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  1. I delegate this to myself, as I do from day one, but every time I save and exit the game it reverts back to my HYOD. Has anyone come across this and if so, do you know how to stop it?
  2. Looks like a reference to my post as I said I had used Zeus tactic as a base for my own tactic when showing my continued dreadful conversion of CCC's. Snide remarks and inane babble to shoot down everyone else's concerns/opinions seems to be his sole reason for posting. Creating so many chances, which is in itself is a glaring issue with the ME, but failing to finish them repeatedly is not 'getting fm'd' It is a flawed ME.
  3. The one on ones are ruining the game. There is a clear issue with balls in behind not being dealt with by defenders, I have set up my tactic, a modification of TFF Zeus tactic, in order to primarily get Nketiah in behind. He has decent enough stats but in my last 2 games is 2 in 13 when one on one with the keeper, hitting pretty much all of them straight at the him. Hitting open shots straight at the keeper coupled with the refusal to square the ball to open team mates are the 2 single biggest issues with the ME imo.
  4. I do not understand how people are either having success with one on ones or blindly defending them as this is not an isolated incident for me. Taiwo Awonyi missed 4 one on ones in one game in the Bundesliga playoff for me at the end of the season, went into Nations league with Germany and Werner matched him. Sane's 2 are from wide angles and one of Werners was a penalty, which is fair enough, but all 8 of them were blasted straight at the keeper. 12 CCC's missed in 2 games pretty much sums up my last 2 seasons with Kaiserslautern. I am getting involvement from my strikers often which I have read people are struggling with, the issue is you get no reward from being able to get them chances due to the abysmal finishing. This coupled with the shots from wide angles and cb's watching long balls go over their heads are killing what is a really good game. It feels there is too much left to chance/pot luck
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