep-lying forward maybe?
  15. LINK The above link is analysis of how Burnley defend against some of the best teams in the prem. Pressing high, but also defending low and compact. The writer called it "rhythmic pressing". How would you go about creating this in FM?
  16. Well, I finally managed to control my arch nemesis Norwich with their constant overloading of my wide areas. I dread playing them each season. Dropped Pressing to standard, much lower LOE, marked tighter and had my supporting forward man mark their deepest mid. Their only key highlights came from corner kicks and one shot from a wide area. I didn't create much either, but scored from a indirect wide free kick and a deep cross.
  17. I think it's rather clear(?) that TS wants to understand why his tactic isn't getting high possession, so saying that he should just be happy with winning isn't helpful. He wants to understand the game better, not just win.
  18. My W is a converted fullback, so maybe he got confused =)
  19. Open play. Normal scenario: Often my FB just stays narrow all the time, the winger tracks their attacking FB, or presses their winger. The RPM joins in defending wide. What can also happen: The RPM joins in defending wide. Since their AMC went out wide this time, my CM(D) also decided to join. When both my central midfielders defend wide, my W(S) decides that he is no longer needed, and just goes narrow in defense.
  20. My central midfielders are defending out wide while my winger and FB are deep inside my box. Nobody is marking their CMs. Emi is a AMC, with a AMR and FB wide of him. Is it as easy as lowering pressing, or tell my CMs to mark?
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