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  1. Nice update Jogo. That start was always going to be impossible to continue, but still picked up some great results. Fingers crossed you can hold out and get some European football. And a lovely bonus on the guerreiro front. Very useful. Sarr looks like he could become a handy player.
  2. What a great turnaround Jogo. That Lille result is . Nice to see Wissa doing well! Future does look bright.
  3. @Jogo Bonito Haha. Nice puns. I am enjoying them. The two Lorient boys have been great. Both now have a lot of interest in them and Wissa is kicking up a fuss about a contract. About to catch up on your updates. Looking forward to seeing the progress. @Hootieleece Thanks! You're doing a great job with Clermont and Jabi especially.
  4. Lille - Season review 2019/20 Results The second half of the season was strong, but not quite as strong as the first half of the season. A strong result against Lyon got us off to a strong start to February. Unfortunately we dropped points against Brest and Marseille. Draws were non-existent in the second half of the season and despite winning a strong amount of games, there were defeats against Montpellier and PSG that caused us some harm. We made some very good progress in the French cup and managed to reach the Final with a Yoane Wissa inspired semi final
  5. OGC Nice - Season 2019/20, Season 1 First half Transfers Out There were a couple of departures in the pre-season and 1 more followed in January. Patrick Burner left to join Newcastle first of all. I was originally planning on loaning him out as he looked quite good, but with the superb right back options already at the club he was never going to get a look in this season. However Newcastle came in with a bid and then matched my asking price. I reluctantly accepted after Burner himself pushed for the move. But quite happy with the amount we received. Arnau
  6. Nice one window. Really like those signings. Wague has been great for me. Can’t get him to sign permanently at the moment sadly, but will definitely do all I can to make him do so. Good luck with the season. Be interesting to see how active Nantes are.
  7. Brilliant work with Metz @Ronaldo Beckham. Good luck in the champions league! Also good work @bendixkunert2 with Lille. Osimhen has been huge. Always wanted to manage him but haven’t done so yet. Hopefully you can get through the tough run in and knock PSG off at the first attempt. Really enjoying the start of my Nice save. Hoping to get an update up in the next few days once I’ve hit January. A few players that I’m really enjoying having in the squad.
  8. Nice update @Jogo Bonito. Very good read. Shame about the cup upsets. I’ve actually signed the first of the penalty villains in my Nice save. He did manage to tuck one away in the early coupe de la Ligue rounds though!
  9. Think I’m going to start up a save with Nice. Some exciting young players and like the idea of Jim Ratcliffe wanting to bring over an English manager and (hopefully) give a bit of money to spend. Looking forward to seeing if Atal is a good as he irl. Looks like some great saves on this thread. Look forward to reading!
  10. Thanks for your help both of you. Made some of those amendments last night for one game: - Changed the attackers roles (Olmo SS as suggested & Eduoard P) - Upped the tempo a little - Changed mentality Won the game 1-0. But there were much more chances and it was more Eduoard missing some big chances. Will continue to run it those evening and see how it goes and look back at my previous games to see the main differences. Will have a look at the line of engagement and width. Thinking of keeping it quite narrow, just not as extreme but adding PI’
  11. Thanks for this @targetthyself. Appreciate your time to give your thoughts and to go into so much depth explaining. Really helpful and useful information. Will give these suggestions a go and let you know how it goes.
  12. Hi, I would appreciated any feedback/thoughts on the below tactic I am currently using on my Newcastle save. I've gone with a 3-4-2-1 with attacking wing backs, a sitting midfielder to keep it solid in front of the back 3. Allowing the BBM to get forward and help join attacks. The two behind the striker are where I was hoping my creativity would come from letting them focus on attacking and playing freely. The tactic has been really solid defensively, however after a couple of decent results to begin with, I am drawing the majority of games 0-0 with very few highlights. Winning
  13. Congrats on promotion. Great job. I’ve just signed Ashley Hunter on a free as he didn’t agree a new deal with Fleetwood. (Start of 3rd season in L1. He’s a key man for me and if I went up I wouldn’t be looking at replacing him unless anything I couldn’t refuse came up, if that helps at all. @Bergbatov good business, that’s a window Coventry fans could only dream of! @Jogo Bonito Decent start to life in the championship. Nice run of results there and very good start to the season @CityAndColour with Tonbridge.
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