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  1. Instead of the current computer generated regen faces, what if everyone who owns the game voluntarily submits a mugshot of their face to Sports Interactive and the game can randomly place those public faces on to regens? A tool could be developed to 'Youngify' the mugshots as seen on many popular mobile apps! wouldn't be that hard to do if done with a white background for example... What do you think? It would be nice suprise o see your face come up as a regen!
  2. A third European club competition with the working title 'Europa League 2' will be introduced from 2021, Uefa has confirmed. Source - BBC SPORT
  3. So after the match the team talk screen glitched and appeared in my inbox screen or *lobby screen* See pics!
  4. Thought it would be amazing to have peoples reactions come up during the match ! More immersion!
  5. advice button on the top right apprears and dissapears all the time!
  6. When selecting Analysis iin opposition instructions screen during match... The pitch graphics doubles up overlayiing on top of eachother.. see pic! thanks
  7. Having been a smoker for a few years i noticed the desire to smoke while at home had drastically decreased! That's because of the '''One more game' characteristic of FM. It just helped me cut down since I wouldn't need to go and have a smoke every 5 minutes! Anyone else had the same experience?
  8. imagine this in FM!!!! Would love to play as a late 1800's London football team LOL!
  9. I would love it if SI expanded to other sports in the future. What other sports could work wiith Fm's design? p.s. I know about the hockey Manager !
  10. After playing a match on the 'competition review' page after clicking a goal event ,no info is displayed after the goal highlight! Just comes up blank.. (see image)
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