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  1. my bad. yes. Actually there is No squad numbers for Vanarama National League N/S !! haha ! the things you learn playing Football Manager! amazing ! XD
  2. Can't find the option anywhere to view shirt numbers. Its all blank. I only see the option "show shirt name" in prefrences.
  3. Sorry i was being a TOTAL IDIOT! ... yes i confirm if you inlude match preview you will have the tactical breifing. I guess i was so used to tactical breifings in FM19 i forgot about you needed to do this for this one. DDoh!
  4. This was what i thought but surely it cant be the reason why you can't have a tactical breifing? ;/
  5. nope. I think it's a bug for sure. I never let ass man handle breifing. always did it myself. Ive yet to see the option appear. i'm in y 20th match game of the first season.
  6. jus over halfway through my save and haven't come across any tactical briefing options for any matches. is it still included in game? im pretty sure i didn;t leave anything to Ass Man.
  7. Seriously getting sick and tired of everyone complaining about useless things that are "wrong" with beta every year... Why haven't you included this? Why is this broken? Why GK's suck? why is it too easy ? Why can't I win games?? why why why? and to get on the forum and personally attack the devs who in no way are obliged to release the beta for us to play weeks before the full release... We need to give constructive feedback on the things that are wrong so it gets fixed and I know the majority of you do this and i'm thankful but seriously stop these useless complaints or otherwise SI will take it all away! What's the old saying? "Thats why we can't have good things..."
  8. Why would you play FM and not want to have the FULL experience? it's like buying a full drum kit and only playing on the snare. :s
  9. like the title says. I cannot undo or redo an action on the staff responsibility pages. thanks
  10. no probs. it just needs to be locked so whatever zoom level you choose it stays the same. wierdly doesn;t happen with players. just staff.
  11. cheers. also one more thing is that theundo and revert buttons dont work in staff responsibility pages. so whatever you choice you cant undo or revert which sucks. I had to start a new save because i couldnt remmber the choices i made.
  12. also i'd already posted there and your collegue said to post one here too. also he said it was a "design choice" but im not sure it is unless he didn't know what i was on about lol
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