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  1. I can't remember - I think you are right though, good point!
  2. OK thanks for the reply, that makes some sense...but I don't understand why my club was rich when we had 31 million, but 1 month later after the season ended, only secure with 95 million. Same division, same league position, and not much time passed in game. I'm only interested because it helps judge whether to take a job offer from another club, it would be interesting to know how much money they have without using an editor.
  3. Update....so it doesn't seem to be a definite amount of money in the bank that makes your club finances "rich" or "secure", because I just finished a season and got lots of income for transfers and league placing....I now have more money (95 million) but the club finances are listed as secure, but when I had 31 million the club was labelled as rich...so I have more money but club is no longer labelled as rich... So is it relative to how much other clubs have?
  4. The team i currently manage has £31 million overall balance. When you look in job security in the staff menu, each team has a label for how good their finances are. The finances can be rich, secure, okay, insecure or in debt. Without the editor, I don't think there is a way to see exactly how much each teams balance is like you can with the team you are managing. (Or is there?) So, does anyone know what the cut off point is for each of these labels? For example for a team to be rich do they need 10 million? 20 million? 30 million? When does okay become secure, when do insecure
  5. As an addition to my post, I just thought I'd have a quick look at home advantage and how its been affected by covid this season, and according to a couple of websites the Premier league has home wins at 37 per cent and away wins at 38 per cent so far this season. So this year is maybe not the best to compare anything to!
  6. I've played fm and its predecessor for years and usually do alright with a single tactic for home and away games. It ends up that I can go through the divisions, win titles, no problems. This year for the first time, i have really felt results away from home much harder to come by. I've played 3 seasons so far with a team that is skint. First season - promotion from league 1 via play offs, but only due to very strong home record. Second season - just below mid table in championship with 2 away wins all season. Third season nearly finished - in bottom half and only escaping relegation when I de
  7. I'm enjoying fm21. The me is pretty good. The ui doesn't bother me as much as it seems to others. The bugs are mostly things that I can overlook personally and still enjoy the game. If I could change just one thing though, it would be the constant blocked crosses leading to corners. I've just played 2 games on full match and seen a total of 51 corners in 2 games. Aaaarrgggh! I felt like I was playing corner kick manager 21, please somebody make it stop! Seriously, if anyone can tell me how to stop your wide players beating a player, then waiting for the player to catch up so it can be hit
  8. What is even more strange is that it doesn't happen every time. I just did a small random count over the last half hour with 10 views, and 6 times the fixture list went back to the start of the season and 4 times it stayed in its last viewed position. I'm getting rsi in 1 finger from too much scrolling!
  9. This is one of those minor things that annoy me too! Generally I'm enjoying the game and I don't mind a lot of the changes, but this one happens on a few other screens as well I think. For example, when looking at a long list of contract renewals for your team it always goes back to the start of the list instead of staying on the last player you dealt with. With the fixture list, I wonder if there is a way to lock the fixtures in place so it doesn't go back to the start of the season every time you look at it. Maybe I've missed a way to do it?
  10. Not exactly sure what you are trying to say as you haven't written in full sentences. I guess you are saying the animations are different? That wasn't my point at all. I just played another league 1 game of my save on full match and it looks like you are watching the best teams in the world at times. 30, 40 passes pinging around like they are prime 1970s Brazil. I watch a lot of league 1 football and it doesn't look like that. It looks the same whether you play teams who are supposed to be direct, tika taka, whatever division you play, they can all pass the ball and keep possession like the b
  11. I watch a fair amount of lower league football as well as Premier league. My team is in in league 1. I would like to really be able to see the difference in playing styles between various teams especially at different levels. In real life, good premier league teams have passing success generally 80 per cent and above, championship 70 per cent and so on. In fm, it feels like you watch games in league 2 and they can all pass the ball like Barcelona. I would like to see a lot more lower league teams lose possession more than high quality teams, not be able to keep possession as w
  12. Sorry if there is already a post for new features wanted...I was playing with the set pieces in tactics and thought its still pretty limited and never really changes or innovates. There was another football management game years ago - the name i forget, but it wasn't great generally. However I do remember it had a great set piece creator and even an open play set play creator. You could set up in some detail a set piece/set play. For example, you could position player a and b by the ball in stage 1 and position other players as you wanted - I don't just mean the generic "attack
  13. Thanks for the answer, you are right. It must be a license issue because I changed the ball colour to black for a papa johns cup game and it changed. Its a shame because I could see the dark coloured ball much better.
  14. I have only played 1 season and its in league 1 (English league 1) I need to boot up fm20 again, I'm sure I changed the ball colour and winter ball colour in fm20 and I could notice the difference in the match. I know where to change it in preferences in the same menu where you can alter player attribute number colours, but it doesn't look any different to my eyes it still seems predominantly a white ball. I could be mistaken though!
  15. Yes for me too. I sometime lose sight of the white ball for a second. I tried changing the colour of the ball in the preferences but it didn't make a difference for me. When I go into the match the ball still looks white even if i change it to orange or black in the settings. If anyone has any suggestions it would help. I have raised it as a bug already just in case it is one, but it may be just my eyes/laptop issues.
  16. I saw someone post that they were drawing all most of their games and it made me realise that I didn't think i had seen a draw in any of my games so far. Its weird, my tactics aren't anything unusual. Even if I am winning 1 0, I have tried a few times to concede a late goal, but it hasn't happened.
  17. I have played fm for years right back to the cm days, and this has never happened to me before....I can't draw a match. I have just finished my first season in beta and have only won or lost games, including pre season friendlies and Cup games. I even started messing around towards the end of the season trying to concede a late goal sometimes to draw, but it won't happen. I have even googled it to see how much it happens, and in English football it doesn't! Well, not for over a hundred years anyway as far as I could find out. Has anyone else had any bizarre runs of results?
  18. I'm glad someone has mentioned this, its only a little thing, but this drives me mad having to scroll back down the fixture list every time I look at it. Is there a way to lock it in place does anyone know? Same in fm20 I think.
  19. OK I will try it again later and restart the game to see if that helps....I have changed the ball colour for quite a few years now (well definitely in fm20 anyway, not sure if you could always do this) and never had an issue. I was just wondering if there was anything needed to make the change happen. Thanks for the reply, it confirms I'm looking in the right place.
  20. Hi I appreciate the instant reply, but that is exactly what I have done, its what I tried to explain in my post just not very clearly! - I have set those colours to other colours, then gone into a game and its still a white ball. Go back into the skin settings and the ball colour is red- it hasn't taken effect. Like you say, will see what happens if I restart the game. Thing is, when you change the setting for the colours of the player attributes on that same page, it does not need a restart to take effect, it has changed the next time you look at a player profile.
  21. Sorry if I have missed the answer to this somewhere else, but how do you change the ball colour? I am having trouble always spotting the white ball and would like to try a different colour ball to see if it helps. I have gone into the settings and skins, and I think i have changed the colours of the ball and the winter ball. When I go into my next game the ball is still white. I've tried before a couple of games and not sure if there is something else I need to do to make the change happen. When I go back into the skin settings, the ball colour is still the same as I last set it to (red last t
  22. Ha ha, Portsmouth, cockneys? You do know cockneys are specific to east London, right? That's a bit like saying people from Newcastle speak with a Scottish accent. In other words, you are talking nonsense.
  23. Ridiculous. Liverpool have finished 3rd, 5th, 1st, and 3rd in my current save. It's a game. Everyones save will play out differently. Get over it.
  24. To add to what I have just written, I think it used to come up in contract negotiations as well. So if you offer Silva a contract and he will be your top earner, it will show any players in your squad who have match top earner in their contract, just to give you a warning. I might be wrong, like I said I don't think I've seen it so far in fm2020 in my saves yet.
  25. There used to be clauses in s one players contracts to match the top earner. So if Silva came in at 110k, you might have one or two players whose contract says match that....then you might have problems. I haven't really noticed it this year, but I haven't really looked for it. I'm not even sure if it's still in the game or it's something I dreamt of! It might just be worth checking that none of your current players have this in their contract.
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