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  1. Anyway to tweak this to play with strikers? I not like the SS abusing but this tactics plays so good
  2. i want to share a little tweak of mine of HolyGhostFireOx to better suit it to my Stuttart Side (predicted 14th) and mimic a bit of their real life tactic. I don't think its perfect (or even better than the original) or anything but it has worked quite well for me, and I like if my team plays a bit more similar to their reallife counterparts. Only a small change I only changed a couple of. positions and a few instructions on those but kept the main tactic the same. SO ALL CREDIT GOES TO KNAP! HOLYGHOSTFIREmaxTweak.fmf
  3. i lost game where I score in the 90th to get ahead and I thought that was it ad then Manu fking scored 90+3 90+4 and 90+7 to win 4-3 wtf
  4. Man this betta is to easy second or third season I just bloew everyone outing im feign stuttgart. Even with my own crappy weird tactics that are not nearly as good as knaps. Great job on Knap for these tactics, mad as a hatter and the 4-2-4 are something different, completely broken.
  5. yes Holy **** this tacticis ******** good. Nothing really worked before this tactic, I won a game 4.0 and lost next game 7-3 but this tactic is so consistently good!
  6. everyone that is complaining, every year the beta is easier chill out. Also imho this is the best ME we had for years, wingers are corssing, 1v1 strikers are good, goalkeeper do smarter stuff and I feel like the instructions are working better like they are supposed to do. its really enjoyable atm and when it will get harder it will be perfect
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