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  1. show to weaker foot on players who are "right only" or "left only" as well as players who have an incredible goal or assist record. Close down on players with relatively poor pass completion percentages or who get a lot of assists. Never closely mark players with relative speed compared to the players that would mark them Closely mark players who have high pass completion percentages (most often CMs) so they receive the ball less Hard tackle those with low bravery and secondarily aggression and anticipation Ease of tackles agains
  2. Wish we could see some release notes for full version .
  3. Yes a step in the right direction but also a step back in terms of match day experience for me and alot of other people. Everything else is perfect.
  4. Taking away the Match engine's stats, timeline and analysis tools in favour of 'Realism' doesn't make sense to me. Or at least they could have implemented these better. If this is the case, also remove the ability to take over any club at the start of the game. This is unrealistic too. not everyone sits through full 90 minutes. Im sure the majority sets their game to key or extended highlights and used to be able to just glance at the stats and make the correct decision. The dugout feature while a great idea needs to be reworked. things just flash by too quickly for you to make
  5. very hard to read atm. my brain cant compute as fast as text does. I used to be able to just glance at it from the corner of my eye. now i have to look at it then hover the mouse to see whats going on.
  6. having all these screens hidden away between highlights is sooo annoying. And as soon as they appear they dissapear again.... I just lost a match because i wasn't quick enough selecting to change my penalty kick taker cause the game decided to just flash by to the penalty without me deciding yet. FRUSTRATING! please fix the info screens and stats. PLEASE ! then it woul dbe perfect!
  7. Its not the ME though. The ME is SOLID! its the ME UI that has been broken. Some strange decisions from SI. Hopefully we'll see in the finl release or any patches leading towards it.
  8. ^^THIS i always welcome change for the better but struggling to get into it on match... Everything is so many more clicks away. I wish we could have fm20 UI but wth FM21 ME. it just seems too simplified for the sake of it BUT its the stats we wnt easily accessible on screeen all the time which were not getting. Who know maybe the full release will be different. i ust want customize it the way i want.
  9. I cant get into FM21 this year. The UI downgrades feels like im playing touch version. I think afterall this is game. They should have just let the analysis tools be. shame because the ME is the bst has been this year.
  10. I know it's early days and its a beta ... but for the first time i cant get into the game this year due to match day UI. I LOVE the ME itself i think it's fantastic but i find myself pausing the game every second to make changes for the fear of missing something. everything is now more than 2 clicks away which is annoying. Analysis widgets removed I undesrtand that during the game real life managers dont see these but this is a game after all . some things are better left as this. dugout window cluttered wow so much information passes by you in a blink between highlights
  11. yeas strange they have removed this feature tbh. For alot of people its game breaking. I couln't play withut glancing at analysis. not sure how i'll cope now.
  12. @MT55@Neil Brock hey guys. I undestand not having analysis during match but why has been removed in team tab next to opp instructions? Also where is the shot accuracy analysis (the one that has the goal net graphics and ball accuracy?) I wish there was a way of chossing text or emojis for player for body language in settings .
  13. Such a shame about the removal of widgets and match timeline. sometimes in these areas we just want it to be escapism and not realism. If it's easy please do a poll, ask people if they want it and put them back !
  14. really not happy with widgets in the match engine. where are they??? No customizable or resizing options. no nalystical data during match. hope these get fixed for full release, I want to be ble to have customm widgets in match . Why are these removed???
  15. So the match engine is amazing this year. i can see all the improvements .. but for the love of all things holy. The UI is terrible. nothing is where they should be with lots of things hidden away. i appreciate the new emoticon system to express emotions but it needs to be also included in the touchline tablet in players stats too! Cant tell if they are changing when doing player shouts etc. The analystical data should be available throuout the match and not just at half time or full time. Where is the timeline ?? currently you can only reqind or FF next to the PLAY icon. was nice
  16. I had about 6 panels open. went to highlight and it came back with 3 panels showing only. didn't change resolution. very annoying!
  17. Hey guys. So in FM21 i wanna view the analytical data screen during game but i can only view it at HT/FT ?? how can i view it during a match like previous versions? thanks
  18. haha yeah i remember leaving the disc in one summer and it had melted inside my PC!
  19. Hey folks. lets use this thread to show off the hours played. You're either proud of it or you're not or got into trouble for spending hours and hours on FM. share your stories!
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