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  1. What is the best good scoring 4-2-3-1 where kinda everyone get involved? I have a good/elite team
  2. thank you a lot mate, will try them all out! And ye I kinda guessed that a 4-2-4 wouldn't play very well away vs good teams^^
  3. Sorry I come back to this forum after half a year and im completely lost with the sheer quantity of tactics (you are insane Knap, we all love you!). Can anyone help me out search the best away tactic for lets say a no 4-5 team in league, I would ideally want to play with 2 strikers (preferably they score well and not just do the dirty work) and either 2 attacking midfielder or left and right midfielders that contribute a lot (assists or goals). What would be the best suited tactics for this? (very sorry I tried searching but there are so many options im lost I need a starting point). If that can't be done what are generally lets say the top 3 away tactics for a 4th place team? I need to add that I play a save in the mod "world super league" so I have a lot of tough away matches hence why I need a good away tactic that fits my team
  4. Does Predator score more and is better vs weaker teams than raptor or not?
  5. It was never near the top on any testing site except fm-arena which is being corrupt with their saves, last year swell
  6. Which would you recommend for a top4 club in france, 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3-? What are the strengths and weaknesses when compared to each otheR?
  7. Super well, I have now won the Bundesliga 2 times n the last 3 years, finished second the other, still struggling a bit in cl but always super close, its such a good tactic
  8. Hahah ahd to double check it wasn't my own post lol. Its working so well for my Freiburg save swell
  9. This has to be the best tactic this patch I have now won 25 games out of 26 and only drew once cause an early red card, beating teams like Bayern, Leipzig and real really impressive stuff and I concede so few goals its amazing
  10. insane results so far, 10games played 10 wins, destroyed Leipzig and Bayern at home (im predicted third behind the two) and won away vs Gladbach and Dortmund. Always a lot of goals and not many conceded genius tweak of good tactic props mate @themario
  11. will try it out and will post her if it works out for me! Great accomplishment dude
  12. Mate if u don't enjoy the game stop playing it but its so stupid to read what you wrote. First of all, ofc its the best thing for the AI to do to play through balls since most tactics that score a lot have high pressing and low , well ofc u will be exposed to through balls with that, and if u play with a subpar side even more so. Also that you are not able to dominate the premier league first season with lets say Norwich but only get top5 is already very good shouldn't be better if you have not better players, it would be really unrealistic and really unfunny if u just plug in a tactic in any team, that has no weakness at all and wins every game.Try to tweak tactics urself if u are unsatisfied with the results but through balls are definelty not something you can't stop, if u know what you are doing
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