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  1. I'm so tired of this bug. It's come back for me in every save when I have progressed a couple of seasons. I got a refund from Stadia and cancelled my Stadia pro. Maybe I'll get the Steam version and continue playing with the saves I extracted from Google. To bad my computer is not well suited to run FM.
  2. I can't say for sure but saves fail in different ways for me. Sometimes I get a pop up but sometimes not. I always check by going to load a game. If FM does not tell me to save before loading it saved ok. This really needs to be sorted out.
  3. Is it the same problem? Does this happen to all your games? Does it work fine for one or two seasons and then saving starts to fail? Can you restart the game and previous saves will load again?
  4. I have the same experience. It's very annoying and frustrating. It even ruins the game when you lose an important game and then it won't save and you have to pay it again and you win it. It takes all the joy out of winning. And having to replay the tedious bits is incredibly boring. This bug makes me ragequit the game all the time.
  5. In total maybe 25 saves of which 5-6 are saves of my current game. Recently I've been experiencing a better success rate when saving the game, failing about 5-10% of the time. But maybe that's because I've started a new game and have only played til January 2021 so far.
  6. I usually give it the same name after deleting.
  7. This is how I play the game with the bug. It's frustrating but it's a way to be able to progress without having all your saves becoming unloadable. Maybe it could provide some insight to the work hopefully being done to fix the bug. I save manually using several save files that i switch between. I save regularily everey three or four days so I don't have to replay a lot when the game fails to save. Before I save, I first delete the save file that I'm replacing (I'm not sure if it makes a difference). When the game is saving there's a bar that fills up from left to right. It moves slower in the beginning, faster in the middle and then there's a paus at the end before it fills up the last bit. Saving the game fails maybe 20 % of the time for me. If it fails it's mostly at the beginning of the bar filling up but sometimes it's at the end. Sometimes I get an error message but sometimes it fails silently. If I didn't pay attention I check by clicking to load a game (before doing anything else). If the game tells me to save my game before I load the save failed. If you made some little game play action you can check by loading the save you just made. If it loads as it should it was successful. When the save has failed there is no way to save your progress since your last succesful save. After failing to save the game also usually won't load previous saves even if those were successful. I have to quit and exit the game, restart and then load the last succesful save. If I try and load the failed save it will load the previous succesful save with that name (if I didn't delete before saving).
  8. Any update on this very serious bug?
  9. I uploaded a save file and PM:d @Ben Allingham. Is anyone else also having trouble with players history disappearing? If I go to the history tab of my players the seasons they've spent with me dont't show, except for the current season.
  10. I also have this problem with not being able to save and saves not being able to load. It worked fine for a couple of seasons. This is totally unacceptable. Edit: If I restart Stadia the saves sometimes open but at an earlier date (an earlier version of that save file).
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