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  1. I found this, searching forum on why I have 23 teams in League One for 2020/21 season... Now I'v see why. I also did some edtior changes (for TV fixtures rules) and so... This is why FL for me now always will be with 91 clubs? Because of a bug with editor? S**t!
  2. Is there any way to change broadcasting/tv games rules in leagues? They are not very realistic, especially the way they are choosen. Maybe edit some file? Or in Editor? I couldn't find it, though.
  3. It's really annoying. TV fixtures in FM are not real at all. I don't think it's too complicated to do it more realistic... I was wondering a long time if we can anyhow change this? There is no regulation/setting thing in Editor for broadcasting... Amout of TV games also not realistic. It can't be so hard, to make rules, like in real life, where Sky & BT only choose *max amount* of games of any team for any TV slot (especially Monday & Friday).
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